WomenLead is an excellent program. Here’s why.

We are always deleting random university emails about programs, promotions and surveys. However, taking a chance on those not-so-random programs may be beneficial to your college experience. WomenLead found its way to my inbox, and I am better for it. 

A program that speaks for itself, WomenLead is empowering women to lead. If you are still skeptical of university programs, here are four reasons why this one is worth it. 

Learning to be a Leader

WomenLead is a semester-long program with courses in business, policy and politics, science, entrepreneurship and innovation. Through these different pathways, women can equip themselves for their field and aspire for leadership roles.

According to a Robinson College of Business Impact Report, 44% were confident in their leadership skills before joining WomenLead, and 90% felt confident after completing the program. 

“We see a lot of students who report that their public speaking skills have improved, that their confidence has improved. The class gives students a lot of opportunities to practice,” policy and politics professor Charlotte Alexander said.

Free Supplies

While this may not be a stand-out reason to join, being provided with free textbooks is a game-changer for students deciding what course to take. During the 2018-19 academic year, students spent an average of $415 on course material.

For the 2021 spring semester, WomenLead provided students with a journal, a book, a bag, a Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument assessment and scholarship opportunities, not to mention amazing conversations from experts in their fields. 

Networking Opportunities

Through an engagement interview, students can have a one-on-one consultation with an executive, allowing for connections in the professional world. During class time, guest speakers talk about their experiences and open up a conversation to understand different leadership roles.

From the retired chief financial officer of Coca-Cola to the Carter Center’s former CEO, students hear from real women leaders. 

“We have this wide group of people who support WomenLead from the wider Atlanta community and even regionally, nationally and internationally,” Alexander said. “You become a part of this community. You have a network of people cheering you on.” 

Important Conversations 

Even though the courses differ in concentration, the core curriculum sets up all WomenLead students to have essential conversations in the classroom. Before and after class time, students reflect on different readings and concepts, such as “The Moment of Lift” by Melinda Gates or articles on code-switching. The fact that there is a course called WomenLead should indicate a societal problem, and the class discusses it.

From sexism and racism to confidence and self-worth, this course provides students with an outlet to have tough conversations, even though it can be intimidating. With only a 25 -person class and great professors, WomenLead is a place to open up. 

“WomenLead has helped me feel more confident and find my self-love,” former WomenLead student Angela Praseuth said. “The class provides a lot of opportunities for reflection and exposes us to successful women and new perspectives.” 

WomenLead is underrated and underappreciated. It is an excellent opportunity to grow and learn how to be a leader. If you see an email from the program in your inbox, give it a chance.