Meet one of Georgia State’s VP of Budget and Finance candidates, Deyvid Madzharov

The Signal: What makes you a good candidate?


Deyvid Madzharov: I think that I am the best candidate for this position because I have the determination and motivation to serve the students of Georgia State University. I worked at the Georgia State Senate under Senator Jack Hill, the chairman of appropriations. There I worked closely with the Senate Budget and Evaluation Office. Working in the State Senate I gained invaluable information about the process of appropriating money to different state agencies. I plan on using the knowledge and skills that I learned to fulfill my duties as Vice President of Budget and Finance. I also plan on using my understanding from studying Economics to guide me in my duties.


TS:  What is your platform for this election?


DM: As a junior at Georgia State University I have learned about and have been part of many great organizations on campus. Georgia State is a great school and it offers many ways for students to get involved. Student organizations are a vital part of the Georgia State experience. As Vice President of Budget and Finance one of duties would be to oversee the budget of the Student Government Association and track all expenditures. My goal is to ensure that every student organization is receiving the right funding to provide the most to each and every student. Georgia State University is extremely diverse and my goal is to work with everyone that is part of SGA and other students and faculty to guarantee that everyone can find an organization to be part of.


TS:      Based on the previous position holder, how do you think you will improve the position?


DM:First I would ensure that more students are involved in the student government process and more students are aware of how it works. As a student of the university I feel that the process of the Student Government Association lacks enough transparency. I plan on establishing a better system for students to be involved in the budget and at the very least understand how it works. Taking for example the co-sponsorship program that is a great opportunity for organizations to petition the SGA to receive addition funding for certain events. As a president of the Freshman Sophomore Political Science Honor Society, I know that many student organizations are not aware of this opportunity.


TS:  What was your motivation to run?


DM: I must admit that my motivation comes from my recent internship experience I had at the State Capitol. Being around Senators and Representatives I have developed the deepest urge to serve and represent people. I saw the opportunity to run for Vice President of Budget and Finance as the best way for me to serve the students of Georgia State University.


TS: What has been your involvement in SGA? What have you done?

DM: Although this is my first time running for an SGA office, I am part of several organizations on campus. I am part of the College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Advisory Board, Political Science Undergraduate Advisory Council, Pi Sigma Alpha, President of the Freshman Sophomore Political Science Honor Society and Member of the Georgia State Model United Nations Team.  I am motivated and prepared to learn everything that it takes for me to perform all my duties as Vice President of Budget and Finance.

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