Column: Why President Becker does not deserve his recent salary raise

Last updated: June 3, 2015 at 5:23 p.m.

The Board of Regents approved a pay increase for Georgia State President Mark Becker. This means that if Becker remains in his current position through July 2019,  his salary will amount to approximately $1.07 million.

This raise strikes me as rather excessive, especially coming only a month after the tuition hikes on college students in Georgia, about $600 for the year at Georgia State alone.

As of 2010, Becker’s compensation, apart from his base salary included $19,400 for a house, $22,638 in deferred compensation, $22,638 in retirement pay, and a $50,000 relocation allowance/expense account, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

This raise would bring Becker’s already exorbitant salary of  $424,500 to about two and a half times the salary of the president of the U.S. ($400,000 annually).

I had no idea that the Georgia State president’s tasks are more arduous than the responsibilities of President Barack Obama. Go figure!

The money for the president’s salary comes from the Georgia State Foundation, which is sponsored by multiple contributors. These funds also provide money for scholarships and on-campus events, so one has to wonder if the increased funding for Becker’s personal salary will be detracting from student opportunities.

The same funds from foundations who contribute to Becker’s salary could be used to sponsor scholarships or student internship opportunities.

In my eyes, President Becker has done nothing to merit a raise. All of the betrayals of students’ trust, which have occurred under his presidency make me wonder why the BoR want’s to keep him so badly.

Two major instances in which Becker pulled the wool over students’ eyes are the infamous GSU-GPB partnership, which resulted in WRAS 88.5 FM student operators losing 14 hours of analog airtime to broadcast GPB exclusive content, and the recent consolidation with Georgia Perimeter College.

No word of the consolidation had been mentioned before, so everyone was blindsided by the idea. Students, alumni and staff all wanted answers  in regards to the lack of transparency in Becker’s administration

The purpose of having a president is for him to take action based upon the voices and opinions of the people he represents, which he has certainly not been doing.

Overall, I find the whole concept rather preposterous and extravagant. Giving President Becker a raise would only serve to prolong this opaque presidency,which has caused distress to faculty and students on multiple sensitive occasions through the lack of communication of his intentions.

Disclaimer: All opinions are those of the writer and do not reflect the views of The Signal. 

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