Vice President’s will now take the stage on Tuesday

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ATLANTA, GA, March 28, 2016 ––  The Student Government Association Executive Vice President Candidates will now debate on March 29.

The schedule for the debates is the following:

  • March 29-Presidential and Executive Vice President candidates
  • March 30-Speakers of the Senate,  College of Education ,Robinson College of Business, Senator Candidates.
  • March 31- Andrew Young School and Arts and Sciences, Senator Candidates.

“After careful consideration, the Election Commission decided that the best utilization of time would be to include the EVP candidates in the Presidential debates. This would allow candidates for all positions to receive adequate debate time. After all, our main goal is to allow everyone’s voice to be heard,” said First Kalisha Lazare

The Debates will go on a scheduled as The Signal is hosting the 2016 Georgia State University Student Government Association (SGA) Debates on March 29-31 in the Urban Life Building Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. Door will be open at 7 p.m..

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