Letter to the Editor: Regarding the “No Still Means No” article published last week


I am writing this letter to express my concerns about the image depicted in this article. While I appreciate the significance of this topic, I am quite appalled at the suggestive visual associated with sexual assault. As I read through the article and review the content, the ethnicity of the attackers were never discussed by the victims. Thus, how can you explain attaching the image of a white woman’s mouth being covered by a black man’s hand? Are white women ONLY assaulted by black men? In my opinion, this eludes to black men solely being the attackers of white women who are sexually assaulted. I have NEVER been one to make everything about race, but this photograph blatantly displays negative connotations towards black men. The decision to associate this photograph with such a poignant topic is completely unacceptable and distasteful. Mainstream media repeatedly project negative images that discredit black men, and it’s unfortunate to see that some of our community of student journalists are spreading the same biased images that misrepresent their reputation as well.

Laura Blackmon

Post-Bac/Pre-Veterinary Med Student

B.A Film&Video;/Minor in Journalism

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