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Oh, girl…

January 29, 2013 Raven Schley 0

Gather around peeps, I have stories to tell! Every day new things happen in the wonderful world of pop culture and I delight in them all. Here are my top three stories of the week: […]

Arts & Living

‘Shadow Puppets’

January 29, 2013 Terah Boyd 0

Professor Jill Frank and Atlanta-based artist Stephanie Dowda co-curetted the exhibit “Shadow Puppets: Traces of New Documentary Practices.” The exhibit, questioning the objectivity and context of lens-based mediums, challenges popular views of photography and video. […]

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Sounds of State

January 29, 2013 Johnny Avery Gipson 0

The School of Music has hundreds of enthusiastic students who have a passion for performing even though many students outside of its circle may not know what talent and skill these students possess. Although audience […]

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The fine print

January 29, 2013 Joshua Yu 0

The printmaking club is a little known secret Georgia State keeps. Formed less than three decades ago, students from different majors come together to etch works of art in metal and print their work on […]

Arts & Living

Cold cures

January 29, 2013 Terah Boyd 0

Since the cold season has decided to stick around, students touching doorknobs and sharing desks need to be prepared for a double dose of coughs and sniffles. Here are some tips about how you can […]


There’s a bird in the classroom

January 29, 2013 Asia Thomas 0

Twitter, once viewed as a distraction in the classroom, is now becoming a valuable learning tool. Social media is one of the main sources of communication among students and professors are beginning to utilize this […]

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