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Counseling center lacking counselors

February 20, 2019 Daniel Varitek 0

The increase in suicides and other mental health issues has opened the eyes of many Americans to the importance of mental health awareness and intervention. However, the increase in awareness and demand has left many […]

Campus News

Are students getting more involved?

February 20, 2019 Craig Schultz II 0

Has student involvement and participation decreased or increased on campus? Students often speculate about Georgia State’s school spirit and their own willingness to get involved, so it was time to go straight to the source. […]

Campus News

“You know you want this”

February 14, 2019 Zach Salling 0

“You have to sell the idea that his fantasy is being fulfilled and payment isn’t the reason why it’s happening,” Poseidon said, “Do I play the ‘I need help’ role? Or do I play the […]

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