What you don’t know about Hookah pens

Some Georgia State students choose to smoke e-cigarettes in hopes of quitting their nicotine habit. Photo Illustration by Jade Johnson | The Signal

Electronic Hookah Sticks, or E-Hookah Pens, are the new “it” thing. Hookah sticks come in a variety of plastic canisters offered in an array of colors. Users accessorize these to match their shirts saying “I’m Dope,” or Jordans that are smoke gray. Hookah sticks are said to be a better smoking alternative to cigarettes and actual hookah itself, but could still be harmful, nonetheless.

Most consumers of the product have been lead to believe what they’re smoking is just vapor, which is why some intentionally pack theirs with loud for an extra kick. I assume Miley Cyrus does, because I doubt she knows how to roll a fat one.

Having tried hookah pens before, I totally understand. I’m not knocking them at all. They practically taste like Pez candy. Remember being younger and seeing other kids crush a pack of Smarties to smoke? The peach flavor reminded me of those days. So how can the sweet taste of something so innocent be vicious and guilty of putting your health at risk?

While hookah pens claim to be tobacco-free, not all hookah pens are nicotine-free. Let me explain.

If you skipped biology class, nicotine is a toxic chemical found in tobacco plants. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), once upon a time this addictive agent “was used in the United States as an insecticide and fumigant.” So, many hookah pens, like cigs, are packed with the same stuff that we used to use to kill vermin and insects. How’s that peach flavored one tasting right about now?

As most of you may know, nicotine is also highly addictive. The CDC reports that “exposure to relatively small amounts can rapidly be fatal.” Key word here being “small.”

The misconception behind hookah in general is that it is safer to smoke than regular tobacco products, which you should now see is not true. The FDA has made it clear that all tobacco products are unhealthy; that includes pretty pens that don’t leave ashes behind. Ironically, however, cannabis is still illegal. But I won’t go there.

Yet, hookah pens are becoming more popularized because of their appeal and the fallacy that they’re completely safe. The ease of access in buying one isn’t limited to smoke shops, either. Many other businesses have begun to capitalize off the new fad by adding hookah sticks to their inventory. You may feel an urge to go buy one right now.

But, be informed: While hookah pens are the perfect way to mask certain smells and avoid the K9 unit and may be cheaper than running through a pack of cigarettes a day, what you tote will always have some affect on your lungs and throat.


  1. well here are a few things your off you have no proof no evidence second you can’t reopen a hookah pen then put marijjauna in it the pen doesnt work like that and most hookah pens DO NOT CONTAIN tobacco ,nicotine, tar or ashes, charcoal ect… and whats inside of it is a liquid glycol that is heated up and becomes vapor whats that? you can buy gum (has glycol) but you can’t buy a pen that heats it up? and no a dog can smell mariijauna it can’t be mixed with other smells for a dog. Your thinking about the hookah they did a long time ago where they used real sisha that why the name caught on hookah which was the popular way to smoke sisha a long time ago sisha was like a tabbaco with nicotine but they used the name hookah for these pens because they can resemble the taste you can buy hookah pens with nicotine but the dosage is very small and most people don’t the buy the hookah pens with out it. Once the liquid glycol (which is mostly water) is heated up it becomes water vapor and a very small amount of glycol(90% H2O) and the glycol doesn’t harm your body.So why are they illegal to minors you may ask well its as simple as human morals parent don’t want to see there kid smoking something cause when they see that the think there goon be a hardcore meth pot head what ever.ANSWER= WRONG. most kids are turning to water vapor instead of marrijauna isn’t that good? and there are no harmful effects and third and you say that these are bad because there are no ashes well you don’t burn anything right?
    and there is no small amount of nicotine a small amount of nicotine would be in 1 cigarette yet oddly it take 35 cigarettes in 1 hour to be close to fatal. I see hookah sticks as a way to stop hard drugs use and steer kids away from that because what do people smoke? well kids are intrested in literally the smoke from it. Well that what a hookah does a non-harmfull way to sooth that interest so is water that harmful i mean do you drink it? are you dead from drinking that cup of water? and you can not get high off of water so don’t make up bullshit show the real facts don’t make them up.

    • Your obviously an uneducated idiot…especially if you are supporting that kids pick up something and smoke it whether it is safe or not! Shame on you! I got 4 words for you…GROW THE FUCK UP!!!

      • You come off as the uneducated idiot here m8. If it’s safe why shouldn’t kids smoke it? There is absolutely no reason not too so long as they didn’t steal it. The author of this article has no clue what they are talking about. Hookah pens and other vaporizers are no more tobacco products than my mountain Dew is a tea product. Mountain Dew and tea has caffeine(which is a drug commonly given to children in tea and soda), and e- liquid and tobacco contain nicotine(a very beneficial drug with too many uses to list, and very few downsides besides addiction).

          • @Schmoltage Clearly, @voltage isn’t in charge of the “whole idea” of underage smoking because that is just a social norm. What I’m assuming, based off their comment, is that regardless of the amount of nicotine and tobacco within these products youths shouldn’t be smoking anything even if it’s water vapor. I’m not saying that I agree or that I’m opposed to this statement however, they do make a valid argument. Children and teenagers are more or less encouraged by their schooling to avoid illegal substances of all kinds. Just to inform you, tobacco use is illegal for people under the age of 18, which I’m hoping you knew. Yes, there are various types of e-cigarettes and Hookah pens that one can purchase for lesser amounts of nicotine or some don’t contain nicotine at all. The point is that people under the age of 18 “kids” are disobeying the law if they are smoking some of these products. I am not in favor of this statement but I do feel that it is necessary to bring up. Kids are taught that cigarettes are considered a “gateway drug” and could possibly lead to the abusive of various other drugs. Just for arguments sake, if kids are smoking anything they could be more apt to smoking other much more harmful substances. There are many uses for these products and they can and are very beneficial to certain people. I have no judgment against what people are using these products for because every situation is different however; I feel the need to let you know how ignorant you sound “schmoltage”.

          • If smoke is bad, why are kids smoking it? It’s like kids are trying to kill themselves these days but they don’t realize that because of all of the nicotine in this so called “Hookah Pen.” THAT’S WHY WHEN YOUR PARENTS SAY ” NEVER BREATHE SMOKE, IT’S HARMLESS” is because it can eventually kill you~ Ben

          • if it’s a trend it’s a trend.. Actually, since we’ve all been teenagers before, we should be able to remember how if the grown ups don’t like it, kids would be even more motivated to do it.

            Me, personally, am not a smoker, have tried shisha a couple of times and while I don’t like the smoke and tobacco side of it, I did like the flavour part.. I have just bought my first shisha pen with 0% nicotine flavours. I found this blogpost because I was googling about health risks out of curiosity (also purposefully skipping links that appear biased at first glance) as I would like to be more educated about this stuff.

            To me, if the only risk here is “be careful because you don’t know what you’re smoking!” and not the technology itself (that is, inhaling vapours), I would have absolutely no problem, especially since there’s many youtube videos on how to make your own e-liquids.. there’s an added security for me there because you are seeing everything you’re putting into the liquid… which is really simple and harmless looking tbh..

        • Not all have nicotine get your facts straight.. and its illegal for minors because one your teaching them smoking is okay when this product is to help prevent it.. and two its illegal for any under age person to smoke anything.. just the law idiots

          • Ok to set some facts straight: in California at least you must be 18 years or older to purchase hookah pens (non-tobacco/non-nicotine ones). It is illegal for a minor to purchase one. However, it is not technically illegal for a minor to own or use one. It’s illegal for someone to sell or give one to a minor, but not for a kid to actually have or smoke it.

        • You sir are a moron! I was a hardcore smoker for 25 years, do you know how hard it is to kick a nicotine habit?!? Do you understand the health problems they are going to have in the future? And you think its safe to introduce your children to that? THIS is no different than cigarette companies using cartoon characters to sell cigarettes to kids! In fact its worse, cigarettes didn’t come in candy flavors…..

          • Exactly. I’m am 14 years old and there are kids around my school talking about them being hardcore stoners and smoking two packs a day. I guess this is the new generation now. This is pathetic. I totally agree with you. My dad smokes and sometimes I just feel like killing someone because they had to come up with such a dumb thing like that. This is barbaric. We should be getting an education not ruining it.

          • It’s not the nicotine that causes the health problems. It’s the carcinogens from burning the tobacco leaf and the paper that kills you. Just sayin. No tobacco in vape oil. Nicotine yes. But nicotine, while addictive, is relativity harmless. Like caffeine. Everybody is believing the hype they see on tv and what the govt tells them. The problem the govt has with these vape pens is that they can’t tax them like cigs because they are not tobacco. And for your information cigarettes are not a gateway to drug use. They used to say pot was the gateway to drug use in the 70s. Do some reading and make an informed decision for yourself. Don’t believe everything you see on tv or read in the newspapers. There is a boatload of information on the internet. It’s nit only for porn. Wake up you lemmings.

        • No sorry…. do your research… There are e cigarettes that are refillable with flavored juice like cherry, watermelon and more that have No Tar or nicotine in them its just vapor with no harmful chemicals and yes I would rather have my kid use that then a real cigarette.

          • your all morons i have a 15 year old .thought it was cool to have a hooka pen and smoke it .well now he is grounded for a month
            why do I or anyone else want thier kid smoking anything maybe leading to cigarettes or god forbid marijuana …nicotine or not hes punished and should not of had it to begin with because he is under 18
            you who says id rather have my kid smoke that than something else are an idiot and a poor parent ..to want your kid to smoke anything at all whether its nicotine free or not

          • This thread is painful for a grammar nazi. But i must admit, it’s so much better for a kid to try something of their own free will rather than having it made taboo because otherwise it is a temptation for them to try in copious amounts. Its better they try it in controlled doses with low nicotine content rather than having a 17 year old go ball to the wall and chain smoke some marlboro’s.

        • Kids can mentally get addicted to it though its not addictive but kids can smoke this i do and i am 14 yrs old bcoz this is not harmful.its your choice to either buy a hookah pen with nicotine or without nicotinr

      • hookah pens are bad for you if you smoke them at least 5 times a day.
        I did lots of research. so… and well you do use bad words which means that your a bad kid and will probably be smoking weed in a few months.

        • “I did lots of research. so…”

          Please, by all means, present your hypothesis and how you tested said hypothesis. Don’t say “I did research” as your evidence. That was moronic. If you have something to say, back it up with COLD HARD FACTS.

          Second, if it’s only water vapor and flavoring, the only possible problem the flavoring is made of as water vapor is a component of our atmosphere and we breathe it in every breath.

          • What is the point in smoking it all then. I’m assuming you get some kind of high, right? As someone who works with people who have had lasting effects from drug abuse and/or nicotine addiction…your argument holds no ground. Anything inhaled, injected, or ingested to alter the brain (over the course of time) will lead to negative side effects. A normal person’s brain deteriorates naturally over time with age. When you introduce foreign chemicals (whether environmental or on purpose) you are speeding up that process. Like it or not. Some people are lucky and don’t have “noticeable” issues. Others become very ill (physically and/or mentally). It would be comical to me if it weren’t so sad how blind people become to the medical evidence when they are solely focused on arguing for their right to continue getting high. Yep….it’s your right….until you get arrested and I have to pay for your jail time. Yep…it’s your right until you become ill and I have to pay for your health care. Yep….it’s your right until you get in a car and drive (because people who are high always make such great decisions!). But it’s just heated up water you say! To which I say…okay….then WHY do it???

