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MLK events begin at The Rialto

January 15, 2013 Johnny Avery Gipson 0

A cold, rainy Wednesday welcomed the beginning of the Rialto Center for the Art’s Martin Luther King Jr. tribute. Through the pounding of the raindrops and splashing of tires against the street, beautiful music could […]


Georgia State tops list for sugar babies

January 14, 2013 Asia Thomas 0

Due to the constant rise of tuition and living expenses, usually college students turn to intimidating loans, scholarships, and parental assistance for financial help; however, other female students in the Southern region of the country […]


Coordinator of Greek Life passes away

January 12, 2013 Andres Cruz-Wellmann 1

Georgia State has confirmed that Coordinator of Greek Life, Lucille Ausborn, passed away yesterday afternoon. Ausborn graduated from Western Carolina University and held two positions at Western Georgia before arriving at Georgia State on April […]

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