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  • Photo Story: Did you miss Afropunk this year?

    Every year, Atlanta welcomes the “Carnival of Consciousness” that is AfroPunk. Afropunk not only redefines punk, every year expanding their community of rockers, but it creates space for important conversations around African-American people, their struggles [...]
  • Read this if you’re going to Netherworld

    Housed in a large building in Stone Mountain, Netherworld Haunted House’s new theme, The Awakened, features an impressive array of horror vignettes and tropes that are sure to scare even the most discerning spectator. The [...]
  • Get your freak on and don’t freak out

    Tricks and treats alike tramp well-heeled and cloven-hooved on Halloween. The city is crawling with fun and waiting to get into trouble. But not too much trouble, as there are still some bumps in the [...]
  • People could lose friends over Halloween treats

    It’s time to settle the dispute once and for all: Candy may be the only beacon of light remaining in this dark, desolate world, but which candy takes the cake? Scientific research has established that [...]
  • Workwear is Fashion with a capital “F”

    Chore coats, carpenter pants, utility vests, carabiner-clipped keys to a nylon belt, neon safety stripes and denim, denim, denim. The on-the-job uniform has become the defacto uniform of 20-something cool guys. The only thing that’s [...]
  • Six students distinguished with crowns, sashes and applause

    Students, faculty and fans bundled up in jackets in the sparsely populated stands overlooking Georgia State Stadium’s field as the homecoming court waited for their names to be called, each hoping for the crowns, sashes [...]
  • How long until your living room TV is vertical?

    It’s 2013 and you have a video project due for school. Acting quickly after waiting until the night before, you run out and shoot all the video that morning and upload it on the family [...]
  • Is Kindr fixing Grindr’s apparent sexual racism?

    “Go back to Mexico,” “You look like you’re on drugs,” “I have a preference for light skin guys,” and “Whites only.” These quotes feature in Grindr’s most recent attempt to curb racism and hate speech [...]
  • This Atlanta cemetery is definitively haunted

    Since 1850, Oakland Cemetery has served as an architectural manifestation of Atlanta’s complex and contentious past, containing within its grounds not just the bodies of Atlanta’s dead but also their lives and legacies. Originally named [...]
  • From covered faces to full frontal: a timeline of Atlanta Pride

    The first Pride in Atlanta was met with media silence. Activists walked down Peachtree Street in 1971, on the second anniversary of the police attack at the Stonewall Inn, also referred to as the Stonewall [...]
  • These Muslim women want you to know this

    The varied, sometimes dark and tousled, other times impeccably arranged and brightly patterned, hijabs on campus are worn for several different reasons: for modesty, out of reverence for the tradition in Islamic faith and at [...]
  • Are you allowed to sleep in the library?

    There’s nothing quite like a warm nap, snuggled under a blanket and in complete silence during a rainy day. Be sure to double check your iCollege for that beloved “class is canceled” message and after [...]
  • What does it all meme?

    College students love memes. Memes are not only funny jokes or stolen images but units of cultural information. Easily shareable and easily laughable, they lurk on your mom’s Facebook, are etched into bathroom stalls and [...]
  • What it’s like having a common name among 51,000+ students

    The 1990s gave our society the hit movie “Titanic,” Furbies and, according to Social Security card application data, approximately 303,086 Jessicas. Alongside all the Jessicas, society gained 462,314 new Michaels. Within the next decade, Jacob [...]
  • A rap collective, a jam band and a tribute concert

    Celebrating the life and music of late rapper Mac Miller, the Masquerade put on Self Care: The Mac Miller Tribute. Proceeds were announced to be donated to The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration. [...]