White Student Union: on-time or wrong time?

“IT’S TIME” states the banner in large bold font on the home page of Georgia State’s newest and possibly most controversial organization.  This fall, our campus will see its first White Student Union. Are we to fold our arms together and turn our noses upward in the name of decency? Or, do we part our arms, level our head, and bestow a smile in the name of diversity? 

-Ami Dudley, Opinions Editor

An Opinion in Favor of the White Student Union by Mitchell Oliver

This Fall, if everything goes as planned and enough interest is shown, Georgia State University may have the inaugural year of its very first White Student Union. This is a club or organization just like any other on campus, except its goals are to, as its website states, “Celebrate our common European/Euro-American cultures and discuss issues that affect white people in the world today”. They intend to “advocate for the interests of white people while celebrating heritage, culture, and working with other student groups on campus”.

Obviously this creates a knee-jerk reaction from almost everyone who will immediately call it racism, white supremacy, making light of civil rights, and the like. I see an outcry on the horizon from students and faculty alike. Luckily, this has all already happened before. The idea of a White Student Union is not new.

Just a year ago at Townsen University in Maryland, Matthew Heimbach created a White Student Union with a similar mission. Unlike the GSU union, Heimbach’s club patrolled the streets of campus at night to deter crime. Furthermore, no member of faculty would sponsor the club so it was not officially recognized as a campus organization. I see the Georgia State White Student Union suffering the same fate without a faculty sponsor, but founder Patrick Sharp recently told me in an e-mail “Getting a sponsor is going to be difficult, but I think we’ll find someone. Even if we don’t, the group doesn’t plan on going anywhere”.

Interestingly enough, the creation of a White Student Union at Georgia State will have, in my opinion, much further reaching consequences: both good and bad. For one, the ethnic diversity is much more evenly distributed than that of Townsen (a school where 93% of the students are white). At GSU, only 36% of students are White, with 37% being Black or African American according to the Forbes list of America’s Top Colleges.

With the induction of a White Student Union, I think it will not only be a very interesting social experiment, but it will bring to the surface a multitude of uncomfortable racial arguments that we as students will have to address. Is this inherently racist? If so, than is any cultural student union we have inherently racist? What does having a White Student Union say about our college, or rather what does not allowing one say?

From a purely logical standpoint, the White Student Union should be allowed to form and thrive on campus alongside the African Students Association, Indian Cultural Exchange, Chinese Student Association, and over twenty more cultural organizations. To be successful, the founder of the White Student Union will need to devote his time to following the logical basis for his club and not let the strong emotions of those that will undoubtedly protest this club to get to him. The old adage of ‘You are allowed an organization, why are we not?’ is the marketing campaign that is currently being advertised around campus via posted flyers for the WSU.

In the wake of the recent George Zimmerman trail verdict, many in America are outraged and searching for answers to the difficult questions of racial discrimination in the 21st century. This organization has chosen a very interesting time in recent history to form an organization that essentially turns everything you thought about civil rights on its head.

In the end, however, the proposed creator of the new White Student Union is passionate and you cannot fault him for anything that he has not yet done. Besides, it boils down to this: he feels passionate about something, is proud of his heritage, and wishes to join with like-minded individuals in supporting his pride in being of white heritage. Nowhere in that description is there demands for white dominance, ethnic cleansing, or racial segregation. In fact, replace the word ‘white’ with any other ethnicity and you have the basic idea behind every cultural organization on campus. So before anyone can question someone for being proud of their heritage, one must first take all things into consideration.

Once the school year begins and the club is presumably formed, we can take a closer look at what the intentions are, but for now I don’t see any need for outrage. Whether or not this just turns out to be a publicity stunt to stir up students, we can all appreciate the idea of going against social norms and being passionate about something, whether you agree or not. For more information on the GSU WSU, you can check out their website at gsuwsu.wordpress.com and for a more in-depth look at White Student Unions, I recommend you watch the VICE documentary, found at vice.com/vice-news/white-student-union

An Opinion in Opposition of The White Student Union by Terry Harlin

“Hello, my name is Trayvon Martin,” read the t-shirt I saw last week on campus.

I take it the clean cut, spectacled young man wearing it wasn’t suggesting that he himself had been suspended from school three times within a few months, kicked out of his house, or had told friends at 17 that he wanted a gun. And when our Commander-in-Chief lamented that “Martin could’ve been me 35 years ago,” he probably wasn’t implying that he too would have taken down the large Hispanic man and slammed his head repeatedly on the concrete.

For better or worse not too many protestors could possibly be too broken up that this troubled African American teenager lost his life in Florida this Spring. How could they when they are not raising hell about the 800 other black teens killed last year? Or the year before? Or the year before?  Would they be if they realized that the vast majority of these kids had also been shot to death by adults?

What of unarmed 16-year old Julius Johnson, killed last year by a man also released on the grounds of self-defense? Or Deandre Felton, one year younger and stabbed to death last fall by a man also released for self-defense? Why does Al Sharpton’s focus remain on Trayvon and not on 1000s of dead youths including many innocent teens and children?

What if George Zimmerman’s gun had jammed and Trayvon had put him in a coma instead? How many reading this are secretly smiling, wishing that had happened? Would not this case have still made national news if Trayvon Martin had then been charged with attempted murder? Of course. Because the issue is not Trayvon’s death but rather Zimmerman’s alleged harassment. Anything short of a complete vindication of Trayvon after Zimmerman’s “stalking” would not have been acceptable, regardless of what kind of unruly juvenile Martin may have been.

