Editorial: Context matters

February 20, 2019 The Editorial Staff 0

We’ve all seen it before. And again, blackface has been a highlight of the news cycle, though this time for several fashion industry designs. Prada released a handbag featuring a figurine with brown skin and […]


Editorial: That ain’t it, chief

November 7, 2018 The Editorial Staff 1

Two Georgia State students were charged for possession of marijuana in Library Plaza this past Thursday, Nov. 1., by a Georgia State University Police Department officer dressed in plain clothes. Deception is often used by […]


We get paper when you read the paper

October 3, 2018 The Editorial Staff 0

“We are the physical manifestation of independence.” That quote comes from our editor-in-chief, Daniel Varitek, who doesn’t write this editorial or contribute to it at all because he’s not on the editorial board. In fact, […]

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