Destination: France – Georgia State University Singers to compete in international choral competition

Georgia State University, the state of Georgia and the United States is being represented by University Singers in the 2013 Florilège Vocal de Tours International Choral Song Competition. Located in Tours, France, the Singers will compete from May 24-26. Dr. Deanna Joseph, director of choral activities at Georgia State, conducts the University Singers.

On the first day of the competition, the University Singers must sing entirely in a cappella for three works: one composed before 1750, another composed between 1750 and 1970 and finally a work composed after 1970. Each work must be between 12-14 minutes.

For the second day, the University Singers can be accompanied by piano and up to five instruments. One of the stipulations is that one of thew orks has to be by a French composer. Again, the works must be 12-14 minutes.

Rounding out the event, the final day consists of choral groups who have been selected for the “Grand Prize of the City of Tours.” These groups are subject to perform a work by a French composer lasting from 18-20 minutes.

As the University Singers prepare for their trip to France in May, they celebrate their accomplishments at Lawrenceville Road United Methodist Church in Tucker, GA.

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