Feb. 23: Three Big Things

February 23, 2021 Sports Editor 0

School Fireworks to begin the Panthers’ baseball season Georgia State opened their baseball season Friday night, beginning a four-game series with No. 14 West Virginia. The Mountaineers took the first game Friday 5-3, but the […]

Arts & Living

What it’s like being Afro-Latinx on campus

February 23, 2021 Isa Cardona 0

The Latinx identity is exceptionally diverse, and the lines between race and ethnicity often blur. Often marginalized within the Latinx community, many Afro-Latinx people around the world embrace their heritage and resist cultural erasure.  According […]


A new way to experience therapy

February 23, 2021 Deena Kayyali 0

Art has the potential to play a significant role in therapy by allowing people to express themselves in a nontraditional way. Using art in therapeutic processes is known as “expressive therapy.” Psychology Today defines expressive […]

Arts & Living

Burnout on the other end of Zoom University

February 23, 2021 Jada Jones 0

As virtual learning continues into 2021, students and professors alike are experiencing burnout. With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing prolonged academic, workplace, financial and health stresses, instructors are inevitably feeling tired and helpless.  When Georgia State […]

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