Technology Reviews

DEATHLOOP and the thrill of repetition

October 12, 2021 Desmond Leake 0

It has been a quiet year for games due to COVID-19 delaying the industry’s production cycle. As a result, many companies have put triple-A games on hold. In a sea of delayed games, “DEATHLOOP” sticks […]

Arts & Living

Protest music: a history

October 5, 2021 Desmond Leake 0

In light of the Black Lives Matters protests, many artists acknowledged the protests in the only way they knew how: through music. Atlanta native Lil Baby released his song “The Bigger Picture,” which became his […]

Arts & Living

Dónde está DONDA?

August 30, 2021 Desmond Leake 0

More than a year after its initial release date, Kanye West’s tenth studio album, “DONDA,” was released on August 29, 2021. Kanye West is no stranger to missing deadlines or working on his albums up […]


Uprooting the Industry Plants

July 20, 2021 Desmond Leake 0

Legitimacy is an important quality within the music industry. The idea of a completely organic rise to fame in the industry is often a key part of establishing an artist’s narrative. Everyone loves a good […]

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