Weekly September Horoscopes

Happy fall, y’all and hello Libra season! October holds elements of two vastly different neighboring signs: Libra and Scorpio. Libra is focused on maintaining balance, but the end of this month will trigger less stability. For now, however, let’s focus on the calm before the storm. 



With the new season coming in, there may be tension rising. Libra is the opposite sign of Aries. This sun sign is going to illuminate truths that are better left in the dark. Upgrade your instant ramen with some more gourmet toppings.



Looking for some romance? Fall in love with some Punjabi-style chicken. The radiant sun has it all worked out for Taurus! Collaborate with some other like-minded hustlers and make it a reality.



It’s unlike Gemini to be more reserved and others are definitely noticing. Feeling homesick? Boil up some buttery tortellini for the perfect cure. With the sun in Libra, social skills are back in full swing, so enjoy this energy boost and network!



Corn cacio e pepe is the more grown-up side of mac and cheese and a perfect way to get out of that Cancer shell. Although sensitivity is one of the water signs’ most admirable traits, now isn’t the time to be calm, cool and collected in the face of an argument.



Time to reap the rewards of all that hard work! One thing to look forward to after a long day is some leftovers! Add something extra to that two-day-old spaghetti to give it some pizzazz.



Sept. 23 marked the official end of Virgo birthday season, but don’t worry. The new moon will be the beginning of a new chapter, so cheers! Take that go-get-’em attitude to the kitchen and tackle some coconut curry chicken (or vegetables)!



This will be an emotionally charged lunation for Libra, so prepare for all the unsaid feelings. A big change is coming. Buckle up! Homemade cheddar pierogies is a good way to wind down. 



The body is a garden, not a machine. Use the savings that Leo and Libra season blew in for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Trade those ramen noodles for some comfort food. Mac and cheese, anyone?



A curious spirit will lead toward meeting some interesting characters and maybe even some interesting dishes. Dining out can become expensive and funds are getting low. Mediterranean farro salad is a meal just as colorful as you.



These past few months have been brutal, but Saturn has concluded its retrograde. Stay hopeful, Capricorn babe. Master a new skill, like making pasta sauce from scratch. Start off easy with some homemade alfredo.



Growth can only be achieved by expanding outside of those Aquarius comforts. Try something new and satisfy that sweet tooth. How about Nutella brownies, churro waffles or a red velvet poke cake?



Be sure to lean into friendships these upcoming weeks. All that hanging out may leave finances a little drained. Bring the party to you! Invite people over for crisp-edged, cheesy lasagna.