          • There has yet to be a long term study on the effects of smoking these things. Let alone the fact that people seem to be forgetting that it’s not just water vapors that you’re sucking into your lungs.

        • @samantha, I have a pen, but before I smoke I would like to know where you got you research from???

      • You sound really uneducated honestly. Just because kids smoke/vapor a e-cig doesn’t mean its bad. If there is no harm in smoking a harmless product, you should not worry at all. Soda is highly unhealthy but i bet you drink that shit till it’s dry. Alcoholic is mostly all negative but since its legal, its accepted.I t’s better to smoke harmless vapor then to smoke weed which is honestly a hurt-less drug also. You will see as weed gets legalized and accepted smoking a e-cig will be nothing. I also have another question Doug if a kid smoke a harmless e-cig how is it effecting you life in anyway. Your have you own opinion but if something has no effect to you or your life why care?

        • Nick, read the pathology on weed it has long term negative affects. As for e hookah, there’s no real studies to support the idea that its harmful or harmless. Sucking anything into your lungs is likely a bad idea.

          • Milla. You do realize anything includes oxygen right? The thing we suck out of the air like we might die without it? So by all means, let’s all save our lungs by not sucking oxygen into them.
            But to be more serious, yes cigarettes are bad. E-cigs and hookahs are less severe but probably still bad. The FDA has been painfully vague on all this. But in a large city, there are thousands of toxins in the air, and I breathe that air way more than I do second hand smoke. That air with all it’s poison will kill me long before an e-cig will. And if that e-cig has no nicotine then I’m not gonna care. Telling kids to not smoke doesn’t work. I’m 19 and in college. I don’t smoke because it’s expensive and nicotine makes me puke. I don’t care it could give me cancer, that’s not an immediate threat to me. Ramen can cause cancer now, but it’s cheap and tastes good, so yeah, I eat it almost daily. Telling kids or adults not to do something, it doesn’t work. scaring us with deadly diseases also doesn’t work. It’s sad and terrible but so is suicide and that gets mentioned less in schools than math that I still haven’t used yet.

          • If weed was bad it wouldn’t be used to treat illnesses and diseases. So go somewhere else with that bullshit.

        • It’s actually: “your,” he just used it in the wrong place. Before you try to correct someone on their grammar, make sure that you know your own.

          Now to continue with this debate, I am 18, and I smoke hookah pens. They are actually called: “Vape Pens,” or “Vapor Pens.” The one that I have is a refillable one. Which means that you unscrew part of it and you fill it up with the “flavor.” You can purchase ones with nicotine, but the ones without it, in my opinion, taste far greater. The only reason to smoke these vape pens is to have a smoking experience that one, tastes good, and two, doesn’t leave an undesirable smell. You do not get any kind of high from these vape pens as long as you smoke the non-nicotine flavored ones. These are also known as “naked” flavors. The naked flavors come in assortments of flavors; my favorite is the skittles flavor, aka skeet skeet. The only damage there can be from these vape eons is that you will have vapor in your lungs. Any kind of vapor, be it water vapor or anything else is bad for your lungs. However, vape pens are far healthier for you than any other kind of smoking.

          I do believe, however, that the writer of this article was solely focusing on the cigarette versions of these vape pens. Blu cigs for example, contain nicotine. I have not smoked these kind, because I do not like the taste of actual cigarettes either. These ones would be bad for you because they may contain other harmful ingredients that the cigarettes themselves also contain.

          Before people start to get smart with one another, maybe we just need to realize that we do not know everything. Some people know more than others, so instead of commenting hateful things, ask about it first. Get to know what they are actually trying to portray. I guess what I’m really saying is that people need to grow up, and be smarter than they are.

          • Hi vinnie, my seventeen yr old made me aware that he has a vapor pen he told me he uses the flavor grape I just had a couple questions on it being as though I really don’t know too much about it my first question One is it addictive? Two, is it harmful I know u mention that any vapor is harmful to ur lungs but in what way? What type of high do u get like why does it attracts teens like what’s the use of smoking them does it calm u relaxes u?

          • Well said Vinnie, and thank you for pointing out the atrocious grammar in the initial reply. That guy (or girl) should really be embarrassed but I think he/she might be too stupid to know. My question to you is this, if you know that smoking anything vapor or otherwise is bad for your lungs, why do you smoke these “vapor” pens? You also hit the nail on the head when you said the bottom line is we don’t know the effects. I drink water and juice I don’t pour it in my lungs. The lungs are a delicate organ. They don’t react well to artificial and synthetic chemicals. This is evidenced by the rise in people with asthma as a result of the pollution in our air. We do damage breathing every day, why make it worse with intentional insult. I’m just saying respect your body cause the world won’t. You only get one body.

          • Hi vinnie I’m 13 in middle school and some kids at my school are smoking hookah pens…. Like everyday and all the time.They are some of my close friends and i Don’t want them to harm their lungs or anything for when they get older they will regret it. Is it/will it harm their lungs or anything else? I am very worried for them.

          • Well put and possibly the only response on this thread that didn’t make me think you were trying to convince anyone to join “your side”
            People, whether you agree or disagree, this is a more effective way to communicate–it doesn’t attack anyone and makes a soli point. End of Rant

          • Well Said. I came to this article because I wanted to know if the Hooka Pen i purchased was harmful (just to make sure). As I have been shopping and learning about this fad, I see that there are several options to choose from, some are pre-flavored and last for so many “puffs” and some are re-usable and can be filled with your choice of flavor.

            I purchased a starter kit from laser liquids online they dont sell flavor liquids that contain nicotine which was impressive to me. Based on what I have learned so far, if you make the decision to have a hooka pen, also make the smart choice to fill it with liquid withOUT nicotine or tobacco.

            I am a student of the world and will continue to read and learn what I can about this to insure that I am not causing any harm to myself just because this pen is cute.


          • i agree with this way of communication. and I am 18 fresh out of boarding school, I am also going to art college in the fall, I know I will have a lot of temptation next year to smoke, drink, etc. so I am currently researching the health facts on the nicotine free ones. I am really thinking about trying it. And, if I like it, it may act as a good way to keep me from taking weed or a bottle of rum. so what is so wrong with that?
            Now I know some one is going to say “oh you shouldn’t be doing that at all” well, your probably right…guess what though, I am a adult now who can now make decisions and mistakes my self. I am making the decision to research something before purchasing or using it and it is so I wont get in to anything worse.
            (ps. i am working off of 2 hours of sleep so i really don’t care if any one corrects my grammar, ill simply bush off your ass like, belittling antics)

          • YES YES. TY! This is how i let my husband know and understand y i want a hookah /Vape Pen. Just the smoking experience without the stink and nicotine.

      • your an idiot, if its safe y yould it matter? and u sound un educated not the guy who droped all those facts on u.. fuck u and your 4 kids

    • Smoking in general is bad I don’t see you people do it. It is just so stupid for that you are defending smoking anything

    • Yes these Hooka pens are dangerous icf you buy the nicotine flavoring but other than thats all it is water vapor lol yes it is the fad lol but in no way is it bad for your lungs all it is a bad habbit

    • I don’t completely follow your grammar so much, but I’m right there with you. The OP obviously hasn’t done any research into the subject and is acting on fear and citing past “knowledge” from general sources such as the FDA. Quote: “The FDA has made it clear that all tobacco products are unhealthy; that includes pretty pens that don’t leave ashes behind.” when earlier in the article they say Quote: “While hookah pens claim to be tobacco-free, not all hookah pens are nicotine-free.”. Sooooo it’s not a tobacco product so by the OP’s logic they just contradicted themselves in the first quote I mentioned.

      And don’t tell me that nicotine is a “product” of the tobacco plant and since the FDA said that all products of tobacco are bad that nicotine is bad. You would also have to say that any other use of the plant is bad (for peoples health) and that just isn’t true.

      I’ve also heard that cigarettes (not nicotine-water-vapor) have MAOI activity which much more contributes to their reward. I’ve not smoked a cigarette in 8 days now but have been using my vape pen and it doesn’t exactly make me less angry at the world it’s just like a hobby that is similar to cigarettes but where I feel no ill effects on my body.

    • First of all Shisha / Hookah / E Pens are an alternative method to help quit real shisha and ciggs!

      secondly i own one, when i bought it, i had a choice of 0mg nicotine or 16, 24, 32 and 36mg. Since i smoke 10 ciggs a day, i chose the 36mg and will ease my way down to 0 mg (currently on 16mg)

      This option allows any one to buy a shisha pen with 0 nicotine, result, smoking water vapor at a flavor of your choice. You cannot be addicted to it as there is no NICOTINE!

      So lets summarize for you Americans that find it so difficult to understand.

      Shisha pens comes in a choice of 0 to 36mg nicotine flavor liquids.

      Real smokers use shisha pens, E pens etc to help quit real smoking which currently from my own experience, is working.

      They work on E-Liquids, which YES SURPRISE is a liquid, so you cannot put WEED into it unless you get liquid weed that can turn into vapor and not clog your E pen.. good luck.

      For future reference, When Americans debate about something, just ignore it as they are too brainwashed to think for them selves 😉

      p.s please correct my grammar + spellings to make your self feel better.

      • I don’t know how you could possibly assume all the people arguing are “American’s who are too brainwashed to think for themselves”
        Pure idiocy.

      • Don’t be so stupid, you are 100% correct. I’m actually getting pissed reading all of this ignorance! I too own a vape pen and I’m using it to quit smoking but to tell you the truth I like this better than cigarettes. The flavors are amazing. I use the 24mg liquid right now. Down from the 36mg. Maybe when I’m down to the 0% I’ll stop. But these people who fear for their children smoking weed because of these pens sound so ridiculous. They said that weed was a gateway drug in the 70s when I was a teen. Now it’s vape pens? Society has officially been dumbed down.

      • Well this is much, reading up on vapors and find out me being American I’m brainwashed and please do tell us what great country are you from and have that kind of freedom to think on your own. SMH What haters

    • Have you got proof for this? You are an effing idiot for this comment. Hookah pens do contain nicotine, that’s what makes it addictive. Where did you get this bs from anyway, of course it contains nicotine.

      • Before stating that all hookah pens contain nicotine and are addictive I would advise doing some research. Just google it. I looked into this because a lot of my friends were getting into it and social smoking is a thing. However, I saw how much money my dad blew on Cigs and how much he is blowing on nicotine gum to try and quit. Ergo, I didn’t want to get into it if there were any risk of getting addicted. There are several different vapors available for the refillable versions with varying nicotine content and the most popular brand of E-Hookah right now NEwhere Electronic Hookah is nicotine free (http://newhere.com/E-Hookah-Pen). That’s not to say that there aren’t ones with nicotine, which is addictive, but there are many non-addictive/nicotine free versions. If any one ever claims to be addicted to a nicotine free E-Hookah it is almost certainly a psychological dependency, not a chemical one (baring those with high sugar or caffeine contents, I found some at a local store containing high levels of these two common, “safe”, legal, and highly addictive chemicals). I also understand not wanting to get young children into it, while it may be (to the best of our current knowledge) safe, it is also similar in shape and use to a normal cigarette or e-cig which do contain nicotine and have health risks associated with them. Many children probably can’t distinguish between the two (which begs the question, just what is wrong with our society?) so it’s better just to condition them that all things that look and function like that are for adults who can make a more informed decision. What the CDC says about nicotine free E-Hookah is that they could pose health risks, depending on the ingredients, but not much is really known yet and the only sure risk is with those that contain nicotine and e-cigs which contain some of the same binding ingredients found in normal cigarettes that are carcinogenic. I hope this clears things up a bit.

