GSUPD establishes new dispatch center

January 20, 2019 Will Solomons 0

While Honors students are in class learning, and prospective students are on tour, five dispatchers are answering calls and monitoring the campus in the basement of Centennial Hall. The GSUPD call center moved from their […]

Campus News

Student jumps from Piedmont North balcony

January 16, 2019 Will Solomons 1

A Georgia State student jumped off a fifth floor balcony Wednesday night, according to eye witness reports and Georgia State University Police Department Chief of Police Joseph Spillane. The female student jumped from a Piedmont […]

Campus News

Advisement center angst

November 14, 2018 Will Solomons 1

With the semester nearly over, students flock to the University Advisement Center to get advice on their classes and to better mould their schedule so that they can graduate on time with a degree. However, […]

Campus News

Students ticketed, one arrested in Library Plaza

November 9, 2018 Will Solomons 0

An undercover Georgia State University Police Department officer confronted and charged two Georgia State students in Library Plaza for possession of marijuana on Thursday afternoon. At least two undercover officers were present during the incident. […]

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