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  • ‘Mentally, I go through hell’: On being queer and Muslim

    The LGBTQ community has largely enjoyed mainstream acceptance in the past five years: the majority of Americans (including baby boomers) support same-sex marriage, encompassing over two-thirds of Catholics and Protestants. Republicans’ support for same-sex marriage [...]
  • Concert Review: The Smashing Pumpkins at the Infinite Energy Arena

    Last week, (almost all of) the original line up of the legendary 1990’s American rock band, The Smashing Pumpkins, took the stage in Duluth at the Infinite Energy Arena.  While the majority of the crowd [...]
  • How not to annoy your friend studying abroad

    Starting college is scary enough already. Now, before you get your bearings, all anyone can talk about is leaving for Spain or Brazil or China. Traveling is the dream, but how could you keep up [...]
  • The on-a-budget bucket list for the rest of summer

    The drinks are ice cold, the fireflies are glowing and the heat is sweltering. That’s right, summer is in full swing. Unfortunately, the sweet season of sunshine and tan lines won’t last forever. With August [...]
  • Are Conservatives’ First Amendment Rights Being Stifled?

    The United States of America was founded with the goals of fostering liberty and the unimpeded pursuit of happiness. Whether or not the Founding Fathers et al. sabotaged those goals from the very beginning by [...]
  • Exercise without a gym membership

    Exercise is intimidating. Some people are starting new routines and some long-time athletes are adjusting theirs for summer. There can be so many factors, equipment, moving parts and obstacles, that it is easy to become [...]
  • Be a tourist in your own state: road trip around Georgia

    You don’t have to travel far for an unforgettable summer trip. As college students, spending money on plane tickets, attractions, and hotel mini bars is an unrealistic idea. (At least, if you plan to pay [...]
  • Summer in the Suburbs

    Atlanta produces an incredible amount of music, movies, and news every day. Thanks to the people involved, Georgia’s creative industries like film, music, and arts and culture made $62.5 billion in total economic impact in [...]
  • Pseudoscience is just as bad as fake news

    Millions of Americans see hundreds of thousands of scientific posts on social media over the course of a year, presumably augmenting their scientific understanding of the world. Users – such as those who want to [...]
  • Athen’s Georgia Country Shoegazers, The Pink Stones

    Floating through the air of Athens, Georgia, there is a sound as old as time. The classic singer-songwriter style that has always pulsed through the trends of modern music thrives in Athens. It puts the [...]
  • Your Muslim friends are skipping lunch

    Religious fasting is a millennia-old institution that overcomes culture, age, and continent. To deprive one’s body of earthly pleasures and, to some extent, physical needs, has been an essential theme in faith that even the [...]
  • Atlanta rapper Drip gives the details of his flexing

    With the successes of major, Atlanta hip-hop artists such as OutKast, Future and Young Thug among others, Atlanta is undeniably ruling the music scene, in both the mainstream and the underground. But while Atlanta has [...]
  • Perfect that sexy hot tub rash this summer!

    According to Hollywood, there are few things more sexy and satisfying than the soothing, bubbly warmth of a hot tub. Considering hot tubs’ hefty price tags, they feel inherently luxurious. Some claim that hydrotherapy from [...]
  • Most anticipated concerts: the sounds of summer

    With summertime in full swing and school out of session, it is the prime time to attend a concert you have been dying to see. The announcement of your favorite singer releasing an album is [...]
  • Shoutout to all the Pairs

    Sneakers have been a fascination of popular culture for decades, from the enigmatic Adidas Superstar and the Louis Vuitton x Kanye West Don, the humble Chuck Taylor to the infamous Rick Owen’s Runner. Many debate [...]