      • There is NO nictoine in Hookah Pens! It says it right on the side, thats more then enough proof for me. Espically when cigs and e-cigs say “CONTAINS NICOTINE”.. Please go to any of your local smoke shops and ask someone there before you ASSUME. The whole idea of a “hookah” is to be nicotine free.. HELLO!!!

      • Not all flavors for the Hookah Pens, contain nicotine u can buy on the levels from 0-18… the highest will be havin nicotine & it does help anyone that would like to stop smoking not everyone has will power to go cold turkey

    • I dobt think he is completely wrong…..although you can get liquids without nicotine or tobacco in them. Just sayin.

    • Actually, when you say that these are nor harmful at all, you are wrong. Hookah pens are typically filled with E-juice, which can contain nicotine depending on what kind you buy. And as for marijuana, I was born and rasied in Denver, Colorado and I firmly believe that marijuana being legalized was a great thing to do. It has helped our beautiful state monetarily and has also helped many people with injuries or diseases that they were unfortunately diagnosed with. So the whole point of me replying to your asinine statements is to tell you to get your shit straight and learn what you are talking about before you post in online for millions to see and criticize. Oh an by the way, learn how to put together a basic sentence, learn how to use grammar and capitalization, and have you ever heard of a run-on sentence? Because HOLY SHIT. Back to high school english classes for you.

    • If you get a nicotine free pen all you are inhaling is polyethylene glycol which is found naturally in food and vegetable glycerin also found naturally. In my opinion no hookah Pens should not be made advertised to underage but if you are of age a pen is clearly healthier than cigarettes, cigarettes contain 4000 chemicals all carcinogen and hookah pens contain none of. As long as u get the nicotine free.

    • For the most part correct, but yes you CAN open it and use it for marijuana. Easy to do, but not most effective method of doing so. Easier to roll one, this Is more discreet. Not getting into legalities of it, it is what it is. A great little product.

    • why do kids have to smoke anything? they weren’t born needing to smoke, but they were born to need to drink water.

    • hahahah Clap For your nonsense Knowledge the fog which is generated in the device is due to total combustion energy which produce the CO (carbon mono oxide) which binds with the Heam cells those transport the oxygen to the organ form the lungs.. if you inhale any of substance except O2 is toxic for your body and it give a teratogenic effects. this is Toxic for health, being an environmentalist i wont give Permission to take

  2. sorry on the 9th-10th-11th line i meant to say” you can buy hookah pens with nicotine but the dosage is ver small and most people don’t not buy hookah pens with nicotine.”

  3. Here’s what a hookah pen basically is: gum mixed with water that is heated up and you inhale to get a good taste in your mouth and to have fun pretending to smoke and do cool smoke tricks it’s not bad at all and parents have nothing to worry about if their kids are smoking these it’s completely harmless to the body and 100% non-addictive it’s like chewing gum but in form of smoke. Does chewing gum harm your body? Exactly there’s nothing wrong with hookah pens

    • Why not just chew gum or have a substancecandy if you want a “good taste in your mouth”? Or hey, just smoke a cigarette if you want to “do cool smoke tricks”? The point is that no one knows the long term effects of inhaling these chemicals used to create the flavor. “Does chewing gum harm your body?” That might be a valid point except chewing gum WOULD harm your body if you inhaled it. Also, if you want to use the argument that all this is is inhaling a chewing gum type substance, there are chemicals in chewing gum designed to make it sticky and chewy. Do you really think THOSE chemicals are good to inhale into your lungs? Sticky substances blocking your airways…. And in case you didn’t grasp it, the whole point was that these are a bridge or stepping stone to something worse, like cigarettes or other drugs. I am sure you will be someone soaking up our healthcare dollars in about 30 years while we all pay to treat your lung cancer….

      • If those chemicals were in the oil it wuldnt be oil its just the glycerin that he mentioned and i feel the same as most towards this the ones with nicatene are bad but without it there not harmfull but i too wouldnt want to see my kids with one however id prefer they did smoke tricks with these than a cigarette

      • I am a parent , i gave up smoking with an e pen with nicotine. i always discouraged my kids of smoking and they haven’t. My daughter who is 17 asked me if she could get an e.pen with the nicotine free liquid. I did not think it was an issue , she got one and she had a few puffs on it did some smoke rings on it but got bored! I see more see more harm done with electronic cigarettes , these are more likely from a smokers point of view to start you smoking. I tried these when giving up , too much like a ciggy. Parents think nothing of giving their kids a drink , so what is the problem. ?

    • Hey if you had Passed chemistry in high school (assuming u didn’t based on your lack of understanding of the subject) you would know that elements can Change massively in its form based on tiny factors of other surrounding elements… Hookah pens have a smoke that is 90% water the rest is the same chemical that you have put in your mouth countless times in the form of gum. The only difference being you are actually consuming it with hooka it is the same as swallowing gum… It is basicly harmless… Now it can be over done I’m not saying that, I’m just saying things in moderation can be good even if it “looks bad.” … So back to my point next time don’t look like a dumbass and do some research before you throw out statements that make u look like an incompetent fuck

  4. No one can say nothing untill it’s tested because right now we are assuming by just guessing of the knowledge you know about shisha pens which might not even be no were near accurate to what it is actually when we find out after tested but for right now it’s better than smoking weed,which plays with your life and with brain which could permanent according how much you smoke. I have a shisha pen to help me stop smoking and to say really its actually working and I am happy. I would like to say its not something you would want to be on for too long

  5. I’m a teenager. Never tried hookah pens before. Isn’t the vapor bad for your lungs? I don’t think having weird stuff in my lungs is healthy at all. Please don’t get mad at me, I could be wrong. I’m just worried for my friends.

      • It really is not that bad for you, it is far worse to smoke cigarettes or weed. The ones that have nicotine in them are addictive,and in that way bad, but overall, it is similar to being in a room where a fog machine is on. I do have a vapor pen, and I have friends who have them. We all have no nicotine in them, and we use them for smoke tricks and to relax. I hope this doesn’t offend you, but I hope you see the point I am trying to make.

    • @Sade, don’t put ANYTHING in your lungs. The only way that something like this is “good” for someone is in the sense that it is only “better” than the alternative (cigarettes). This stuff has not been out for enough time to know the true long term effects of it. You are smarter than most of us here 🙂 (I am an idiot for starting to smoke cigarettes when I was a teen and now using hookah pens instead).

  6. I just say let people do what they want. Have you guys realized that rules and regulations
    Are things a bunch of people tell ONE person to do? To me that sounds like a group of people constantly hanging over your head telling you what to eat or what not to eat. What do to do to have fun and what not to do to have fun. I say as long as you’re not harming another person go ahead. If these things are “good” for your health then enjoy yourself If they’re “bad” for your health then if you still want to continue go ahead and face the consequences. humans have evolved to become animals that no longer crave survival but pleasure. To me it sounds crazy putting something in your body that doesn’t naturally belong there. Maybe one day we’ll evolve to become animals that can withstand harmful substances.until then… You are solely responsible for your own actions.

    • I agree with you to a point. We ARE all responsible for our own actions, but to say that these only harm yourself is inaccurate. Any vapor that is released is similar to second hand smoke. Plus, financially, smoking anything that could potentially cause long term health problems affects us all. We all pay taxes to contribute to the health care costs of others. I don’t want to have to pay more taxes because I am supporting those that are irresponsible with their health care.
      Anyway, very well thought out and well spoken response!

    • i like this . what happened to humans making their own decisions? everyone is a hypocrite!!! people need to start looking at all the fucked up shit they do. ok maybe you don’t SMOKE but have you ever lied on your taxes? ever cheated on your wife/husband? ever stolen something even when you were a kid? ever lied to your parents? ever drink alcohol? ever skip school? ever punched someone? used bad language? really look inward towards yourself and ask am i a perfect person? or do i go home and masturbate to porn? i mean come on. ANY FUCKING PERSON THAT TELLS YOU SOMETHING IS BAD FOR YOU IS A FUCKING IDIOT. WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS THAT CAN DO WHAT EVER THE FUCK WE WANT. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP PRETENDING THAT THEY KNOW WHAT IS “BEST” WE DONT AND WE NEVER WILL . THIS IS CALLED LIVING LIFE FOR A REASON. LIVE IT.

      • Wow,Nice debate going on. I just want to say that there are regular hookah pens and hookah pens with no nicotine,tabacoo,and tar. If I person uses that one they will be alright.

    • @xxxxxx amen dude. Todays society is stuck up on followers and humans only wanting pleasure. Think about it: if alchohol kills your liver, why do we drink it? Its like a snail taking a bath in salt only because of the fuzzy feeling of it (stupid example but to the point). All of this is just opinions and most research is straight from the manufacturers “words” and labeling. Just like mcdonalds; its great and im not gonna lie, keeps you ful land u get your moneys worth. But is it good for you? No its not. Im not saying that hookah pens are bad, im just saying that there are not concrete facts that state it is bad for you. Nor that its good. All we know is that it is a vapor and made of whatever that gum shit is. The rest is just pure assumptions based on similar products in the past. We r arguing for no reason just to proove a non-exsistant point for no reason. Lets wait a few years until cold facts are stated from a medical research or lab test, not from the millions of blogs posted on the damn internet.

  7. a lot of teens get pressure into smoking weed and other stuff but you wouldn’t understand the pressure until you are put in the situation so I think that this is a great way for teens to not give in to pressure

  8. yes actually they do have hookah pens that you can take off the atomizer and refill with THC oil, and yes you can buy a top that you can put grinded herb into it and really smoke weed…thank you

  9. guess i am an uneducated idoit I’m 15 i study advanced physics i already have chemical engineering applications and have a reading level 2 year college level so who the uneducated idiot? i did experiments tests and these were my results which were aknownleged by Stanford and TTI where I’am a 2 year video and programing apprentice i give you words of wisdom you choose weather to listen to them

    • You are illiterate. “Aknowledge”, “weather”. Please, if you are going to respond to someone else and act as if you are really intelligent and share your “words of wisdom”, I suggest you solve your grammar issues.

      • @blake The way he/she put the words in a sentence are right. You just don’t have the same size brain as them to know that they were right. “Acknowledged” is past tense for “acknowledge” and “weather” can be either two choices or if it’s windy or sunny etc.

  10. Isn’t it ITT? Just wondering. Anyway hookah pens helped me quit smoking. I’ve smoked for 25yrs plus. I’m thankful for it.but don’t want to start a habit with hooka so I’ll be quitting this also.

    • After smoking for 40 years, my wife is using the hookah pen wt nicotine and she did not touch a cigarette in 20 days……..May be we have a winner.

