The Games We Play

September 30, 2019 Jamal Lemond 0

When I see commercials for games like Gears 5, I get a bit emotional. Games made with love and care, featuring relatable characters, dramatic storylines and affordable prices are a thing of the past. Unfortunately, […]


Food from home, on campus

September 24, 2019 Ada Wood 0

Phillip McCall learned everything from his grandma. She’s a breast cancer survivor, a frequent churchgoer and writes everything down — on her calendar and her journal.  McCall was born in Grady and lived in the […]

Arts & Living

Creating a community around food

September 24, 2019 Morgan D'Amico 0

Most college students survive on a tight budget to pay for tuition, housing and other unavoidable expenses such as food. For some, that means living off of ramen noodles and pizza rolls. However, there are […]

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