The university commodity

October 12, 2021 Trevor Kosloski 0

As we move towards October, the Mayo Clinic’s estimate of Georgia attaining 20,000 new daily COVID-19 cases throughout September seems needlessly dour. Testing data suggests a seven-day moving average peaking at 7,000 – a more […]


Nine minutes, 29 seconds

October 5, 2021 Trevor Kosloski 0

It’s been a year and some since the police murdered George Floyd. The events should be familiar by now. A cashier accused Floyd of paying counterfeit bills at the corner store, Cup Foods – buying […]


Long Island to Buckhead

September 21, 2021 Trevor Kosloski 0

I used to do a lot of house sitting outside the perimeter. I hated it. You always encounter the same pallid cabinets, lacquer countertops and vinyl floors colored like the inside of your eyelids. Gleaming […]

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Our anxious rest is over

September 14, 2021 Trevor Kosloski 0

Thursday evening, August 26th – the Supreme Court of the United States proclaimed a dictum: that the Biden administration’s stay on evictions is an overreach. The moratorium was to end immediately, before the original October […]


The 99% is too big to fail

August 31, 2021 Trevor Kosloski 0

A handmade sign reads “THE 99% IS TOO BIG TO FAIL.” Occupy Georgia State was a potent moment. A messy wave of anti-capitalist slogans and student politics standing outside the Atlanta Federal Reserve. It was […]


Reparations for Summerhill, Now

August 24, 2021 Trevor Kosloski 0

It’s been four years since Georgia State’s Carter & Associates led joint venture, Panther Holdings, acquired 68 acres in Atlanta’s Summerhill neighborhood. Hank Aaron Boulevard’s now become an ocean of high-rises and new construction, with […]