Full SGA Executive Board candidate list and profiles

Most candidates for the Executive Board of the Student Government Association have said transparency is their biggest  goal. However, many of those candidates have been unreachable by The Signal for profiles of their campaigns.

Here is a complete and up-to-date list of those who have responded, along with their profiles, and  those who have not responded.


Have responded:

President: Christian Hill

President: George Avery

President: Andrew Whyte

Executive Vice President: Ashley Epperson

Executive Vice President: Jovan Paige

Executive Vice President: Sebhastien Gibosse


VP of Budget and Finance: Tyler Lewis

VP of Budget and Finance: Deyvid Madzharov

VP of Public Relations: Christopher Walker

VP of Student Life: Timothy Smith

VP of Student Life: Erick Taylor 


Have not responded:

VP of Student Services: Lanier Henson

VP of Student Services: Casey Vaughan

VP of Public Relations: Camyrn Bradley

VP of Public Relations: Sophia Philemond

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