If Trayvon had been Hispanic like Zimmerman but dressing and acting like he had on that February night, would Zimmerman have questioned him? Given the zealous watchman’s itchy 911 dial finger history, yes. How about white? Who knows.  But white America would have ignored the case even if white media had focused on it. Why? Because whites en masse have not experienced a history of racial profiling as have blacks.

Probably every black man who has not been harassed at one point has a family member that has. Herein lies the issue of contention – a kid was harassed unfairly, now he’s dead. Any black or white lawyer with any modicum of sense realizes that, given the evidence, the verdict rendered was the correct one.  It was the same, correct verdict in the 2009 trial of Roderick Scott, the black man whose killing of an unarmed white teenager in self-defense brought no sea of protests or threats by white supremacists.

But a guilty verdict for Zimmerman, no matter how absurd, would have represented justice for some of that segment of Americans who have recently felt the personal sting of racism or whose painful past keeps them from forgetting…or possibly forgiving. While social amnesia may often prove dangerous, forgiving is vital for healing and a necessary step for one to fulfill his or her own ambitions.

So perhaps the very existence of a White Student Union (WSU) may somehow rub salt on wounds that need to heal. Its mission statement is no less noble than the Black Student Alliance’s – and no less divisive. But as the demographic s of GSU have shifted so has the BSA’s role from empowerment and militancy to a more justifiably festive and inclusive role, suitable for a campus with an almost even undergraduate mix of black, non-Hispanic white, and other backgrounds. Much can also be said about the LASA’s cultural endeavors with less emphasis on a political agenda.

What of the agenda of the WSU? What guest speaker would agree to sponsorship by a club with White in its name? To accuse WSU members of racism is prejudicial and, if you belong to LASA or BSU, hypocritical. Yet the 150 year history of organizations designed to preserve “white” heritage has left an unpleasant legacy. Do white students need a unified voice? Are there needs that are not being met? Why not a European cultural club, if the emphasis is indeed on heritage? In the face of a New Black Panther Party that posted a $10,000 “dead or alive” bounty for Zimmerman’s capture, do we truly need a divisive element on a mixed campus that has demonstrated a remarkably civil attitude in discussing troubling matters of race?






  1. That’s the best opposition opinion you could find? It’s just trying to be inflammatory and seems to assume any who oppose WSU is automatically racist and want to kill Zimmerman.

  2. Would this even be news if it were any other race or cultural group? All races have their own groups and society, are whites just supposed to keep their heads down and stay out of the way? Society calls for cultural and racial equality as well as for others to respect groups’ background and history other than their own. So why are all allowed to do this except for whites? Why is everyone allowed to assemble and be equal without question exept for whites? Why are African Americans or Jewish or Asians or liberals or any sort of group allowed without hesitation, but when whites decide to come together as a group, it’s news? Are we really as equal as society calls us to be?

    • I just want to answer the last question in regards to the above comment “are we really as equal as society calls us to be?”

      Answer: HELLLLLL NO

      There’s the rich and the poor (unequal) the majority and the minority (unequal) the oppressor and the oppressed (again, unequal)

      Just saying.

    • “So why are all allowed to do this except for whites? Why is everyone allowed to assemble and be equal without question exept for whites?”

      This is a fallacy. Black student unions consider as “black” anyone with ANY quantity of African ancestry, be it 1/2, 1/4 or even less. The equivalent is true of Native American, Hispanic, Asian student unions. Would the proposed “White Student Union” consider as “white” anyone with ANY quantity of European ancestry (meaning that most African-Americans, Native Americans and Hispanics would be considered “white”)? If so, then fine. But if not, then the proposed “White Student Union” fails to be inclusive in the way that all other ethnicity-based student unions are inclusive, and therefore cannot use other ethnicity-based student unions as precedents to justify its formation.

      If people would actually bother to examine the asymmetry of definition between “white” and “black”/”Native”/”Hispanic”/”Asian” etc., this would be obvious.

    • Because how on earth are white people tied together? Politically? “White” has become such a blanket term. It’s the majority race by default. We have no need to get together for any cultural reason.

  3. My comment is in direct response to the second comment posted. CLEARLY the editor states that this is news for “it’s sheer rarity, [and] what some call it’s untimely arrival”. The argument here is not the allowance of a WSU but rather the appropriateness of one. Of course a WSU should be allowed. The rejection of a WSU would be hypocritical. However, given the imperial history of Europeans and the American history of those who are of European decent, I can see why there would be resistance. Up until the 1970’s laws were still being admitted into law that banned racial discrimination and segregation. And today, numbers in racial discrimination within the workplace and criminal system in regards to Latin-American and Black-Americans are staggering. You ask “are we as equal as society call us to be” as if you were expecting us to be…but given the history between whites and non-whites, and the current atmosphere of racial discrimination that I mentioned before, how could society be equal? Your question seems a bit naive and euphoric. While the members of the WSU are unlikely prejudice or harbor any malice intent, they unfortunately cannot escape the stains of their ancestors and many prejudices that occur today continue to nuture these stains. So although a WSU is well within its right to assemble, it’s not hard to see why the assembly of one could sting a bit.

    • I’m going to have to agree with you. I too agree that the club should be allowed. I myself am of European descent and I cant say that I wouldnt check it out. However, I could see how this could ruffle some feathers. I cant say that another person shouldnt be offended because i havent walked in his or her shoes. So I honestly cant say that the presence of this club isnt offensive because im not non-white. You make a great arguement. I think you shouldve written the opposition arguement lol. The one listed does not suffice.

