Resolution or Reality: Making the Most of Your 2016 Goals

The New Year resembles a fresh start and new goals, but in reality all it is usually full of is broken promises you made to yourself. This year instead of try to keep your New Year resolution why don’t you make some that are actually realistic. Here are a few expectations you should trash and some you should keep.

Weight loss:

Resolution- Going to the gym everyday: This is one of the classics. We set these unreal expectations for ourselves and feel bad when we can’t reach them. It is pretty difficult going to the gym every day when life is so casually throwing us curve balls.

Reality: Instead of kicking yourself for failing your goal after about a week, try making a resolution that actually works for you. Go to the gym at least two to three times a week and instead of cutting out sugars completely, just try not drinking soda. These goals are build able, meaning that you can always add a gym day when needed or slowly cut back on sweets.


Resolution- Saving money: This one is pretty hard to do when life tries to destroy your plans. You never know when you are going to need a car repair or spur of the moment gifts for people. So having a goal to save money can be hard to keep when your wallets size keeps unexpectedly dwindling.

Reality: Rather than trying to put tons of money away at a time start small. Try putting $20 -$50 away each paycheck.  Either have a savings account or a little box for your money. Have it out of sight and out of mind, that way you are never tempted to spend it. And when you feel like you have a little more money left over, try putting that into your savings as well. Budget your finances out each month and put away whatever you can.

Trying New Things:

Resolution- Getting involved:  Everyone is always trying to put themselves out there and sometimes it can get a bit out of hand. People can throw themselves into tons of different things to try and make up for not really participating in anything. This is a horrible idea because instead of dedicating your time to getting to know people or perfecting on skill in a specific activity, they can be spreading themselves thin.

Reality: Go for one or two activities that you have been waiting to try out. This way you’re aren’t stressing yourself out or not having any time to relax. Get to know the people in one activity so you can actually create a bond. This only thing that can come out of trying to many things at once is lack of sleep and hair loss.

Don’t put too much pressure on your resolutions this year. Take 2016 to improve your life gradually and where it actually needs help.

Have a Happy New Year!

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  1. Keeping my resolutions is always hard but this year I’m actually doing well so far! I like what you said about keeping your resolutions buildable for health and fitness. It works for all types of resolutions. Start small and work your way up!

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