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For the record books

February 1, 2013 Alexis Smith 0

In its first 100 years of existence, Georgia State University has already garnered a long list of feats. Most recently, a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most high-fives under one […]

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Remembering King’s Dream

January 22, 2013 Alexis Smith 0

Nationwide, there were special events taking place as people, both young and old, remembered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his relentless efforts to achieve racial equality. Tonya Cook is the Program Specialist for Intercultural […]

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State marches on Washington

January 15, 2013 Alexis Smith 0 Georgia State’s marching band’s reaction to the news courtesy of Steven Swigart.     The Georgia State marching band is undoubtedly still in its infancy. Yet, at three years old, they have already garnered much […]

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‘Django’ might ruffle some feathers

January 15, 2013 Alexis Smith 0

One may not know exactly what to expect upon entering the movie theatre to watch Quentin Tarantino’s latest project, “Django Unchained”. But if one were to use his previous films as an indication, one would […]

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Cyber love holds possibilities

November 6, 2012 Alexis Smith 0

In this day and age it’s not uncommon for people of all ages to meet someone in person that they first encountered via Internet. In fact, Lillian Pettit met her husband online. They’ve been dating […]

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Modern-day jouster by night

November 2, 2012 Alexis Smith 0

When most people think about extreme sports, activities like bungee jumping and rock climbing are usually on the list. But according to Georgia State student Matt Hiltman, a senior and philosophy major, there is one […]

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Honey bubble tea

October 29, 2012 Alexis Smith 0

Many students walking the Georgia State campus enjoy the taste of sweet iced tea. After all, it’s a popular drink in the Southern region of the United States.  While traditional sweet tea holds a special […]

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United we stand

October 16, 2012 Alexis Smith 0

Sophomore Danielle Brown wasn’t ‘born’ a man, but on special occasions, she dresses like one—for example, at last Tuesday’s LGBT Celebration at the library plaza. In honor of the official Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender […]

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