      Also, to the 2nd post, ofcourse its news. Look at how it brought us all here lol! So I don’t blame the editor for posting it. (^_^)

      • No matter what anyone does, some group will be offended. Get over it and work through it. No one alive today is an imperial aggressor or slaveholder, or many other terms I see thrown around so oafishly on this thread.
        The opposition opinion seems to be that because a man who was 1/2 Jewish and 1/2 Peruvian (with an African grandfather, if I’m not mistaken) shot a black 17 yr old in Sanford, FL, that all Whites at a university in Georgia should be denied their rights to peaceable assembly and free speech. If that’s the best opposing viewpoint they can come up with, just admit the thing…

    • But every group throughout history has done bad things; not just whites. The Asian continents are ripe with dynasties, dictators, etc. The African contient is ripe with genocide, starvation, wars, etc. The Muslims countries, of course, are ripe with oppression, slavery, sexism, religious bigotry, etc. yet nobody is telling Arabs, Africans or Asians that they shouldn’t be proud of who they are just because there were some bad things their ancestors did.

      Furthermore, here is another area of hypocrisy. I can’t stereotype all blacks as bad because of a few, yet we can can criticize all whites as bad because a few owned slaves in the past or a few were colonizers, etc. Whites today are not responsible for something whites in the past did anymore than Mongolians today are responsible for the evils of Genghis Khan or anymore than the black race is responsible for the evils of Idi Amin.

      Besides, what harm is there is there is a WSU? As long as those people aren’t going out and harming you or preventing you from having a black student union or whatever, what’s the problem? Banning it and silencing them only reflects badly on your liberals and hypocritical anti-white bigots.

    • It shouldn’t be allowed because it is a white supremacists group. There is nothing innocent about this group. It is started by a racist, planning to bring in racist speakers. This is not some crap to be tolerated, excused, overlooked, or forgiven. It is blatantly allowing white supremacists to get a foothold.

      • I guess you didn’t get the memo everyone else is getting. It goes like this:

        Anti-“racist” is just a code word for anti-White.

  4. Key word: history. Therefore, it is in the past, and rather than being so concerned about the past, we should worry more about the future and continuing equality for all. Not pointing fingers.

    • You’ve missed where I said “today, numbers in racial discrimination within the workplace and criminal system in regards to Latin-American and Black-Americans are staggering”. So history is not the key word here, “TODAY” is the keyword here. The past always sets the precedents for the future. Stereotypes are brought into the presence from the past which is why racial discrimination still exist. So for you to say that “it is in the past” it is clear that you have not experienced the discrimination that I am talking about. I agree that we should look to the future but in order to do this we must acknowledge the present and make alterations so that the future can look different and brighter. Please take the time to read and comprehend before posting your opinion.

      • There is racial discrimination in all countries. Hell, even white people have put up with discrimination in this country. Whites are getting displaced and slaughtered in South Africa right now. Is that not discrimination? Blacks in positions of power–who only got there because of whites–use their jobs to push ‘black power’ stuff and alienate whites instead of doing the job they were hired for. Blacks can whine all they want, but the fact is, you’re safer living a predominately white environment than anywhere else.

        • Because blacks in positions of power can only get there because of whites… your bias is showing.

        • You say “blacks can whine all they want” as if these comments are strictly black vs white comments. There are more than likely, a number of different races on this post and even a few white people who are in opposition of the WSU so how stupid do you sound?

          And “blacks in position of power use their jobs to push black power stuff”?? Your ignorance is peaking again. What of Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, or Obama?? All blacks, and all pushing the agenda of their respective parties and Amercia. Not black power.

          Say what you want but guess what? YOUR President and everyone else’s president on this post is A BLACK MAN. His father is BLACK. He is legally considered BLACK. No matter who you feel got him there and what his agenda is, THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD IS BLACK. You must cry every night lol.

      • But you are mistaken about that too: for one thing, statistically speaking, there is no racial bias in the criminal justice system. Blacks and Hispanics are arrested at higher rates because they commit crimes at higher rates. See, e.g., here and here.

        Please take the time to read and comprehend etc.

  5. If I was a student at Georgia State, you bet your ass I’d join a White Student Union.

    It’s a shame that we can’t have more of these sorts of things.

  6. If we removed emotion from the subject and look at this through the window of history we might all see that the truth is “whites” were the first peoples to end slavery and extend the concept that no one has the right to own or dominate another. The other ethnic groups which exist all come from cultures and races which where rather late to the party so if we are to use history as a guide (which is kinda silly) I don’t see how Whites are penalized…. unless the expectation for whites is higher than other groups.

    • Interjecting in a much less reasonable way here than below. Are you seriously suggesting white people were the first to think slavery was a bad idea? Do you know how foolish you sound?

      • Bahahahhahaa!!! My thoughts exactly!!! I think this guy was seriously suggesting that. Painting the liberators of slavery to be Christ??? What history books have you been reading man? Are you not aware of hat transpired in the struggle to decide on whether slavery should be ended???? And these were the same “liberators” who turned around and declared blacks 3/5ths of a person! Our school systems have failed you.

        • Speaking of failures of the school system: the “Three-Fifths Compromise” was reached in 1787, not, um, 1865 or whatever you think, and it was between the South, which wanted slaves to count as a whole person (for representation purposes), and the North, which wanted them to count for nothing.

        • Yes, White nations were the first to abolish slavery, starting in Iceland in 1117:

          So, it is you who need to learn your history. It didn’t start at the point most convenient to you, nor will it end there. And the idea that whites would have been MORE prone to enslave others than other races or cultures are about as wrong as absurd as ideas get.

      • Mmm, we seem to have switched seamlessly from “white people did slavery, they are evil n stuff” to “white people, uh, might not have been the FIRST to think slavery was a ‘bad idea’… even though they DID abolish it first, so… anyway… they’re still evil.”