  11. Breathing the air outside is bad for your health !!! My girlfriend is a nurse and she said the pens that dont have nicotine are not bad for u in the Sense u cant get cancer down the line ….I smoke hookah pens without nicotine and it helps me not smoke as much weed

    • We have our own opinion so why don’t we all just shut the f*** up and get over it everybody’s going to make your own decisions no matter what.

  12. The truth is that kids are curious and no matter wtf you guys are saying we are bound to try it either way . I’m 14 and almost everyone in my school has hookah pens . We play around with it and do some smoke tricks cause it amuses us and it will always be a better alternative than actual drugs ,so stop thinking of a way to end it and think of it as a way to make things better beacuse in life that’s what the human race does , we don’t stop things we just make them better . Evolution motherfuckers

  13. Hookah pens are just water vapor! How is vapor bad! Dont some people need to inhale vapor for medical reasons. Whats wrong with inhaling WATER vapor. The key word is WATER. Hookahs are an okay thing. (BTW TRICIA YOU NEED WATER TO SURVIVE) You guys are some dumb ass bitches

  14. I’m almost 13 and I love nicotine free hookah pens, but I didn’t want to hurt myself so I did research on them and as long as I don’t have asmah it fine it’s not healthy but it’s not bad 4 u.

    • mind me asking where you got access to them? im around your age and ive been looking for one myself

      • Get a variable amount debit card from your local supermarket and order one online to an older friends house

  15. My son is 13 and just a few days ago got caught smoking a hookah pen on the bus. Let me just say as a parent to a teen..I do not condone smoking of any kind of chemical. Please know that some things may be harmless until they are (heated) and then the chemical components change and can cause long term issues. With that being said…my son is no different than any other teen. Whether I like it or not he is going to experiment and experience things on his own. He will also learn from mistakes just like every other human being that has lived on planet earth. It’s my job as his mother to teach him and steer him in the proper direction but at the end of the day…that boy is going to have to make decisions based on choice and intellect. You can’t protect them forever and if they want to do it…they will find a way. Kids of all ages want to be accepted and be cool and are willing to try anything to not look like a “loser” . At this point you can only hope it is a fad that goes in the memory bank and that they decide their lungs are better off by walking away.

  16. Im just saying but there have been multiple test on what is in side of the gel that you use to put in the little container that heats it up and turns it into smoke, yes it is not a good thing for little children to do because it could possibly be a “gate way drug” as some may call it, but in this article it fails to mention the fact that the nicotine they put in it isnt in the pens its put into the gel and by the way the highest amount of nicotine you can get at the moment is about 18% or so of a whole 15ml. Bottle so you guys do the math on that one, but n a single cigarette there is about 29% nicotine, IN ONE CIGARETTE, thats a big difference, but the thing is you can get the gel that has 0% yes 0% ninicotine, so you tell me how i will get lung cancer some of you say, in my near future for any of it..

    • And what i forgot to put in there is that yes there are thos pens put there that have the nicotine in them already but those are e-pens to help people cut down on smoking and hopefully eventually quit, helped multiple people that i know and family, thats why i dont see them as something bad, but everyone is entitled to their opinions but i just commented so people have alittle bit more understanding of the different kinds of hookah pens that are out there not just one kind that already has nicotine in it. 🙂 have a good day

  17. And what i forgot to put in there is that yes there are thos pens put there that have the nicotine in them already but those are e-pens to help people cut down on smoking and hopefully eventually quit, helped multiple people that i know and family, thats why i dont see them as something bad, but everyone is entitled to their opinions but i just commented so people have alittle bit more understanding of the different kinds of hookah pens that are out there not just one kind that already has nicotine in it. 🙂 have a good day

  18. I can see that many of you have very contradicting opinions. I guess you really don’t know much about it besides facts till you have actually done it before. I have smoked many things in my days I’m not gunna lie about that. I have smoke hookah pens( both nicotine and without nicotine), a legit hookah, and weed(yes I know it’s bad, but I don’t care). I will never smoke a cigarette though. I do play sports and from doing all these I haven’t experienced and changes in how I preform of in my normal health. I guess what I’m really getting at here is that unless you are trying to quit smoking you shouldn’t really try to start smoking hookah pens. Yes they can be fun to mess around with, but with that you never know exactly what you are putting in your body. So if you don’t already smoke anything I would suggest starting and if you’re trying to quit smoking then I would suggest you possibly look into these. I’m not posting this to argue with any of you just to put my opinion out here.

  19. Are you guys stupid if its perfectly healthy why not let them smoke it its only water vapor.just because your smoking something doesint mean its bad

  20. But what about a hookah pen with NO tar, NO tobacco, and NO nicotine? And when you inhale, you don’t inhale it into your lungs, you just leave it in your mouth and then blow it out. That doesn’t seem harmful to me.

  21. You can choose how many mg of nicotine you want when you buy a flavor… 0,11,24 or more. Does that help?

  22. Its not about whether it is healthy or not or what is in it or anything like that. Its about what it portrays. It portrays & encourages smoking. What in the world is the point of it anyway? Don’t these stupid children have anything better to do with their lives besides sucking on toys and blowing gas for fun? Teenagers need to get their priorities straight and stop being influenced by everything. Everyone is a follower these days. This stuff isn’t cool. Its senseless & idiotic. & if its the “same thing as chewing gum”, them just fucking chew gum. My goodness

    • It doesn’t portray smoking, teens like me just use them cause it’s fun. I have no desire to start smoking cigarettes just because I use these. And with the whole ‘gum’ thing, they were saying that a special type of gum is an ingredient in these things, not that it’s like chewing gum. There’s no need to be such a douche

    • Lets impart some knowledge on your feeble brains for a moment. Before throwing out comments to regard another individual as “stupid” look to your own lack of knowledge first. Now, for the information part, Nicotine in and of is self, is just as harmful for you as caffeine. Is it addictive? Yes, however so is caffeine which is also a drug in recreational use (Yes caffeine is a chemical as well as a drug, just because it doesn’t have a bad rep doesn’t change this fact) . Cancer causing? No, nicotine does not cause cancer by its self, it is the combustion or consumption of bio material that causes the cancer. Now, that we cleared that up, lets delve into the topic of vapor pens/hookah sticks/e-cigs. To all that say they contain tar or tobacco this claim is false. No e-liquid on any market known to date have any tracing of powdered, or grinded/ground tobacco thus tar can not be created. So with the absence of tar, tobacco, and smoke (please remember that smoke is not being produced as we know there is no combustion) you have a better chance exposing your children and your self to cancer roasting marshmallows at a campfire. “But there are no tests to back these claims?” On the contrary, there are several. Can anyone really believe nicotine gum, and patches were made without testing? Extracting nicotine is nothing new, it has been done, But what about chemicals for the vapor? Tested tested tested. fog machines, nebulizer machines, even some humidifiers. Glycerin is in alot of things, ever been to a concert recently? looked foggy? You just experience the vapor in a ecig. which is safe for human consumption. So, are vapor pens safe? Yes, healthy no, there maybe a slight risk of cardiovascular issues (granted nicotine is present), though less than drinking coca cola, this must be taking into consideration, you will not “die” in 20 years, loose your lungs, develop cancer, become a vampire, or be scientifically bound to meth..(granted the choices of the individual). In addition, with the absence of nicotine (which is a option for 0%), one will not retain chemical addiction, similar to drinking decaf coffee, rather than regular coffee (people get jittery without morning caffeine..crazy I know). To answer why would you want to vape with out a buzz? Simple, the look of smoke is visually therapeutic, add that with exhaling it becomes a calming experience, one step further add a flavor and this can reduce eating sugary foods as you get the flavor without needing to consume candy/ eating cakes/fatty sugary death food, which is worse for you than all main ingredients found is e-cigs today (glycerin, flavor extract of choice, and optional nicotine also considering their heated states). If it wasn’t for the negative stigma given to portable vapor delivery devices for mimicking real smoke, I would say its safer to give a nicotine less hookah pen to a 10 year old than a lolipop. Although I have a Masters in chemistry, all this information is readily open to anyone who seeks knowledge at your local library or a few web clicks.

      look at http://www.tobaccoharmreduction.org/faq/nicotine.htm for information on nicotine also search around and do some research, real non biased research, you will find that not just the elements have been tested but the technology to make ecigs have been around for over 30 years…… Although it is just recently now adorning a great deal of spotlight as if it is something “new” there are significant testing even now that can prove that long term use is non fatal.

      ~edit: Yes, I am aware of the grammar issues, forgive them as German is my mother tongue. I only wish to present information, what you do with this information, I am not liable for.

  23. Get there priorities strait is that a joke teenagers can be stupid I agree but when it comes to influence everyone is a victim. What car do you drive? I bet you were INFLUENCED by some bullshit in a commercial or what’s your favorite bag of chips? It’s not the cheaper walmart brand why? Because it doesn’t have cool advertising that entices you to get it soo next time your telling a bullshit story on how kids need to learn to have fun other than hanging out with there friends doing something better then drugs put some thought in it for me dilhole!!

  24. For the people saying the idea is to keep kids from smoking in the first place are right but you can’t always keep your kids from smoking, the kids who have smoked bb4and are “hooked” the hookah pen is a safe alternative I mean yeah it has nicotine but very
    low amounts and that’s better than a pair of black lungs isn’t it?

  25. If the choice was drugs , alcohol OR an EPEN with nicotine FREE liquid , i know which one id want my kids on!

  26. You all are correct but..
    It depends on how you smoke it, for example if you inhale it of course its bad but not that much that cigarettes do,
    But if you dont inhale it, its okay and its not bad for you

  27. What I would say is, it’s not normal for a kid to have something resembleing a cigarette in their mouth. It’s not healthy, but it’s not lethal to your body. If kids have to have something to smoke, in my opinion this is the least bad thing. But by no means, am I saying, ‘hey kids, go pick up a hooka pen’. I’m saying there a better alternative option, then drugs, cigarettes, and ahacoll.

  28. Hi so after reading all of these comments some people sound legit, for both for and against. Then on the other hand they sound like complete idiots both for and against. Yesterday I tried my friends hookah pen for the first time, she said it was tobacco free and nicotine free. I’ve read one comment where someone said it hurts your throat and lungs, but isn’t that only if you swallow it, on purpose or by accident? If there are any long term health problems associated with it I don’t want to do it again before getting in knee deep into this “problem”

  29. I don’t see the big deal either way. If someone wants to smoke a hookah pen or just regular hookah, let them. If they don’t, don’t make them. Follow your arrow people. Its our own lives, do what you want to. If i want to smoke some hookah i will. Ya know what we should be stressing? The fact the OBESITY is killing everyone. I think it would be healthier to smoke a hookah pen every day rather than eat a bic mac everyday. You have a problem with hookah? Weed? Alcohol? I get that. I completely understand. But while a teenager is dying from heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol, your complaining because a kid wants to smoke some flavored water vapor. We all have our problems, but the main one isn’t smoking a water vapor stick.

