The Heartbeat Bill is unconstitutional

The Heartbeat Bill, passed in 2019, was finally banned! which protects a woman’s right to have an abortion. Photo by Sheilaf2002 on

In 2019, a new bill came to Ohio, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina and Texas. This bill would prevent women from having abortions after the first six weeks. The Atlanta courts ruled this unconstitutional. 

Some lawmakers have proposed that they designed The Heartbeat Bill to protect lawmakers. However, this idea ignores the agency of women. 

Women usually do not even know they are pregnant until the six-week mark. This fact makes the bill inherently unfair. 

Abortion is an impossible decision for many and takes time to figure out. Many women need time to figure out this choice for themselves. 

This step could be an equally traumatizing moment in a woman’s life because there is no guarantee that people support women. 

No one ever looks at others’ circumstances in life. It is more like they blame the women for getting pregnant and making them take responsibility for it.  

The Heartbeat Bill also violates Roe v. Wade court case ruling, which legalized abortions in the United States. It comes across as unconstitutional because of the unfairness it brings women. 

Some women have to take the procedure because they could die if they gave birth. By enforcing this law, it would cause more deaths. 

There has always been a debate surrounding whether unborn fetuses are considered alive. However, this debate is pointless, as unborn lives are not actual lives at the beginning of a woman’s pregnancy. 

Women do not know if a pregnancy has developed until the twelfth week of pregnancy. This point is known as the safe-mark. Even though miscarriages and stillbirths can still happen after that, the safe-mark exists for a reason. 

An unborn life can officially become life after the safe-mark. This bill ignores this undeniable fact. 

It is good that the Atlanta courts ruled this bill unconstitutional because it targets a woman’s choices. 

Not everyone can care for children, and some women do not want children at all. This bill prevented women from having a choice in having kids at the end of the day.