        I mean… what are you people even TRYING to argue, at this point?

  7. Hi, I’m glad this article went up. I saw the ad while I was fumbling around campus trying to get my financial aid sorted and was genuinely surprised enough by it to snap a photo so I could think it over later in a vacuum.

    I’m gonna do it, let’s hash it out.

    By way of brief background, I’m a junior and a WOC. Further details available upon request. My response here is partly addressed to that article linked on VICE, and then Mitchell Oliver.

    Ami Dudley, I appreciate you linking that VICE article. Really telling how it begins by highlighting Heimbach’s personal encounters with aggressive POCs, and how his group targets “black predators,” and then Heimbach’s gloriously encyclopedic knowledge of a white supremacist, and finally closes with Heimbach intentionally ignoring his suspicions about a crime happening right next to him since it’s being committed by white people. Matt Heimbach appears by all accounts to be, at best, not a reliable source of information about why we should be concerned about white advocacy. At worst, I think he’s a racist idiot who is reacting to changing demographics in this country with unjustifiable fear and aggression.

    Mitchell Oliver, you’re the one who first made this comparison, and frankly I find it worrisome. I just want to say again: a comparison to Heimbach looks like a PR nightmare from the beginning. From the first paragraph of the VICE article, it’s apparent that Heimbach is little more than a fearmonger. His nighttime patrols clearly target persons of color disproportionately. He believes the federal government has genocidal intentions towards whites. If Heimbach’s WSU is among the first and most prominent of its kind, I don’t think it’s unfair to be curious about whether or not GSU’s new White Student Union plans to model itself after his organization. If this is what you’ve got as a basis for comparison, I ask you: Can GSU do better? Can Patrick Sharp do better?

    Absolutely it stands that logically the WSU should be allowed to form, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from questioning its purpose. Going on the WSU website: a group of people who want to discuss white identity. Well, what is white identity? According to the new WordPress site: Europeans and Euro-Americans. Well, it’s a little presumptuous to assume that a person of color might not genealogically identify as a European. So again: what is white identity? What is white culture?

    Well, frankly–and I admit I’m not being entirely academic here–I’d posit that we see white identity everywhere on virtue of the fact that it was and remains the dominant culture in the United States, so if I’m bewildered by the idea it’s firstly because I find it redundant. We live in white America. Our first black president is our forty-third president. If white Americans aren’t the majority anymore, they’re still forty-nine-or-so percent of the country. In pizza metaphors, that’s one guy–representative of the white institution–with half a pizza, while his several dozen friends each get a slice. Racial demographics are pretty rough stuff, and if the White Student Union has formed in part as a reaction to a shrinking majority, I’d still suggest they don’t have a whole lot to worry about seeing as how they’re still the plurality. And that’s without taking into account, you know, the historic pervasiveness of white culture in our movies–our music–our television–which is technically based on a long and storied history of minority suppression. So I guess my first concern would again be with redundancy, and that’s assuming purity of intent–white people getting together to talk about white things. As a first-generation immigrant, I can say that from where I’m standing, most of the things are white things.

    If I don’t assume purity of intent, though, things get worse. You’re right, Mitchell, in saying that the creation of the White Student Union will in fact bring to the surface a lot of “uncomfortable” racial discussion. Again, you’re the one who made the comparison to Heimbach. Heimbach was deeply concerned about the fact that a white plurality wasn’t enough to win a presidential election anymore. His basis for solidarity was literally loss of dominance, political and otherwise, over persons of color. Are you concerned about that, Patrick Sharp? What are you concerned about? What are white issues? Off the top of my head, given a quick countdown, I can name some pretty harsh issues facing persons of color. Persons of color are being disproportionately barred from voting due to gerrymandering by a dominant body of white politicans, and it’s only going to get worse after the SCOTUS decision. Persons of color are disproportionately affected by self-defense laws, the war on drugs, the war on terror, hate crimes. Pretty rough stuff for two sentences. Relative to these sorts of issues, I’m genuinely curious to see what challenges the WSU feels as though white culture is facing today, if y’all aren’t just a club for hanging out watching Paul Rudd movies or whatever.

    Heck, I’d love to sit in on a meeting, if Patrick Sharp is amenable. As for you, Mitchell: you’re right, the creation of this organization will in fact bring to the surface “uncomfortable” racial discussion. Can’t wait.

    I can get more academic here, but for now I’m just typing up a quick opinion at work. I would not advise trying to throw down with me in a way that isn’t reasonable! And also do not tell me we live in a post-racial world. A commenter above me said the keyword in “racial history” is “history”. You are in higher education. You should know better.

    • OMG. Marry me? *_* Lol! Jk. Best comment yet! I swear some of the authors of these comments live in another world; certainly not ours.

    • Just out of curiosity, how do you think people SHOULD react to becoming a minority group? It doesn’t magically stop at 49%, and I think you’re being a little short-sighted.

      • That’s an interesting question, the point to which I don’t actually know. I think we have a pretty easy point of reference here, actually–Native Americans became the minority group when this nation was colonized by European whites, right? And, well, since then they’ve basically been crapped on nonstop. A Wikipedia article, for easy and deeply unsettling reading. How have they reacted? Well, as you can see there, pretty poorly. If we’re going by that point of reference here, then presumably there’s plenty to be afraid of, right? Bradley, you crack me up. That was marginalization and creation of an ethnic minority through imperialist force, the rape of a preexisting nation, and other seriously terrible means. Of course they should react unhappily.

