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Throwing the baby out with the bathwater: Pt. 1

 Even though I am living in an African-American female body, I have found very beneficial economic standards from the “Old” South that could save this “New” South hundreds of millions of dollars every year and restore some peace of mind to many of our communities that are under-siege. I am talking about the Old South laws dealing with murderers and dead-beat-dads. When we threw out all of the customs of the Old South around fifty years ago . . . we threw the baby out with the bath water.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau of criminal statistics, Georgia’s tax-payers are paying over 130 million dollars annually to keep sentenced-to-life murderers and death row inmates in prison. These prisoners get three meals a day, free medical and dental attention, work-out rooms, and a little “booty-hole” business if a poor soul has the bad luck of getting left behind in shower with one of them.

In the Old South, when a man or woman was convicted of killing someone beyond self-defense, they were executed within six months of their conviction. A law like this would release 130 million dollars back into our economy and have many “wilding” folks leave Georgia. Of course the arguments against this would be that the wrong person could be executed, many more minorities would end up on death row, and killing criminals is not going to bring the murdered person back.

URGE Abortion

However with the state-of-the-arts forensics, that should bring mistakes in identifying the killer to a bare minimum. We may not be able to bring the murdered person back to life, but we sure as hell can resurrect the $20,600 dollars a year we are spending to keep these murderous clowns alive.

The Old South had a very successful way of getting the men of their communities to be responsible for their children. It was called “You either marry this girl you done knocked-up, or we are going to take them dick and balls off your ass, boy!!!” That’s right, good old fashion castration. African-American males were not the only ones castrated in the Old South. They went after irresponsible, violent Caucasian males as well. In 1915, there were 100 castrations in Georgia and more than half of them were Caucasian males. Many were because they raped someone’s daughter or left their children. If we had laws like this, men would be around to help take care of their children and tax-payers would save millions from welfare payments, food-stamps, and WIC vouchers.

In my opinion, the laws of the Old South could offer at least 200 million dollars in savings, a way to keep families together, and a powerful crime deterrent. And, there are other customs that could enhance the quality of life. So let us swallow our pride, pick up the poor baby in the street and bring it back in the house


  1. Great article! I know a lot of people will not understand it, but I agree with the over-all spirit of it. This New South is not benefiting anyone but the criminals. They have too many damn rights and are costing us too much damn money, that could be used for other community programs.

  2. Wow, and here I thought we were supposed to be educated university students. Well, it IS clear that they don’t put enough money into our public education system.

    • I am in constant contact with my therapist every moment on my life . . . “The Absolute Truth”. Some of us can handle it, and some of us can not.

      You have a lovely day, Mr. Brian.

  3. I am in contact with my therapist twenty-four hours a day, the “Absolute Truth”. Some of us can handle it, and some of us can not. You need to try it sometimes, Mr. Brian.

    You have a lovely day, God Bless…

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