Former Georgia State student hanged self in campus parking deck

Photo by Georgia State University

Last updated on May 31 @ 4 p.m.

Photo by Georgia State University
Photo by Georgia State University at

A man who attended Georgia State in 2011 hanged himself Monday morning in the stairwell of a school parking garage.

The man, whose name will be withheld, was facing criminal charges in Baltimore and evading an outstanding warrant for a crime in Georgia, according to Georgia State University Police Chief Carlton Mullis.

A staff member found the asphyxiated man, whose name will be withheld, in the school’s N-Deck parking complex and alerted police, who report the man died there some time around 1 a.m. on May 30.

Mullis also tells The Signal that the deceased man’s car had reportedly broken down at some point on his way to Atlanta from Baltimore.

Below are a few resources for anyone having self-destructive thoughts.

Suicide prevention help in Georgia
Georgia State counseling services
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  1. It’s hard to know; what’s in another’s heart, mind and soul. We all learn to hide pain; brush it off. For fear of not being likable- further isolating one. “Move on.” “Get Over it.” “Don’t be so sensitive, Don’t take it so seriously.” “Look on the Bright side.”
    For some, they’ve been so beaten down, discouraged, hurt, isolated, hearing from No “AUTHENTIC” encouraging source, – (that’s devoid of platitudes) for so very long, finally they can no longer even recognize
    • “joy”,
    •”faith”, or
    •“Light”,…as the impoverishment of sadness is so profoundly deep, they can no longer see a way out. Some wearily, succumb to the final gesture of departure. No longer concerned about being unpopular, as they have convinced themselves that they are truly “Unlovable” and their existence here has no meaning. Losing sight of the “Light.”

    Suicide signs:
    •(People often “stuff it” in order Not to become unpopular. They often can be funny, smiley and popular, masking their plans that “I have to go now.”
    •They give belongings away.
    • They tell select people how dearly they love them.
    …planning on abandoning all known earthly experience, in a desperate attempt to end their seemingly hopeless endless sadness.

    In Reflecting on suicides with whom I knew the individuals; I had no idea, with one exception.
    •‼️Ann made a clue, off handedly jokingly, buying my lunch; “ I don’t need money; I’ve plenty of it. Money doesn’t matter to me, now.”
    Only later, did I realize Ann wasn’t being humble; she was planning her ( successful, well planned departure, leaving three devastated daughters.)
    It’s real.
    What I learned? Listen more.
    Often, ( as with a stethoscope; it’s the “health of the inhalation- Not the exhalation”; I listen to (NOW.)~lvfry

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