        How should non-Native people react to becoming a minority group? I don’t know, why don’t you ask every immigrant in this country, of whom there are many? Because I became an American minority when I moved here, and I’d say for my part, I’ve handled it with remarkable aplomb.

        But in cases both tragic (Natives) and possibly downright mundane (mine, the essential assimilated experience), the white cultural institution isn’t facing similar threats right now anyway, right? Or is this what you mean by me being “short-sighted”?

        In which case I have really, really funny news for you, because I think I just weeded out your real question–what even happens when a non-white group has power of majority over white people? Frankly, we just don’t know! We literally have no idea. Imagine. Fortunately as a first-world country we’re trying to maintain a nice, non-imperialist veneer, so Bradley, I’m curious as to what you actually think are the potential consequences–and what appropriate reactions would be. For my part, I think that the idea that white people need to reclaim power is pretty interesting considering I’m willing to maintain that they actually haven’t lost any to any significant degree. Unless we’re still hung up on the whole, you know, having a black president thing, and I already said what I felt about discussing “post-racial America,” namely: I ★ say ★ thee ★ nay ★

        • Oh, yeah, when I say I have no idea what a non-white majority having power over white people looks like, I am clearly talking strictly in reference to the United States. Don’t go talking about China or whatever, you goons.

          • To say we have no clue what a non-white, power-holding majority looks like seems to be ignoring the elephant in the room. There’s one BIG elephant in the room that I can think of. It’s that city in Michigan; you may know it. Detroit.

            In strict reference to the US, there are clear cases of non-white majority rule, only they aren’t on the national level. To see these cases on a national level, it is necessary to look outside the US, mainly at places like Zimbabwe and South Africa.

            South Africa is a pretty fine example, really. Can you honestly tell me you’d like to go live there now? Though some whites there (think your 1% types) may hold a disproportionate amount of power, there are millions of poor whites, and the country is basically regressing back to the 3rd world. If the whites with power were really looking out for white interests, you wouldn’t have hundreds of thousands of whites in squatter camps, and white genocide occurring in the countryside.

            Your 1%’ers, even though some of them may be white, hardly represent the interests of the everyday white South African or white American.

          • We know exactly how people inflamed by the notion that someone is “oppressing” them react when they somehow achieve power over the purported oppressor (interracial rape being a mini-instance of this exact phenomenon). We know that no one (except the famous 1% of white people) has ever said “oh, it seems like we’re in power now rather than them – let’s be tolerant”.

            We know also know that racial myths are normally used to extend the power of ones own group, and that any functional ethnic group will only recognize “equality” as a principle for action as long as it benefits them. Post-colonialism and anti-racism are primitive prejudices, based on a selective reading of history akin to the most silly and desperate forms of anti-semitism.

    • “What is the white identity? …most of the things are white things.”

      My thoughts exactly. White people may no longer be a majority, but white culture certainly is.

    • Anna, I appreciate this comment for the great points it brings up as well as a few shortcomings in my own report. I agree that the comparison I drew between Heimbach and Sharp is jumping to some conclusions, but if anything I more or less just wanted to have a clear publicized example of someone who runs a Whiite Student Union already. Heimbach just seemed to be the easiest choice due to the in-depth VICE article. However, I didn’t intend to group Sharp into the stereotype that all WSU organizers have a sort of white supremist ulterior motive.
      Furthermore, one main point I hoped to relay in the piece was that nothing has happened just yet, so I agree that sitting in on one of these meetings would be quite interesting indeed! I just hope this organization pans out and doesn’t follow in the footsteps of Heimbach to alienate itself from the students.

  8. Raise your hand if Twitter brought you here!!! *raises hand* Soooooooo where do I begin, lol. I think every1’s got their panties in a bunch here. On 1 hand, who cares if a WSU exist?! Opposing it is like reverse racism. You oppose the assembly of people?! Thats ludacris. On tge other hand, white people as a race dont have a reputation of embracing other races so to separate yourselves only reinstates this. I agree with the 2nd column that it should be titled “European Student Union”. “white” carries so much baggage with it as does “black”. Now lets all assemble and get a drink! lol Ciao!

  9. White people don’t need a White Student Union. We live in one…it’s called the USA.
    How about we all pause and watch a Tim Wise video.

    • I’m sick of blacks and liberals constantly telling whites what we can say and can do. We don’t need you. YOU need us. Our taxpayers and technology supports blacks. Our votes are the only reason blacks are in power. Our money and guilt is what has made the black celebrities as rich as they are. Our guilt and money are running out. What then will you do?

      • Whoever is moderating these comments is really dropping the ball, unless we’re actually facilitating Youtube-level discourse. Going to GSU must really bum you out, huh.

      • This is priceless.
        So let me get this straight, you’re lumping all black people into one mindset, and then throwing whatever white people that don’t agree with you into that same category when you say “blacks and liberals?”
        “We don’t need you…”
        Who is we, and who is you? Sounds to me like you’re drawing a clear line in the sand between white people and black people, never mind every other race out there, unless you’re simply lumping them into “black or liberal.”
        When you say “us,” I’d really like for you to quantify explicitly why ANYONE let alone ALL blacks and liberals need YOU, because for you to properly use the word “us,” you have to some how contribute there. I don’t think anyone needs you as much as you need to be part of some greater imaginary cause you keep alluding to.
        “Our taxpayers and technology?” Again, who’s our? And I’m assuming you’re saying all blacks and liberals don’t pay taxes or can make advances in technology? Hint, Steve Jobs father was Syrian, therefore Jobs was born Syrian. I use his, simply because he’s the first name that pops in my head when I think of modern technology. I also use that to point out that you’re by and large hugely uneducated on what you’re trying so hard to defend.
        Again, “our votes,” by “our,” do you mean American’s this time? Because that’s the reason Obama is in power, because of AMERICANS, as in one people. Your money and guilt? Most of your comment was borderline and alluding to racism, that one is so clear that I need not touch it. Further more if your or whoever else you’re alining yourself with’s money and guilt are running out, I’d like to ask What then will YOU do?
        Your idiotic rhetoric is the entire reason something like the WSU concerns a lot of people. Simply because the thought of so many individuals employing your kind of mentality congregating under one banner that literally says “ITS TIME!!!” is scary/concerning/idiotic, quite frankly.
        Can’t wait for your response.

