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  • The Top Menswear Trends of Fall-Winter 2017

    A little bit of the past and a little bit of the present can create a new fashion movement toward the future. The recycling of 80s and 90s throwback trends are expected to pair along [...]
  • Holiday Hits Countdown

    Looking for the perfect holiday albums to keep the mood lifted at the family get-togethers this year? Here are five unforgettable holiday classics to keep all the cousins jealous of your aux skills. 5. The [...]
  • Service opportunities to brighten someone’s day during the holidays

    In Atlanta alone, there is a homeless population of more than 4,000, as reported by Partners for Home, an organization fighting homelessness with other nonprofit and government organizations as a part of their 2016 Homeless [...]
  • Bring some music into winter break with these must-see shows

    Winter break is around the corner, but there’s no break for great shows going on in Atlanta. Not withheld by genre or venue, these shows are available for that well needed break from family before [...]
  • StudyHubb: the must-have app for finals week

    Don’t you hate it when you want to study with a classmate, but your schedules don’t link up—leaving you to prepare on your own, or even worse, allow someone who isn’t taking the course to quiz [...]
  • A kick out retrospective for the Atlanta skate scene

    Atlanta is no stranger to skateboarding. The individualistic spirit tied with the sport’s do-it-yourself attitude is a match made in heaven for the thriving, pulsing city. The skaters of Atlanta developed scenes winding in and [...]
  • No Picture

    The struggles of being an artist in college

    There is a bustling art scene around Georgia State, building the university into the ideal location for art students to break into their field. But while pursuing an arts major is fulfilling for the passionate [...]
  • A local underground venue attracts music lovers at Georgia State

    The Music Room, an underground music venue located in the heart of Sweet Auburn at 327 Edgewood Ave. SE, is an intimate concert location on the come-up in downtown Atlanta. In the historical Martin Luther [...]
  • Humbling lessons found in ‘The Autobiography of Gucci Mane’

    Atlanta’s emblem shows a phoenix rising out of flames, and if someone doesn’t think that’s the realest depiction for an inner-city community, then they’re wrong. No matter where you’re from there’s always a sense of [...]
  • Holiday reads that are the bees knees

    Winter break is approaching and the consistent chilly air calls for a cup of chamomile tea, a pair of fuzzy socks and an intriguing book. The Signal took the time to do a little research [...]
  • Reaping the reaped: Music streaming against the wishes of the dead

    Last year we saw many legendary music artists pass away. George Michael, singer of WHAM (followed by a successful solo career); David Bowie, the illustrious songwriter and brain behind Ziggy Stardust; and Prince, the Purple [...]
  • Be mindful of your buds in (and out of) Atlanta

    On Oct. 2, the Atlanta City Council took to Twitter to announce their unanimous decision on the most hopeful pro-marijuana legislation to date: penalties lowered for marijuana possession of under an ounce. Marijuana advocates rejoiced [...]
  • How gentrification is reshaping housing and displacing residents in Atlanta

    Atlanta has always been a city of movers and shakers, pushing new ideas and projects throughout the city. But what happens when it’s the cities neighborhoods that are being moved and shook? With the mayoral [...]
  • Three Panthers find their entrepreneurial niche

    Matteo Santavicca, Viraj Shah and Solo Arnett found purpose in their jobs before graduating from Georgia State. Say hello to their business, Vetek Consulting, a software-driven consultation company dedicated to creating effective business strategies for [...]
  • October is for the tatas: The scary truth about breast cancer

    October is more than a month of menacing Halloween terror. It’s also 31 days dedicated to bringing awareness to the horrors of breast cancer, a frightful disease that wreaks havoc in the lives of many. [...]