  30. All you folks who think it is bad are just out if the loop. Water + flavored gum + pen=hookah. Either very small amount of nicotine or get the ones with out. Plus there are the disposable or the reusable. One of my friends smoke weed oil out his reusable but he had a mod for it. They are not harmful. Grow a dick

  31. So many uneducated, middle school style opinions. About 8 years ago, I did a research paper for one of my science classes at Saint Leo University. Regarding cannabis being a gateway drug. Its not just a matter of the specific effects of that drug, its the mentality that “this isn’t so bad, so the next thing must not be either”. I have six kids ranging from 10 through 32. When trying to understand why they are not thinking the way I would prefer them to, I ask them questions to understand their perspective. This helps as I cannot remember my perspective from that time period in my life for the most part. Though I do attribute that, and a turn towards laziness, to the “harmless” cannabis. That however, as was mentioned by someone else’s reply, is a whole different story. In any case, in a child’s mind, this is a gateway. No matter if it has zero nicotine or not, its a way to look cool. Some will stop there, most will continue on as a real cigarette will look cooler if for no other reason, “I’m tough enough to handle it”. The action supports the next step, not the chemical composition or the lack there of. Its a matter of image and those that have kids and do not realistically consider that fact put your kids at risk. Those that do not have kids and foster the believe that the use of these things is harmless is just plain ignorance. Kids don’t differentiate e-cigs from real cigs the same way adults do. To them there is no difference, especially at the middle school age where they’re at a stage, generally speaking, that “they know better than anyone” be it peers or adults. Its harmless for a non nicotine hookah, so it must be for the nicotine that “I must try because it has nicotine”. Small amounts to a child is just as addictive as larger amounts to an adult. The pattern is set in motion.

    AYSO, a 50 year organization that focus’ on development of the whole child in a sports environment, will not allow e-cigarettes on the practice or playing field. Why? Because it presents an image of smoking that is not healthy for the children. There is no risk of second hand smoke, its the psychological effect on the kids. Its not an arbitrary decision. Its one made out of research and moral responsibility.

    So, back to the hookah pen itself, there are varieties, some more harmless than others (in a stand offish, disconnected from life sort of way) but one fact remains. It presents a psychological image and a psycho-physiological pattern that is a habit that presents a gateway for many. Whether a child, an adult, or a childish adult (many cases) it still presents a risk. Aside from whats on the other side of the “gateway”, considering just the pen itself, the water vapor that is meant to be in our lungs is in the form of humidity. If a person from an arid region immerses themselves in a humid environment, it has an effect. Increase the humidity further, water vapor, it increases that effect. Excess in the lungs produces illnesses. Give a person a sweet taste that is satisfying to them in that form, you will have excess.

    The tobacco companies originally stated in essence that they produce a product, The use of that product is on the consumer and they have no responsibility for the consequences. That did not fly in court as its an irresponsible stance for a product producer. This is the same pattern as “big tobacco”.

    One of my six is going to be a freshman this coming fall and she has been my most challenging so far. I talk to her often. She is impulsive, ever aware of what the new “it thing” is to do or try, and thankfully vocal to me about it as I listen to her. I smoked from the age of 12 to 35 and as mentioned before had my experience with cannabis, I am now 50. I want to know what she is feeling and what her perspective is so I can guide her as with my others. She appreciates that I listen to her and that’s why she talks to me. She has brought up the hookah pen subject that led to my scouring the internet on the subject. I didn’t want to arbitrarily tell her no but to let her know why. Not just out of my experiences in life, but by current information as well. My answer to her remains ‘no’. For reasons that are clear all over the internet, in my research from before as well as current, and knowing that it is an adult decision to be made and at 13, she does not have the rational to make it on her own.

    • In accordance to danger health wise it of little to no threat. As a gateway drug? maybe however, this depends on the individual age is not a factor in this matter. Kids do process vapor pens and cigarettes differently, just as you are young you know that pink represents feminine and blue represents masculine. The truth is, even with peer pressure unless there is some residual thoughts to try something..you will not try it. Eg: Just because a you feed a baby only vegetables does not guarantee or even gateway to turn them vegan. If you group something non caustic with something caustic, one will believe both are bad naturally. Think giving a child caffeinated drinks, yes this a bad idea as caffeine is addictive (and YES it is a drug), but this does not go to say they will end up using cough syrup (which has caffeine as well) to get high. Please take the time, go back to school, or maybe just spends some time at your local library to learn how to research properly, then present none biased information you will be surprised to know that even a 10 year old can make a rational decision with proper information that cover “what, why, why not, and how” then you can state to them your opinion.

  32. Fuck all u hookah is like the next candy I’m 14 and it helped me stop smokin weed wats the big deal even if it does harm u it won’t as much as weed or cigs so fuck off

  33. So, here are the ingredients used in my hookah pen:
    Propylene Glycol = This is the one possibly dangerous chemical. Propylene glycol is used in several synthesis techniques due to it’s containing of 2 alcohol or -OH groups. As such, it makes it very useful for the creation of ketones and aldehydes. However, in the human body it gets broken down into a number of typically made acids in the human body. The one danger is Propionaldehyde, but the chemical itself doesn’t produce any long term effects within the body. It can only cause harm if an enormous amount is in the body at any one time which amounts to about a gram per Liter of blood in the body. That’s some pretty intense hookah smoking to cause an overdose and death considering and single hookah pen barely contains over a gram of ingredients in the first place.
    Glycerin = This is a fairly neutral sweetener that is non-toxic to the human body. It’s in the majority of pharmaceutical products as a part of the basic synthesis.
    Purified water = H2O. You drink it every day. You breath it in every day not just from the air, but in your daily shower you breath in steam comparable to that produced by a hookah pen.
    Flavorings = Artificial flavourings are made for human consumption and are the last thing to worry about when looking at chemically treated foods or ingestibles. They are comprised of sugars and alcohols similar to those in the other two “unknown” chemicals listed previous.

    Also, in big bold letters, it says “CONTAINS NO NICOTINE”
    A hookah pen like this literally poses no threat to the health of a person. As long as the pen doesn’t contain nicotine, it lacks any health risk to the person using it other than a psychological addiction similar to chewing gum addictions. I’d say that the majority of the allure to cigarettes by teens is the fact that (unfortunately) smoke does look pretty awesome and is fun to play with. Teens WILL get ahold of these types of things while underage and these will allow them to try out the fun smoke aspect without potentially getting very addicted to a dangerous substance like Nicotine. Don’t treat them like they’re evil just because you don’t understand them. A Hookah pen is very different from an E-cig.

    • I think you’re forgetting one major thing here. None of those ingredients are going directly into your body. They’re going straight to your lungs and your lungs aren’t meant to carry anything other than oxygen. That’s why people have asthma and get pneumonia, because of damage caused to the lungs. You drink water you don’t inhale it, there is a difference.

      • @RDC3, You need more information on the respiratory system, and the body in general…by delivery to the lungs they are going directly to the body (it is a faster delivery to the bloodstream that eating as it bypasses the digestive system). furthermore, add 2 hydrogen for every oxygen atom, and you have water..you inhale it every day, steam, even simple moisture in the air is water in gas form. the human lungs inhales more than oxygen every second of every hour. Besides the rate at which vapor evaporates in the lungs at body temperature is to quick to even build up enough liquid to be remotely fatal. (So long as the ingredients in the liquid vaporized is not fatal to the body you pose no threat of harming the body; please note that medication for asthma use nebilizers and inhalers to deliver medicine via vapor to the lungs..)

    • “A Hookah pen is very different from an E-cig”. incorrect. A hookah pen and e-cig are one in the same. Different marketing, but the same none the less, both can have nicotine, or no nicotine at all. Yes some hookah pens do contain nicotine read the label and don’t assume…for example most starbuzz pens in stores have nicotine which is clearly stated. The liquid presented in each are the same. Another correction, Nicotine by it self minus the tobacco plan poses no threat (it is not cancer causing), nicotine while addictive is no more dangerous than caffeine which is equally addictive. The problem is nicotine is so closely associated with tobacco smoking that people fail to realize the 2 are not mutually exclusive. Back to Vape pens/e-cigs/ hookah pens, think of apple computers and windows computers they are the exact same hardware with different marketing and different operating systems (load OS-x on a windows PC and boom you have a Apple computer). Don’t be fool by the names, you vape a hookah pen, you are vaping a e-cig, its only re-named as hookah pen as it is not aimed to alternative to chain smokers, but rather plays to attract social smokers / non smokers to “vape” rather than smoke.

  34. this comment thread’s killing me man just do what ya want with your life and what others do with theirs is not your fucking deal

  35. Well, I’ve been reading alllll of these comments and have come to a conclusion. Some Hookah pens and Vape pens are nonharming to the human body (as far as we know), while others have nicotine and other drugs in them. My opinion is that any teen with self control wouldn’t smoke it at all. It might be “cool” or your friend might have done it, but there is no point except to, I guess, use it to get off addictions from other drugs. I’m 14 and I know a couple 11 and 12 year olds who tried it. They are kids! If adults want to try it, by all means go for it. A lot of kids and teens do a lot of things because they are influenced to and most don’t think through things when making decisions like this. Adults though, can make their own decisions. I think that kids and teens should be thinking about their future and doing innocent things while they are still young. This is my opinion and I don’t want any more crap responses about how it if “just water vapor”…I have obviously already read all of those comments. Also, that is off the point. My point is that teens need self control and need to be teens before growing up too fast. Thanks if u read, just wanted to share. 🙂

    • You see, what you posited is reliant on your own perception of what a teen is “supposed” to be. While you think that it should be a time for holding onto youth, another might think that it’s a time for experimenting with adulthood. At the end of the day, though they are vastly immature, puritanical child rearing has resulted in a hyper sensitive society where kids are concerned. As much as you might claim to know what’s good for a teen, generalizing discounts their existence as a human being and helps to further impose the laws of an ageist society. Logically, preventing the freedom of choice in a teen does the same thing that prohibition or the war on drugs has done with adults. It creates an enhanced likelihood for addictive behaviors because they’re a hard to come by commodity. In countries where alcohol is introduced to children and teens, there is virtually no teen or college binge drinking as is seen in America. By making things available in a controlled environment, teens have proven to act more responsibly than if they live their lives treating something as evil. This is merely an example of alcohol issues and shouldn’t be taken as a direct correlation to other drugs, but it does provide a possible sociological route toward further understanding and experimentation.
      Basically, we don’t know what’s good for our teens because we haven’t actually tested every possibility. Don’t generalize, rationalize. You wouldn’t say that 60% is about half of something. It’s 60%.

    • I was told that a lot of them here in WA are smoking them and they have a substance that mimics speed. I was trying to read through all of this and have not gotten much out of it. I would just like to know more as my granddaughter seems to be doing it and she is “wired” most of the time.

  36. Adults can do what they want and if kids in high school want to smoke harmless Hookah pens who gives a fuck, cigarettes are definitely worse and just don’t let them buy the ones with nicotine and everything’s fine. It’s pretty much an alternative to weed which a lot of kids start smoking in high school. And they all turn up anyway so just let them have their pen. People just have fun with the smoke. Just don’t let younger kids have it because they are just too young and don’t understand anything yet so make it like 16 to buy and smoke Hookahs and make tobacco illegal and maybe sometime in the future everyone is just gonna be smoking weed if it every becomes nationally legal. Nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga.

  37. I just got suspended from school for 5 days unless i want to go to this drug talk at my school and i got suspended for smoking a hookah pen at school and it was a refillable one that i just bought for $80.00 and it was a non nicotine oil and it is basically water and they suspended me for it which i think is bullshit if its water but i agree i shouldn’t have been smoking it at school just thought i would put that out their kids my age 15 years old can smoke these if you want but just look out for what else comes in your paths like weed i smoke weed but im trying to cut down on it but yeah just hookah pens arnt bad for your health but they are bad for a reason and that reason is it can get you into harder shit.

