This Valentine’s Day, take some time to appreciate the real bae: yourself

Ah, the sad anthem of the singletons takes flight with the love season finale this week. Valentine’s Day. The day we told ourselves we’d never spend single again, but here we are, counting down the friends that wouldn’t mind watching Christian Grey’s funky adventures and spending the rest of the night eating left-over burritos and cuddling with your cats and pizza-themed fuzzy socks. It’s tough being an independent singleton these days. Whether you’ve never tasted the glittery satisfaction of waking up to a partner’s sweet morning breath, or have recently gotten dumped or rejected, or frankly, still recovering from a months’ old break-up, finding yourself alone this week can be intimidating.

We’d be lying if we said society isn’t always promoting the perks and specialties of having a hand to hold. Whether it’s the latest movie with that sappy French kiss ending, or your friend gushing about her latest conquer, or literally every happy ending EVER, enjoying the company of another person is not only idealized, but an obsession inside everyone’s mind during college. In fact, admit it, you’re probably pulling out your mental “All the things wrong with me” list as we speak to figure out why you’re still single.

But here’s something the newest romantic comedy will probably not tell you. Things can be quite awesome in Singletown as well. So why are “dry periods” so frowned upon? Why are we always pushed towards finding someone to walk alongside, when walking on your own can be so enjoyable as well?

Understanding that the happy ending can come when you’re spending some time with good ole you can be important as well. Time spent single is time well spent when you spend it understanding, appreciating and bettering yourself. More time for the gym, more time with your friends, and more time for homework (you’re right, far-fetched!). But being single and happy, and fulfilled is a life skill that is essential to most of us in order to achieve contentment. At the end of the day, you’ll most likely be less than thrilled to discover that your happiness depends on another person, so try your best to make sure that’s not true. Find things that make you happy, and at least can take your mind off the fact that you don’t have a snuggle buddy for the time being, and work on making yourself the best damn version of you that you can. When you get there, you’ll be hard to resist anyway.

And show some appreciation to the old dogs you call friends. They’re probably the ones that put up with all the ‘Why am I single” rants, and the ones that act as your wingmen at parties and bars. Let’s admit it, they’re probably the ones you forget about when someone spicy comes along for a week or two. So take this time to show them the appreciation.

And seriously, what they say about the best coming when you’re least expecting it is a hundred percent true. Stop wasting your time stalking that guy on Facebook, or visiting the same bar for a chance to talk to the server you’ve been crushing on– it might not even work out anyway. Trust life a little, and look around and be fulfilled by the people you do have. Everyone else will find their way into your life when they’re meant to!

So, taken, single, confused or just hungry, go out and experience the world by yourself, with your friends, or simply take the day off and spend it with family. Enjoy this day of love with the people that matter most (and maybe that’s just yourself for a change!)!