    • So you’ll grant that the United States is a country intended and founded for white people “and their prosperity” (to use the Founders’ terminology), as long as the George State White Student Union agrees to disband?

      Interesting gambit…

    • For you, probably. For most white people, most certainly not.

      Tim Wise is an insane hate mongerer, on the level of drunken KKK guys screaming in the streets. That anyone would recommend him as anything else than a terrifying example of hateful stupidity is beyond the pale.

  10. Any sort of hesitancy towards a WSU by any non-white or anti-white (or both) individual or group can be handled fairly simply: let a WSU form and operate, sponsored or not, and if the group or an individual member causes a race-based issue (discrimination, hate speech, violence, etc.), then you have every right to act upon it accordingly and have them reported for such behavior. In other words, squash your paranoia and preconceived notions about an “all white group” and let them exercise the same rights you have, before you make a mountain out of a mole hill. Let the proper authorities deal with those who need to be dealt with, regardless of race, affiliation, and so on. “To each, their own” as they say. It’s very obvious that mature, intelligent whites are ready to move past the history of ignorant, unfounded acts of racism that plagues them (much of which doesn’t even apply to most whites, depending on their ancestors’ nationalities). Lets start being adults about this and move forward as a multi-racial planet, each accordingly supporting their own.

  11. I think it is time for it. We have organizations representing african-american culture, hispanic culture and asian cultures. To deny caucasian culture is wrong. As long as they are not harming anyone and anything, they have every right just like everybody else to have the White Student’s Union.

  12. The parasites are upset because this development indicates the white host is starting to become immune to their toxin…

  13. Browsing through the comments and I have to say that I’m disappointed in everyone. Max and LIMD, your comments are disgusting. If anything you prove the point being made about us (white people). Almost everyone here has made a generalization of sone sort. We can all do better than this.

  14. Joining a White Student Union ain’t gonna help our football team win games. That’s all anyone cares about in the state of Georgia. Quit arguing over meaningless race issues and buy your GSU football tickets. …And if we get any worse, I might have to start up a Paper Bag Student Union, b/c that’s all I’ll be wearing on my face. You can wear black on your face or you can wear white on your face, but it’s horrible taste to wear paper bags on your face, so come to the games and cheer loudly. Panther Nation Fight Fight Fight!

  15. First of all, what do a bunch of white people sitting in a room together need to talk about? What oppresses white people? What privileges are white people going without? This seems more like a reason for white people to sit in a circle and bitch about stuff that they, as white people, have the right to bitch about.

    Racism inherently requires that those being oppressed are without power and those doing the oppressing have power. White people have power. We have privilege. Our presence, our history, our race can’t be erased the way it can for people of color. People that think unions like this are a good idea or people who believe that there should be a white history month or that there should be scholarships for being white are clearly missing the entire point of their whiteness. There is no solidarity in being white. And it’s not (just) because it’s racist to have solidarity in your whiteness. It’s that it’s unnecessary. White people aren’t struggling because of their whiteness. White people are not (and have not been) denied rights or basic human needs or lived in fear for their lives for any reason ever due to their whiteness.

    Furthermore, what do white people stand to gain by having a white people meeting in the student center every week? Absolutely nothing but extending their ingrained racism and coming out feeling that that racism is grounded. I don’t understand the need for white people to feel “proud” of the “great accomplishments” of white people, but decide not to take responsibility for the shit things our ancestors did as well. Instead of using your almighty race to rise up against people of color, understand that that is done to people of color every single day. We don’t need a White Student Alliance to perpetuate that whiteness is held on high.

    The reason some white people believe they are doing this sort of thing is that they want to promote the “equality” of all races (and that includes whites), so they believe equality means if there’s a Black Student Alliance and a Latino Student Union, that white people deserve one too. They think “people shouldn’t be judged by the color of their skin so all races should be equal”, not only does that erase the journey that can come with being a person of color, it moves that white people are somehow working toward “a better world” by actually promoting their own whiteness. The fact is that what you’re really saying is that you’re offended that people other than you are being celebrated. You don’t deserve to be celebrated for being accepted by society without having to work for it. There’s no pride in being white. There’s nothing to celebrate.

    • Oh my gosh. Please spare us the “white privilege” propaganda. They’ve really done a good job hammering that one into your head, huh?

      White privilege? More like majority privilege. Really, go to a place like Zimbabwe and try to tell me that white people are inherently privileged due to their magical “whiteness” or whatever you call it.

      The founding stock of any nation is NATURALLY going to create a nation that reflects that founding stock. But things are changing in the US. Change is something you clearly can’t comprehend all that much. Whites aren’t going to be a majority much longer, and to think that they’re magically going to hold the same amount of influence is short-sighted and naive.

      Also, Erika, it’s much easier to wake up each morning, look in the mirror, and love where you come from instead of hate it. Cast off the white guilt and you’ll be a much happier young woman.

      • We’re not talking about Zimbabwe… you keep bringing up these irrelevant instances.
        We’re talking about the USA.