  38. Can’t you all just kiss and make up? It’s a darn Vape pen for pete sakes!!!! Just like everything else in this world, it’s bad for you! May take a few years to bring that to our attention but I’m sure eating pop tarts will be on the news that it too has a chemical that is bad for us but if we eat just 1 or 2 it’s not bad =/ If you guys want to continue bickering back and forth about who is wrong and who is right then by all means carry on. I’ll sit back and enjoy the entertainment =))

  39. Ok, to everyone here saying that vape/hookah pens aren’t dangerous if there isn’t any nicotine, you’re stupid. Any form of liquid or vapor that gets into your lungs is dangerous, even if it’s just water vapor. A short study taken over a year ago found that using a vape pen or e-cigarette for only ten minutes constricted the flow of air in the body of a non-smoking person for about ten minutes. Here’s the source link for those of you who want to do your homework. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/249784.php By the way, a full study hasn’t been done on these yet so for anyone to say it’s completely harmless is wrong. Nobody knows what this will do to your body a few years from now from continued use. Now, these pens aren’t for people to use for fun or daily enjoyment. These are for people already smoking cigarettes to help them kick the habit and give them something more beneficial. It’s to help them quit so they can become healthy living adults. If you don’t smoke, good for you don’t start, this isn’t something that should become popular and be made “all the rage.” It does NOTHING to help your body. Even IF they don’t hurt you why use them? Smoking is disgusting anyways, it’s not cool in any way. Why start something that doesn’t help you unless it’s to get you off cigarettes? Also on an unrelated note, a lot of you need to learn how to type and spell. It doesn’t take but a minute to go back and proofread your work to make sure everything is correct. What, did you all skip english class?

    • RDC3. U r fucking right, but no need to make fun of some people. Some people might not be as smart of you, but that doesn’t make it all right to fuckin tell them in their faces. Don’t be inhumane homie. Love the world. Love your brothers and sister. Lets not fight everybody. Lets leave this and go do our jobs, or do your hw, or do something instead of commenting on a post that is insignificant if only you are trying to get your word out there. For what? everybody has their opinion. Im mexican, i don’t have the best grammar or the best english, or the best life, or the best bank account. But I’m living my life to the best possible choices i can make. So everybody just get on with your lives.

  40. Whether it’s safe or not or legal kids shouldn’t be allowed to use hookah pens. What the hell ever happened to boundaries. They shouldn’t allowed to do everything adults do just because it’s safe or legal. And the hookah pens shouldn’t be sold to minors.

  41. I garuntee 90% of the people saying these vapor pens are so bad for you and what not, eat junk food, drink coffee, drink soda, and/or eat fast food on a weekly basis if not daily. Quit being a hypocrite. You know all the above items are harmful yet tens of millions do it. So when saying “why would you even smoke these” ect. Take a step back and look at all the “unhealthy” lifestyle choices you make. I have asthma and I run XC and track in college. When I “smoke” these I actually breathe easier. I do not know if its because I have to take deep controlled breaths or what, but the effects on my breathing are noticeable and it does seem to be a positive effect.

    • People with asthma can benefit from steam sauna. (http://www.saunafin.ca/can-saunas-improve-your-breathing-or-sinus-conditions.htm ) the notion that water vapor in your lung is automatically bad seems to require some evidence. E-hookah as mentioned above is generally nicotine free, it’s why people call it e-hookah vs e-cigarette. Both vaporize, but the convention is that hookah smokers tend to smoke nicotine free liquid. There are definitely options to have flavored hookah that also has nicotine, but for the sake of the conversation, I think no one is disputing that nicotine is addictive. 90% of the liquid being vaporized is water. 10% is a ratio of generally two kinds of glycol. We already consume glycol as it is a very common food additive, and the medical industry has used glycol as a vehicle to deliver drugs into the human body safely for years. While it is true that there is a lack of long term research of the long term effect of inhaling glycol and water vapor into the lungs, I would not equate the risk with the known effects of inhaling carcinogens,mate, and nicotine. Vaporizing flavored liquid is more equivalent to chewing flavored gum, as all the same ingredients are involved.

      The psychological “gate way” component does make sense. Kids using relatively harmless vaporizers may be more likely to lead to ones containing nicotine, or moving on to cigarettes. That may be reason enough to restrict the use, but it would be helpful for people to get their facts straight. There are many different kinds of vaporizers, including vaporizers that can gape dry herb like marijuana. Marijuana can also be turned into a thc filled liquid (you can buy this in colorado and California today). So it is certainly possible to vaporize marijuana, but for the sake of this e-hooka discussion I believe the primary liquid being vaporized is nicotene free, flavored water vapor with about 10% glycol.

  42. You all make good points but the major thing is we have very few details on the harmful side effects

  43. Well u can buy them in like most corner shops, but anyway this is how it works, u guys say the part about how it’s just heated up gum u breathe in but the chemicals u breathe In go into little sacks in your lungs called alveoli in here there is a gas exchange where anything in the air absorbs into ur blood and bad things in your blood come out. Now I used to use these but not anymore because think about it ,there are yet to have some good tests done on these chemicals and if they really are bad and can cause cancer for example do you really want that going into your blood and spreading round your body?

    • i luv the comments at this place, and yes they (SHISHA) are bad. They are addictive, teens at my school seem to think there cool.. Taking selfies with them, giving them to their younger siblings and i have even seen a mother and daughter doing shisha together. So If u think that smoking is the same as drink you are wrong. First and for most i will explain to your extremly fucked up head where smoke (or vapour) goes TO YOUR LUNGS. Water goes to you stomach!!!! Yes we all need to love each other because the way this world going it aint gonna be here for long. So everybody PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Have peace with each other. This world is an amazing place and you all should be honored for everything that scientists and everyone else who has discovered anything in this world. SO JUST REMEMBER ONE THING: EVERYONE IS GOING TO THINK THAT THEY ARE RIGHT, ITS PRACTICALLY INEVITABLE THESE CHILDREN ARE THE WORLDS FUTURE WHEN YOUR OLD AND CRIPPLED THESE ARE GOING TO BE THE POLITICIANS AND ECONOMISTS RULING THIS WORLD. so shut the fuck up and live life embrace it and move forward.

      THE END

      ily THE WORLD
      Yes i am related to ariana grande

  44. As a teen mom who don’t promote smoking……I must say I don’t like it but I rather see my kids smoke hookahs the anything else out here in this world. we as parents never know what are kids will do and won’t do just like our parents didn’t know what we were doing….. come on we all been kids before and has tried something

  45. It isn’t unhealthy. It is water vapor. The only bad side to it is if your friends get hookah oil with nicotine content. Then, there are possibilities of nicotine addiction which can lead to heart problems.

  46. Lmfao chill your vaginas I’ve been smoking non nicotine hookah pens for the past year, I’ve smoked weed for the past year and I still have the lungs to play varsity soccer and track as a sophomore obviously weed is used to cure treatments and has no proven facts that’s its bad, unless your rolling with nicotine papers and my lungs are perfectly fine doing this stuff when I have asthma never once used my inhaler ? So please do tell me why weed is bad for you ?

    • and you’re what like 16 lol in order to notice a difference you have to smoke for few years…and you will notice it, trust me. weed is beneficial but smoking it burns 90% of its beneficial medicines. safest way and most beneficial way would be ingesting cbd oils.

      i don’t want to patronize you but the bad part of weed is the smoke in your lungs…we’re designed to breathe oxygen not vapors or smoke.

      smoking burnt plant matter is only healthy if you are handling garbage, beacuse the smoke will kill any bacteria you may inhale while recycling or handling garbage in a close proximity

  47. Has anyone ever heard of a Nebulizer? A few years ago my then 12 year old daughter came down with pneumonia and she was sent h ok me with a Nebulizer treatment. This was described by her doctor and is a medicated steam treatment to help open the lungs and alleviate breathing. I can understand everyone’s point of view on both sides. I grew up in a family of non smokers and tried smoking myself (continued for 12 years after). I don’t smoke anymore but I think if you are going to smoke, you are going to smoke. Maybe the nicotine free hookah pens will give those kids who want to try something different without being too crazy or harmful to their body’s might not be such a bad thing. Who knows for sure, though, right?

    • the hookah pens come in such a variety that most pens don’t come with any sort of liquid….if you buy a rechargeable hookah pen you also have to buy the liquid that goes into it…these liquids come as virgin, nicotine or cbd triblend oil.

      as a cigarette smoker i’m down for anything that will help me cut down on smelling like an ashtray…are they safer? i don’t care really, obviously inhaling burnt plant has more chemicals than inhaling vaporized oils…

      if you’re a non smoker stay that way…that is what i’d advise to anyone.

  48. all your comments are funny to read because everyone thinks they’re right and called everyone else a idiot…lmao…corporate america is winning, because you all hate each other….get a grip of realty….peace and love people

  49. From reading at least most of all the comments. No all Hookah pens have nicotine. So i don’t see why kids cant smoke it. Plus if teens can’t smoke it for the fun of it for the smoke then why should parents They are the one who are setting the worst example. If the parents do it then of course the kids are.

  50. Who gives a fuck. Either your gonna smoke it or not. Stop freaking out that shit dont matter cause if ur smoking it u dont give a fuck anyways. If your not go the hell away.

    • Amen, kids are taught in schools and commercials (and if they read cigarette packs) to not smoke. If someone is smoking anyway, someone will come up to them and say: “You’ll die”; “You’ll get cancer”; “You’ll cough-up a lung”; Then they’ll mock your cough (if you have one). You can be clueless and say: “Oh my god, cancer? Death? But I love my lungs!” You can also say “Shut the fuck up, we all die, if I get cancer I get sympathy” blow your smoke in the non-smoker’s face, and mock their mocking of your cough, say “It’s a good thing you don’t smoke with a cough like that. I know smoking is bad, why are you standing here, scolding me, and taking-in my deadly second-hand smoke, go away” That’s what us smokers say and think. If you don’t want to smoke, don’t smoke. If you do, do it. Smoking can kill you and all smokers know that and all people smoking right now don’t give a FUCK! They say “It’s a free country” so be FREE and SMOKE (if you want to), and if you want to smoke, and not smoke cigarettes…LEGALIZE IT…There has never been a recorded fatality for marijuana, and it should be able to use recreationally, like maybe cigarettes and alcohol, and how many recorded fatalities are there for them, per year/month/day/hour/minute? You tell me Nancy Reagan!! C’mon tell me!

  51. i love weed, in oil form or natural plant

    however some vaporizer companies actually do try to hook youngsters, by advertising them as such “if this travel-case flask wont get you laid,….you have problems” they also make travel cases and call it bubble gum. I think weed should be legal weed specially if alcohol is legal, BUT companies gouging in prices & advertising in ways to get youngsters interested is wrong and it hurts the movement to legalize a “harmless” no actually to legalize a beneficial plant

  52. i luv the comments at this place, and yes they (SHISHA) are bad. They are addictive, teens at my school seem to think there cool.. Taking selfies with them, giving them to their younger siblings and i have even seen a mother and daughter doing shisha together. So If u think that smoking is the same as drink you are wrong. First and for most i will explain to your extremly fucked up head where smoke (or vapour) goes TO YOUR LUNGS. Water goes to you stomach!!!! Yes we all need to love each other because the way this world going it aint gonna be here for long. So everybody PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Have peace with each other. This world is an amazing place and you all should be honored for everything that scientists and everyone else who has discovered anything in this world. SO JUST REMEMBER ONE THING: EVERYONE IS GOING TO THINK THAT THEY ARE RIGHT, ITS PRACTICALLY INEVITABLE THESE CHILDREN ARE THE WORLDS FUTURE WHEN YOUR OLD AND CRIPPLED THESE ARE GOING TO BE THE POLITICIANS AND ECONOMISTS RULING THIS WORLD. so shut the fuck up and live life embrace it and move forward.

