The Student Government election results are in

The Student Government election results are here, with some surprises. We’ll have the rest of the story later today, but here’s the initial list:

The Executive Board:


Ashley Epperson with a total of 731 votes. Epperson assumed the presidential position after Christian Hill was disqualified from holding office. Together they received 303 more votes than the runner up, Andrew Whyte.

Executive Vice President:


Vice President of Student Affairs:

Samantha Grant with a total of 824 votes. Grant received 341 more votes than her opponent Johanne Germain.

VP of Budget and Finance:

Tyler Lewis with a total of 961 votes. Lewis received 578 more votes than his opponent Deyvid Madzharov.

VP of Public Relations:

Camryn Bradley with a total of 777 votes. Bradley received 197 more votes than his opponent, Christopher Walker.

VP of Student Life:

Timothy Smith with a total of 762 votes. Smith received 220 more votes than his opponent, Erick Taylor, Jr.

VP of Student Services:

Lanier Henson with a total of 690 votes. Henson received 100 more votes than his opponent, Casey Vaughan.


The Senators:

College of Arts and Sciences:

Amethyst Smith

Drake Greer

Alfonso Dixon, Jr.

Johnnae Roberts

Khaja Mapp

Mary Oguoma-Richards

Dominique Hadley

Jamika King

Teara Mayfield

Justin Brightharp

Amen-Ra Mackey

Corey Sams

Nicholas Keller

Haley Ugwuibe


Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

Matthew Altman


College of Education

Loren Johnson

Kelli Craig


College of Law

Joseph Estenes


Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing & Health Professions

Gregory Lafortune

Allison Boyd


J. Mack Robinson College of Business

Jarius Jones

Alexandria Lord

Marco Sanchez

James Clerveau

Taylor Loyd

Daniela Natal


  1. Sad. The Signal has more and better info on the elections than the SGA’s homepage. They’re so incompetent

    • Posting the exact numbers doesn’t show competency- just clinging every shred of news they can get their hands on. Also The Signal can post whatever they want, whenever they want. Because SGA is representative of the university, all of the web postings etc are more highly regulated.

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