        I don’t believe whites were never the majority in Zimbabwe, so even if you wanted to compare it apples to apples, it wouldn’t work because it’s not a majority becoming a minority.
        Furthermore, since you like to sound so smart, whites will still be the majority at 49%, the other 51% will be made up of at least a dozen other races, therefore at least making whites the plurality.

        You’re making it sound like a dozen other races are all going to magically agree that whatever the white man says is wrong and vote or go against it 100 percent of the time for 100 percent of that population.

        I’m still waiting for you and other jokers here to explain just what in the hell is white culture and heritage, and what overriding influences in those categories suggest uniting all whites under one banner?

        • White culture primarily comes from Europe. It is celebration of Irish heritage, French heritage, English heritage, Scotts Heritage, Polish heritage, and the Irish American, French American, Scotts American, Polish American and other Euro American heritage thereof. There are thousands of years of bloodlines, heritage and hardships that come from Caucasian heritage and there should be reason for Caucasian students, whether you are fully Caucasian, 1/2 Caucasian, 1/4 Caucasian, ect, to celebrate where they come from and what their ancestors accomplished. For instance, I will outright say I am an Irish American whose ancestors came to America after the Irish Potato Famine ensued. The poor Irish farmers worked hard to make a living for themselves and many times, they would go without due to poverty. My farming ancestors never owned slaves. They could hardly afford a mule. And I am proud of them and all I have today because of them, so I would like a group that celebrates a similar heritage. Many whites did not come from privilege, it was a minority that did. Look at the history of Irish immigrants and it is obvious they shared a similar discrimination to that of African Americans. Also, an examination of my French lineage identifies my ancestors as Huegenots who fled France because of religious persecution, another example of white hardship. How is that for White Heritage?

          I am proud to be Irish American, just as I am proud to be English American, French American and Creek Native American. And just as anyone is proud to be African American, Latino American, Chinese American, or any other ethnicity.

          The WSU’s website does not promote hate, and it is encouraging of the European community. Their first project is a food drive for the poverty stricken in Greece and I believe that they have every right to celebrate a shared European heritage by giving back.

      • I feel like you’re a 40-something year old who didn’t even attend GSU. We are privileged and very lucky not to live with the burdens other races are born with. You sound hateful and ridiculous.

      • Bradley, am from Zimbabwe, born and raised. “Are you Joking?” is right, this isn’t Zimbabwe, this is USA, You cant compare the two. White were never the majority in Zimbabwe, they were colonizers who had power over the blacks, referred to as The White Minority Rule during the Rhodesian times (I learned this in middle school, history class in Zimbabwe). Do they have privilege because they are white? the answer is no, because they are the minority. The privilege days in Zimbabwe are over, both for blacks and whites.

  16. At GSU, only 36% of students are White, while 37% are Black or African American according to the Forbes list of America’s Top Colleges. So why is this even controversial? If any ethnicity disagrees with this white student union, then it’s quiet obvious their racist. I think it’s about time we preserve some of our heritage. I hate to see our heritage dissolve and be rewritten, which is so P.C. to do.

    • Oh wow! A whopping 1%!!!! Pull the alarm!!! It’s just like white people to panic when they lose power. So basically what you’re saying is that the union is being formed so that whites can figure out how to deal with not being the majority rule anymore? And how dare you even mention “dissolved” and “rewritten heritage”. Have you forgotten the dissolved and rewritten heritage of “American Indians”, Black Americans….both of whose heritage YOU eradicated. But then again i guess thats “So P.C. to do”. How spoiled and ignorant you sound.

  17. Is this the best the Georgia State Journalism Department can produce or someone explain to me how such nonsense can pass for reporting. I’m not going to even try to focus on the comments. But just to address the article, he says “It’s Time.” Ok so the question is why do the members of these organizations feel that it’s time? The reason why is because they feel they are “losing the country”. White identity is rooted in white supremacy and if you don’t have that then what’s the point in being white.

    Someone explain to me why would a White Student Union form on Townson University which is 93% white? Obviously they were not underrepresented; so there was a need to tell white people to have pride in their whiteness? That sounds about as absurd as having a Women’s Club at Agnes Scott or Spelman. If the group was formed to patrol and deter crime, then why wasn’t is a Student Campus Patrol or something like that? Mathematically wouldn’t the number of offenders be more white than black if blacks are a small population? But I bet they weren’t using such logic. The rest of the article devolved into a diatribe about the Martin/Zimmerman trial that I won’t even bother dignifying with a response.

  18. It’s Towson, not Townsen just FYI. And that group has been deemed a hate group by many national organizations so I don’t know if that is the best group to reference in support

  19. This is the shoddiest piece of “journalism” I have ever read… it’s not worth the student loans if this is the kind of garbage produced on our “liberal campuses”.

    FFS, the opposition was a 7 paragraphed diatribe on how Zimmerman was a victim!HOW IS THAT OPPOSING THE WSU?!?

    • A) It’s the opinions section so things are going to be a little bit less “professional” per say.

      B) If your “student loans” are paying for our “liberal campus” you might want to talk to your lender.

      (I would not trash a piece without rereading your own writing once or six times. It just looks pretty shoddy)

  20. What is with everyone here.
    This is completely and blatantly a white supremacist group. There is no question about it. They plan to bring in known white supremacist/racist speakers. There is absolutely no reason to tolerate it or try to give it the benefit of the doubt. There is nothing questionable about this group’s intentions.
    Do you all not realize the struggle by countless anonymous people that literally, quite literally, fought to keep these groups pushed down and out in Atlanta? Do you not know of the skinheads that ran crazy throughout little five points in the 80s? And people are going to sit here and be “tolerant” of this? This ain’t a study group people. Don’t give it any traction.