    Yes i am related to ariana grande

    • i luv the comments at this place, and yes they (SHISHA) are bad. They are addictive, teens at my school seem to think there cool.. Taking selfies with them, giving them to their younger siblings and i have even seen a mother and daughter doing shisha together. So If u think that smoking is the same as drink you are wrong. First and for most i will explain to your extremly fucked up head where smoke (or vapour) goes TO YOUR LUNGS. Water goes to you stomach!!!! Yes we all need to love each other because the way this world going it aint gonna be here for long. So everybody PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Have peace with each other. This world is an amazing place and you all should be honored for everything that scientists and everyone else who has discovered anything in this world. SO JUST REMEMBER ONE THING: EVERYONE IS GOING TO THINK THAT THEY ARE RIGHT, ITS PRACTICALLY INEVITABLE THESE CHILDREN ARE THE WORLDS FUTURE WHEN YOUR OLD AND CRIPPLED THESE ARE GOING TO BE THE POLITICIANS AND ECONOMISTS RULING THIS WORLD. so shut the fuck up and live life embrace it and move forward.

      Yes i am related to ariana grande

      • wel said and your not 9 but ok…..I agree we need a more positive topic selfrighteous gluteeney….im goin for the vapor thou fun and i can do tricks, like a yo yo or any other device football frisbee etc its a sign of the time if u don’t like the music change the channel its a choice take or leave it…..seriously everyone chill….

  53. i luv the comments at this place, and yes they (SHISHA) are bad. They are addictive, teens at my school seem to think there cool.. Taking selfies with them, giving them to their younger siblings and i have even seen a mother and daughter doing shisha together. So If u think that smoking is the same as drink you are wrong. First and for most i will explain to your extremly fucked up head where smoke (or vapour) goes TO YOUR LUNGS. Water goes to you stomach!!!! Yes we all need to love each other because the way this world going it aint gonna be here for long. So everybody PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Have peace with each other. This world is an amazing place and you all should be honored for everything that scientists and everyone else who has discovered anything in this world. SO JUST REMEMBER ONE THING: EVERYONE IS GOING TO THINK THAT THEY ARE RIGHT, ITS PRACTICALLY INEVITABLE THESE CHILDREN ARE THE WORLDS FUTURE WHEN YOUR OLD AND CRIPPLED THESE ARE GOING TO BE THE POLITICIANS AND ECONOMISTS RULING THIS WORLD. so shut the fuck up and live life embrace it and move forward.


    ily THE WORLD
    Yes i am related to ariana grande

  54. I just go nicotine free. You can tell there’s no nicotine, because it’s not as harsh. But will someone please get some legit answers, I’m really getting sketched out.

  55. Why smoke anything at all, when God made our bodies just fine the way they are, no additives needed! The problem is not hookah, nicotine, meth, alcohol, dope, or anything else like that . . . the real problem is that people are trying to ease their stress and pain and insecurities and anxieties apart from the unconditional and eternal love of a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ. When a person comes to know the love and peace of Christ in their heart, all addictions evaporate. That’s why Jesus said when He walked on this earth that His love is like a well of living water springing up inside a person’s heart, a well that never runs dry and which allows that person to never be spiritually thirsty again. Those are Jesus’ words, not mine, so I invite you to pick up a Bible, pray and ask God to reveal His heart to you, and start reading the Gospel of John. Read slowly and carefully, praying and asking the Lord for understanding as you go. I am confident that the Lord will reveal His heart to you and your life will be forever changed. Peace

    • We were all put on this world to make our own decisions, and that of one is to make the decision to smoke a non-nicotine to a nicotine included vape pen. If God doesn’t want us to hurt ourselves, maybe he should come down and smack us all in the face yeah?

  56. 1.7 What recommendations has the federal government made to protect human health?

    The government has developed regulations and guidelines for propylene glycol. These are designed to protect the public from potential adverse health effects.

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified propylene glycol as “generally recognized as safe,” which means that it is acceptable for use in flavorings, drugs, and cosmetics, and as a direct food additive. According to the World Health Organization, the acceptable dietary intake of propylene glycol is 25 mg of propylene glycol for every kilogram (kg) of body weight.

    Check it out. IF I did my math right (I weigh about 160lbs), I could have about 400 bottles (10ml) a day and be generally fine.

  57. Why must we argue. Why can’t we just mind our business and let people do whatever they want to do? If it’s bad, ok. If it’s good, ok. People either ways are going to use it no matter the risk.

  58. Honestly, it’s fine if these middle-highschool buy hookah pens with 0mg of nicotine. Hell, that’s what I did in the 7th grade 3 years ago. You’re acting like this generation of adolescence don’t know what they’re buying and the affect on them – obviously, if they trick their parents into giving them money and getting an older person to buy them at a counter of a regular store or smoke shop, they know what they’re doing, the horrible consequences if they get caught, or the long-term risk it gives to them if they buy the stuff with nicotine. These kids are doing them by their own free will – maybe peer pressure, or whatever the situation is. They know that this vapor is pretty much an imitation to smoking, so just let them. This isn’t going to stop anytime soon, and as they reach adulthood they’ll realize that what they did (or might even still be doing at the time) is wrong, or in some cases normal. It’s not weed cocaine or cigarets, so they’re really aren’t any serious risks.

    I’ve been a casual vaper for 3 years,vaping 3-4 sessions a week and I have yet to experience any problems with my lungs heart or chest. I’m a sophomore in school, and have a straight 3.8 GPA. Just let the kids vape drug-free hookah for now without it being on the news and talk shows. There are bigger things in the world to talk about ; not teenagers vaping boiled water.

  59. If you buy poor quality pens the coil inside can flake off tiny bits of metal. I use to have asthma and I think that’s what caused it to come back, not the vape itself.

  60. Hi! I merely want to create a huge thumbs upward for the excellent data you’ve obtained right here with this publish. I’ll be coming back aimed at your website to obtain more comprehensive quickly.

  61. I literally can’t handle how many naive sheltered people are posting here. Vapor pens without nicotine are harmless. Marijuana is also harmless when vaporized. You should be more worried about your kids taking the pharmaceutical drugs that they are brainwashed to believe are safe and effective. There is almost no ailment that natural substances can’t treat. Marijuana and vapor pens are the least of your worries. Please smoke a joint with your son / daughter and chill out.

  62. Can’t wait to see where some kids end up in 30 years after using the pens. People once thought cigarettes were safe too and look how many people have died.

  63. Ok let me just say this. I am 28 years old and I always hated cigarettes; however, on occasion I would smoke a cigar. I went into a smoking shop last week and bought a hookah pen without nicotine because I just wanted the flavor. After reading a lot of these posts I got worried and guess what? The Freakin nicotine ones have nicotine IN THEM! They lie it still has nicotine in it! I am sooooo Pissed off! Here is what it says on the back of my Caramel Mocha 0 me liquid:

    “This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. This product has not been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Keep out of reach of pets & children. Underage sales prohibited. This product is not an aid for smoking cessation.

    Avoid ingestion, eye contact, and skin contact. Wash skin or flush eyes with cold water immediately if contact occurs. If irritation continues or if ingested for any reason, immediately contact poison control or seek medical attention. ”

    So now after smoking this for 3 days or so and reading that I am taking this shit back and getting my money back! So even the vapor flavored ones still have nicotine they lie on the front of the box but not on the back.

    NEEDLESS TO SAY YOUR CHILDREN SHOULD….. NOT!!!!! BE SMOKING THIS! It is harmful and I’m pissed that I was lied to!

  64. FACT: These are designed and marketed to teens in the hope of making them smokers when they are older. It is typical big buisness exploiting the “sheeple”. if you are so uneducated as to not see this for what it really is, you are just as dumb as the rest of the rats following the pied piper. Grow the FUCK UP.

  65. Do you guys not understand the concept of this? The only things that ever go in a vape/hookah are propalyne gylcol or vegtable gylcerin, and food flavoring. And if you want nicotine you can have that too. This is an amazing way to kick cigarettes but still get the relaxation of smoking. There’s absolutely no health risks besides the possible pneumonia because it would mimic water in your lungs. But to clear up weed. A hookah pen will not vaporize weed unless you get a dry herb vaporizer, with is made to burn no liquid substances. When it comes to nicotine, if you don’t want it, don’t get it. The hookah pen is revolutionary for the fight on smoking and yall are dissing it.

  66. Alright I have just about had it with these “Adults” or “Parents” complaining about shisha/hookah pens bieng harmfull. First of all, The only thing you could possibly complain about that goes in one is Nicotine, which I can understand, but what YOU need to understand is, NOT ALL PENS HAVE IT. YES. NOT ALL PENS HAVE IT. You can choose if you want nicotine or not and if you do then you can even choose how much. Now im not saying you should encourage your teen kids to get it, but because of the amount of bad influence nowadays, if your teen does want one, then get it, just make sure they do not use one with nicotene. Simple. That is good parenting, because I can gurantee you that if you say no, then they will most likely get one themself and with nicotene, use actual hookas which are no doubt very bad for you and probably even movs to real cigarettes or weed. By getting them this you are actually lowering the chances of them using things you can actually complain about. Rant over. Now please correct my grammar or say im a horrible person to make yourselfs feel better.

  67. Just putting this out there… I don’t see this here but really vape pens (I’m talking WITHOUT nicotine, everyone got that- NO NICOTINE) aren’t much different than using a pot of steam with a towel over your head or going into a steam room, which has you inhaling water vapor directly into your lungs. What concerns me (as a parent) is the chemical that is in the vape pen to create the flavor. Now that said if it is being used for fun, flavor, and to make smoke rings, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything is being inhaled; have you ever seen anyone who didn’t know how to smoke when you were a teen? Just because the smoke (or vapor) goes into the mouth doesn’t mean it’s going to lungs. And again from a parent’s perspective (who has an older teen) while I wouldn’t be thrilled to see this, it’s better than the alternative of cigarettes or pot (or OMG worse). This is not a gateway drug, there is no “high”, nobody is going to overdose at a party or be arrested, etc. By saying no to something like this, doesn’t it put it into the same category (in their still developing minds) as cigarettes, pot and alcohol? I had my share of non-parental approved/known fun as a teen, and honestly I think that would make it make it so “taboo” that teens are more likely to try it behind a parents’ back anyway? So, not wanting to encourage that behavior and still wanting my older teen to make good choices, I have mixed feelings.

