Meet one of Georgia State’s VP of Public Relations candidates, Christopher Walker

The Signal: What makes you a good candidate?

Christopher Walker: I believe I am an exceptional candidate for the Student Government Association as The VP of Public Relations. I am ready to make the commitment to my school and to our Student Government Association by fully utilizing the leadership skills I have gained throughout my life to make sure my fellow students are able to enjoy their experience here as much as I have thus far. It is my goal to further the voice of the student body in administrative decisions, provide direction to enhance the dynamic of our campus community, and ensure there are growing opportunities for students to present ideas focused on bettering the Georgia State University experience. I hope to accomplish my main goals with the help of my fellow SGA members, Media outlets here on campus, and most importantly, along with the input and sentiment of the greater student body.

TS:  What is your platform for this election?

CW: My platform for the Student Government Association is to increase transparency with the SGA and the student body here at Georgia State University. I hope to build everlasting relationships with our media outlets here on campus, such as our newspaper The Signal, our on campus television outlet GSUTV, and our radio station WRAS 88.5. I will also strive to increase the panther pride that we all hold dear to our hearts. In doing these things, By accomplishing these goals, I hope to make the changes that the student body hopes to see.

TS: Based on the previous position holder, how do you think you will improve the position?

CW: I believe Danielle Kleinman, the current Public Relations chair, has done a wonderful job. As VP of Public Relations, it’s imperative that I maintain such high expectations. I strongly feel due to my well rounded demeanor, amazing people skills, and my love for helping others, I believe I can meet those expectations, if not exceed them. Increasing Panther pride, making sure each student know they have a voice, and keeping the GSU community in mind before any decision is made, are some key factors in my hopes to improving the position.

TS:  What was your motivation to run?

CW: My motivation to run was greatly due to my love in being involved in the Georgia State University community. I truly love seeing the campus informed of what’s going on around campus. I believe being in SGA here on Georgia State’s campus will give me a greater opportunity to keep all of Georgia State informed with what’s going on right around them.

TS:  What has been your involvement in SGA? What have you done?

CW: In high school, I had the privilege of the social chair for the Student Government Association. I believe this is where I truly noticed how much I love interacting with people in general. Also, after going to SGA senate meetings and the current VP of Public Relations committee meeting, I am now fully understanding how the SGA operates on a collegiate level.

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