Halloween costumes: How sexy is too sexy?


As said in the cult-classic film Mean Girls, “In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday — it’s a time to get your spook on and dress up, both of which are awesome and fun. However, upon looking through the costume catalog these past few years, I’ve noticed that costumes for girls have changed dramatically since I was a child.

What used to be an event for fun has become an opportunity to present or show off what goods you have on market and not in the classiest way either. I feel that the meaning of the holiday has been diminished by the over-sexualizing of female costumes.

When I was a kid, our Halloween costumes were either cute or scary. Sexy didn’t exist till you grew up and even then all that meant was that you got a slit that showed off some leg and maybe a bit of cleavage.

Really sexy costumes had their own section in the store where those looking specifically for sexy costumes could go and pick out their Sexy Nurse/Nun/Teacher outfits easily without having to comb through all the various regular costumes and people not looking for sexy costumes could find a more covered outfit to wear out on Halloween.

Now it seems that manufacturers and stores are not giving females a choice. All the costumes available have become ‘sexy,’ oftentimes more so than what was considered sexy previously. By taking that choice away, they imply that Halloween revolves around showing skin if you want to have a good time.

Honestly, what bothers me is the sexualizing starts from young girls’ costumes which mainly consist of some short tutus or skirts paired with a tight top. I’m 20 years old, and I would hesitate to walk out of the house with some of the outfits they are labeling as ‘kids’ costumes.

While a cute corset and a pair of shorts mixed in with those awesome fishnets you’ve been dying to wear would be an awesome costume for a college-aged girl, I believe that the general consensus is that we’d probably throw a fit if we saw one of our kid sisters dressed like that.

Even for adults last time I checked, Halloween night is a bit chilly to be going around in a “Twerkin Teddy Adult Women’s Costume” and I’m wondering how an “Army Nurse” could possibly think it’s not a health hazard to treat her ‘patients’ in only a bra top and micro-mini skirt. Interestingly enough, the costumes with more fabric cost less to purchase than some of the skimpier ones!

Also, I don’t see many sexy costumes for guys. Shouldn’t this be an opportunity for them to show off some skin as well? I know I wouldn’t mind seeing a ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’ costume here and there!

I believe that women should protest the lack of variety in female costumes by protesting the stores and not purchasing. Even if you are looking for a sexy outfit, you have so many other choices that can be more cost effective and fun.

I know it’s easier to go pick something off the rack instead of going thrift shop hunting for awesome pieces to put together, but if you make it a girl’s day out, or host a party with a DIY costume contest, it can make the task of coming up with something creative a lot of fun!

Also, if you’re like me and choose to take a nosedive into actual cosplay versus just a one-time use toss and trash outfit, go on eBay and keep your eyes out for next year’s costume. Just remember that most cosplays take a while to come as many are handmade and for that same reason might be pricier than your average Halloween-shop costume, but they’re definitely worth it!

The quality is much better and if you’re a nerd like me and go with period costumes, you can end up re-wearing them for conventions, Halloween and school presentations. It always wows your professors (can anyone say BONUS POINTS!) and it’s pretty fun when you get all those looks on MARTA–hey, not just anyone can pull off riding the train in a hoopskirt!

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  1. I’m a guy but something had me thinking WTF. I was in a seasonal store and they had an entire wall of these pouches (A costume in each) But every single one was either a titilating maid or a sexy sorceres. That was the ONLY two options on an entire wall covered in pouches. Late I found others and ones apporiate for children but they were hidden in the back. That wall was right where you walk in. Sexy is OK, but that salesfloor setup is just wrong.

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