  68. Just sayin y’all fam gotta calm down. Vapes, hookah pens, and e-cigs vary with nicotine amount. Most do NOT have ANY nicotine in them, and if they do they have a very little amount like 0.007%. These pens are usually used as an alternative to smoking cigarettes or for teens who are too afraid to smoke weed or cigarettes. Personally I am a fan of this device, I think it is very good for teens as an alternative to cigarettes. The major downside side to these devices tho that almost every ignores. The thing everyone thinks is that vapes are better for you over cigarettes, but it just about evens out. While smoking cigarettes one intakes tobacco, nicotine, and 1000’s of other harmful chemicals into one’s lungs and mouth, hookahs, vapes, and e-cigs are just in the mouth usually. Cigarette “smoking sesh” usually adds up to around 25-35 hits per person. While with a vape, hookah sesh is around 150-250 per person. KNOW THE FACTS!!!!!!

    • Wow…. I was going to leave my opinion, but now I just wanna go smell some flowers before I die. I just quit my pen.

  69. Well the whole story goes back to why did people agree on that fact that smoking is bad?
    Simple answer is it is HARMFUL so people don’t want to smoke or let their loved ones smoke any type of tobacco or smoking products. With time the idea got socialized and smokers are profiled in all communities as if they were doing something wrong and committing to killing themselves.
    For the hookah pens, it is a completely different story. The liquid that you pour in the mod is artificially flavored water that contains glucose, and some percentage of nicotine or NONE, YES NO NICOTINE AT ALL hayyyy.
    So, if you take the one without nicotine (0.0 mg nicotine) Its only flavored vapor that you are smoking and till now there’s been no proved study on these pens that shows that they are harmful if used without nicotine. So you are just against them because you are IGNORANT and still living in the wild west era. They are invented to resemble the other tobacco products to encourage smokers to STOP smoking and eventually go to that 0.0 mg nicotine.

    I just bought me one today. and both me my wife and my little son are happy about the switch from regular hookah. Although it tastes awful for the first time ( I don’t know if its the flavor I had or what?!).

  70. I know she or he can’t change the fact that it’s other people’s lives and they can do what ever they want but there trying to help u understand the dangers of hookah pens but at least there trying i mean who wants a friend telling u “oh smoking Is okay ur only doing it once” well that one time could get u addicted but what do I know? I’m only a kid

  71. Ummmmmmm, the point in using the hookah pen is to try to quit smoking cigarettes. I brought one and liquid is glycol and no nicotine. It’s has vitamin C and B-12 and I have been using it for 3 days vs 11 years Marlboro Reds. And I can actually smell and breath. So I don’t believe they are harmful. My research is from how my lungs and body feels now

  72. does the person that wrote this article drive a car…. what right do they have polluting the atmosphere that I have to breathe with your auto emissions auto emissions of the thing that will kill you but you’re not going to stop driving are you many many many people as smoking shi sha without nicotine or tobacco the same witts notar in 00. 5 nicotine and you won’t stop driving your car and polluting the air that I have to breathe….. shame shame shame on you

  73. I just have to say that, this is not a fact, but about 75% of the people here are throwing smoke under everyone’s asses. If you are a scientist or a doctor that has done proven experiments with hookah/ecig pens then speak up. I really hate how people now a days use the internet as a breading ground to lash out at people.

    Anywho, if want a something that is healthier then smoking cigs or shisha than do not smoke at all. Go to an oxygen bar or something. Then again I have no idea if those places are even safe at all. I am not a doctor or a scientist, ill stick to my blueprints.

  74. Litterally smoking my PEACH FLAVORED hookah pen as I read this lmaoo..

    How does it feel ??AMAZING! I say thanks for that interested piece of information but people are going to do what they want to do.

    Some may say oh noo this is gross, insecticide but I bet a week later they will be back to smoking hookah. Or worse, cigarettes or Chronic

  75. i was smoking so much my lungs hurt. i knew i had to do something. a friend came over using a hookah and i tried it out. i had already used a e cig and found both interesting. i smoke no cigarettes any more and if my hookah needs a good charge i do buy a markten e cig while im waiting. i have used non nic flavors and nic flavors. my lungs no longer hurt to breath. as i read this i decided i do need to start buying non nic flavors. why i use it? i enjoy the flavor in my mouth and on my taste buds .it keeps my hands busy from picking up a cigarette and that after eating moment after sex moment and if i choose to drink moment.even a coffee moment.as for kids using it my 16 year old niece tried it once and liked it. she didn’t run out to buy one or nothing. but you do need to know as a parent that there is a thing called a wax pen that uses a waxy substance from marijuana and the wax peen looks just like a hookah pen just saying be cautious your teen may not be using a vapor hookah so don’t be naive be safe.i wont buy my kid no hookah but if mine is sitting there with non nic vapor im not going to freak out if they want to try it.

  76. I too am blowing peach smoke rings with my syrup only shisha. Just a fad for me but even the glycol or glycerin heated to certain temps produces formaldehyde and acetyldehyde. Both toxic. But what temp? Does my body clear or remove it? Are my lungs being preserved? Who knows, perhaps not a enough research.

    Any who I will stop in a day or two cause my body is a temple blah blah blah! However yummy it is.

  77. Ok I want to say one thing don’t judge. Yes it’s wrong for vkids to smoke e-pens especially since it was made for people to STOP smoking but people think that nicotine is what harms people in cigarettes. This is FALSE, it is the other 1,999 chemicals in cigarettes that cause cancer. Nicotine causes exccessive use of bathroom and addictive feeling hence why e-pens where made for people who want to quit (ex: nicotine patches and nicotine gum)
    These where designed to help people quit smoking by giving them the nicotine cravings your body wants but it’s not for people besides those who wishes to stop.

  78. Such a big debate, yes they are good alternatives to cigarettes (depending upon what you buy) but no, they are still side effects. And water in your lungs, sounds like drowning to me lol

  79. Good lord. I started reading these comments to get some opinions on the harmfulness of Vape Pens. After awhile I was just concerned by the harmfulness that all this terrible grammar is having on my brain like when someone just keeps typing out all ther thoughts into 1 big sentance y would u do that it is so hard for any1 to read even to people who type like this I have to read ur post 2/3 times to make sense of it … Seriously though, is it too much to ask for you jokers to throw in a period every once in a frickin while?

    Anyways, I’ll stick to the notion that I want my lungs to function nominally as long as possible. This new E-smoke trend hasn’t had long term studies done on it yet; and every year we find more things that we didn’t know were killing us faster than we are all already dying. One pro to smoking tobacco: it’s definitely one of the funner ways to kill yourself. Kids, just don’t smoke anything…and pay attention in school so you can type sentences that normal people can understand in real life.

  80. I’m a woman in her late 20’s and no drug use but i do the no nicotine no tabacco hookah pen. I’m not getting any high. i never smoked, i like it cause of the oral sensation. And it keeps me from over eating. It is fun to blow out the vapors… I agree children shouldn’t be doing anything close to smoking. But this is the better alternative. I’m still kind weary about what they put in the liquid I’m trying to find ingredient list for it.

  81. Lol @ the people dissing ?? “I have a strong opinion and you must all agree!” “No, my opinion is more right and you’re an idiot” yous are all dumb for arguing on an internet article

  82. why do you even care its stupid just worry that its not you. But anyway my opinion no. And i have 1 and its just vapor IT CANT HARM YOU. Doctors haven’t found a long term effect!! like TF. You look like cats and dogs fighting over a little article on the internet like Kai Emi said.

  83. Whew??? I bet if every person here who has left a comment would be as bold an direct face to face, I read quite a bit of your comments and opinions some I thought were quite informed and filled with actual concern, then? there were those who left comments like FU and those who picked up on grammer and spelling amougst other things, it is surprising to me and sad to read so much confusion and everyone wants to be heard and not be proven wrong, whether the facts are true or whether the points raised here make common sense,…everyone wants to be right, everyone wants whats there god given rights, everyone wants to be noticed and heard, everyone wants to follow the latest trend and fad,…its soley my opinion and its not going to make a difference what I comment here today, but? I will leave you this, one can not dictate the thoughts and actions of others, one can only dictate there own,it is those who reject and object Gods laws or mothers natures laws who will find them selves at there last hour, and those that strive to stay humble in a fast an ever changing world will find peace and good judgement, not of there own doing? But of those who have made the errors for the rest to abide and learn from, it is the law of nature for some to fail and perish, so that others can learn and prosper….peace to you all

    • hallalujah! if u want to find out whats really going on. google iluminaties. dont b bind to the Pope. that system has always historically been anti-Christ and is rising in power had meeting with United Nations in the largest gathering of World Leaders ever. They admit Changing Gods Sabbath commandment as a “mark of their authority”. When Sunday has become a law that will be the mark of the beast. Sunday is Pagan. In the Islamic countries who are anti- christian, due to “economic pressure” THEY have changed THEIR religious day to Sunday just recently.With Catholic Rome and America combined they can have the “whole world decieved and wandering after the beast” as written in REVELATIONS in the bible. We should be thankful that Jesus did not wipe us out after the balls up in the garden of Eden. He couldnt destroy Satan otherwise the angels would have only “Loved him out of fear. God gives us the freedom to choose to love him. All evil in the world is Satans doing and his followers,and all those that dont know they are but are still slowly conforming to his likeness. Anger, revenge selfishness etc. if u are bored one day switch to Firstlight chanel 26. I came to Jesus as an alcoholic,druggie. Slowly over time Jesus worked on me. Not perfect but much better. Jesus loves u, Satan hates Jesus which why he hates his creations. The condition of the world reflects the choices mankind have made. The creator is ALWAYS more powerful than his creations,and the devil chose to be a major revengeful jealous stuff up. Aaah Christmas time, the time of year Satan gets all of satans letters from dyslexic children.

  84. Honestly everybody is getting into a war about how vaping is better for you than cigarettes and how kids shouldn’t be restricted from it because its safe. The fact of the matter is that it’s smoking. Smoking anything into your lungs is bad for you. Whether its non-nicotine vape, nicotine vape, cigarettes, etc. Vaping no matter how bad people don’t want to admit it isn’t healthy. Maybe it’s better than you than cigarettes or hookah. But it’s still smoking. I understand that my generation isn’t going to see the end of smoking tobacco products but it has to stop eventually. Children shouldn’t be exposed to smoking anything. I don’t give a shit what anybody with a hardcore vaping passion has to say. If your saying its okay for a child to vape because you don’t think they shey should smoke cigarettes then shame on you. You should feel ashamed of yourself. If your into peer pressuring children to smoke anything then you can go to hell because thats fucked up. When I hear on the internet that people support kids smoking it really pisses me off. I’ll admit that I vape and have smoked my fair share of cigarettes and pot in the past, but I’ve never, ever peer pressured children into smoking anything or even said to a blog post that its okay. I can’t believe society is this fucked up as to thinking that it would ever be okay for kids to smoke, even if it is only vape. People who deny that vaping isn’t unhealthy at all are only pissed to admit it because they vape and probably spend slums of cash into a really high powered pen that they compete in vaping competitions with (I think vaping competitions only prove that society as we know it is crippling before our feet). Vaping is bad for you. accept it and get over it. Anybody who rebuddles these facts, I’m just going to say. You should probably get an education, because arguing what I just said its really fucking pathetic.
    I understand that most of this shit was posted over 2 years ago and I’m sure by now that people are comeing to their senses about what their saying and accepting the fact that smoking anything is bad for you. But this is for the people who still argue against vaping.

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