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How to pull off a successful Friendsgiving

November 14, 2018 Sara Abdulla 0

Like traditional familial Thanksgivings, Friendsgiving, a fusion of the words “friends” and “Thanksgiving,” is about expressing gratitude for loved ones and all the blessings that come with life. As has been emphasized during the recent […]

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These Muslim women want you to know this

October 17, 2018 Sara Abdulla 0

The varied, sometimes dark and tousled, other times impeccably arranged and brightly patterned, hijabs on campus are worn for several different reasons: for modesty, out of reverence for the tradition in Islamic faith and at […]

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A nod to Georgia State’s racist past

October 3, 2018 Sara Abdulla 0

Given Georgia State’s reputation as an “engine for social mobility” and a diverse university that propels black and minority students to graduation, it is valuable to put the university’s current state in context with its […]

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Where does the cage end?

September 27, 2018 Sara Abdulla 0

Georgia State students took advantage of a discounted evening at Zoo Atlanta this past Friday, reveling in the tradition of Georgia State immersing itself in Atlanta’s cultural offerings. Zoo Atlanta, however, is among the more […]

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Your brain on stress is not a pretty sight

September 11, 2018 Sara Abdulla 1

Young adults are stressed out. Well over 40 percent of young adults had a clinical psychiatric disorder, often resulting from stress, in the past year. Mental disorders resulting from elephantine levels of environmental stress, the […]

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To gap year or not to gap year

August 8, 2018 Sara Abdulla 0

There’s little, if anything, more relieving than being cleared to walk across the stage and receive your diploma after four (or six) years of grueling nights, anxiety attacks and obscene amounts of caffeine. Yet, an […]

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