  21. “I’m sick of blacks and liberals constantly telling whites what we can say and can do. We don’t need you. YOU need us. Our taxpayers and technology supports blacks. Our votes are the only reason blacks are in power. Our money and guilt is what has made the black celebrities as rich as they are. Our guilt and money are running out. What then will you do?” <— so, why do you need a WSU? Sounds like you guys are doin' just fine.

    At least you're honest about your bigotry.

  22. GSU=LSU: Laughing Stock University. For real? Either this guy Sharp is the biggest GSU admissions mistake in years or someone is pulling a huge mindf*uck on GSU and Atlanta.

    • Also, everyone can tell that the fake “opposition” piece is written by a white supremacist as well. Couldn’t find a single non-racist on your board eh?

      • The piece clearly dismissed the WSU as unnecessary and inappropriate. How is that “fake” opposition? The piece also implies a need for continuing racial dialogue and harmony, and acknowledges the reality of racial profiling and the validity of the African American perspective. How is that white supremacy? Does the fact that the writer came to the same conclusion as a black juror on the Zimmerman trial make him a racist? I laud you for researching the info on the WSU founder but think that your comments on the writers and editorial board are both themselves prejudicial and misplaced.
        Learn how to disagree without assuming that those who don’t hold your views are racists. Some are but many (dare I say, most?) of us are not! Perhaps you have your own latent racism to deal with and simply disguise it as angry self-righteousness?

  23. This is a waste of coverage and conversation. Lets get real it will not be allowed and will be deemed as racist. Everyone will forget it happened by winter break. To argue back and forth and more importantly bring up a court hearing that has absolutely nothing to do with the cause is pure ignorance. Let the kid do his thing. He isn’t the first and won’t be the last white GSU student to think of the idea. It is annoying that the moment someone wants to celebrate white heritage it is immediately termed as being racist, but at the end of the day there it is what it is. I am white and I do not support nor do I not support the club, but I am also a realist. How about we just start a union that everyone can join and we celebrate heritage together as a hole. If you want change then STOP SEGREGATING yourselves from one another. That is the only way that racism will ever exit mainstream perspective. As long as this generation is going to do what each and everyone one of you are doing, well the tradition will only carry on.

  24. Yes, white culture and euro-centric values are not promoted enough so let’s create an association to promote positive images of white people and white historical figures so their voices can be heard too…Are you kidding me? There is nothing wrong with white people being proud of their heritage, but do they really feel isolated in a country where they are a majority? “Well, there are Black and Latino student associations…” That’s because groups like these were initially started by MINORITIES to promote pride and unity within their communities and to create a forum where their voices could be heard. Living in a white-washed society doesn’t afford minorities many opportunities to do so. Things have changed, obviously, but there is still a ways to go. Whites don’t really have the same problem. Their voices are heard all the time. They control the majority of the media and institutions that run the US, so I’m curious as to why the need for a white association. No worries though, the group is open to everyone so i’ll be sure to drop by and visit.

  25. Just out of curiousity, what are the “issues that affect white people in the world today”? It is immediately apparent that other races have issues of oppression that need to be dealt with and that relate directly to the fact that they are of other races. But what issues do white people have where they put at a disadvantage because of their race?

    I have no problem with groups being formed. This particular one seems a bit silly to me, but if they are doing it to say “we are proud of who we are” and NOT “we are BETTER than others because of the color of our skin”, I am fine with it. While it makes more sense when an oppressed group does it, with the intent of working on removing those oppressions, a group of students who are white is not really any worse than a “we are rich” club or a “girls who like to get manicures” club. I am white, and would never choose to attend such a club, but if that is all you have got, in terms of interests, carry on, I guess. Sort of sad, seems a waste of time, but whatever floats your boat.

  26. I feel that there could be a very legitimate need for this group on many campuses. Certainly not if the group is actually a hate or anti-other race group, though.Mmm…are any African American, Latino, etc groups sharing a lot of “anti-all white people” rheteric I wonder?
    I believe that “discussion” about the impact of being a certain race in today’s society is appropriate for any racial group, but hopefully it would’nt promote and be centered around a divisive hateful agenda towards other races. And, I would hope that a multi-racial person would be welcomed in any group of whom they share a racial connection, possibly wanting to relate to the group that they most identify with. Just wondering, is a person of mixed race, who looks white, welcomed in a group for African American students, or Asian Students? And, would a person of mixed race be welcomed in a “white student’s” group if they had darker skin due to part of their ancestry? Should be. I have a mixed race family. Some white, some latino, some black, and some mixed. As a family we have alkwd about all of this, and believe it or not, we have not experienced discrimination in the workplace or education. No one has had any problems with the police. Date I say it…no one has commited any crimes. We are a working class family, doing anything from farm labor to truck driving, carpenter, etc, and the 2nd and 3rd generation being the ones who worked their way through college , becoming engineers, teachers, and business owners. Some of our white relatives have expressed that they have recently begun to feel like certain groups are wanting to spread a message of “shame” towards them just for “being” white. Like they are automatically racist. Our mixed family agreed that that idea is complete nonsense. That ideology IS spreading a false narrative, and very divisive. There is no justificationro put all people of any race in the same box. If anyone thinks that is appropriate, they need to grow up, get some therapy and get a clue. Scapegoating and projecting is very dysfunctional. Are some whites racist,? Yes. Are most? No. are some people of color racist? Yes. Are most? No. And NO ONE has the “right” to be racist against an entire group of people.

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