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In Defense of OutKast

April 20, 2014 Paul Demerritt 0

If you’ve been paying any attention at all to the shifting tides and trends of social media, you may have noticed that Atlanta luminaries OutKast have recently played their first show in nearly a decade […]

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The obituary of Oderus Urungus

March 30, 2014 Paul Demerritt 0

Forty-three billion years after being assembled on his home planet of Scumdogia, the master of debauchery, the prince of nihilism most fondly known as Oderus Urungus–frontman of shock rock demigods GWAR–has passed on.

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Blood Circus: The Grunge forefathers nobody wanted

February 28, 2014 Paul Demerritt 0

Sometimes, lost in between the pages of history books, our forefathers wade in obscurity. Like sleeping giants, they lumber on in silence while the histories they authored ignore their creators. Blood Circus is grunge’s sleeping giant.

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Shut up and put in those damn earplugs

February 23, 2014 Paul Demerritt 0

The first time I ever experienced the beautiful catharsis of unrelenting noise was seeing excellent post-hardcore band Cursive. That initial encounter with the glory of triple digit decibels was unforgettable. As I glided out of […]

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