Dirty Life Hacks: No one is really that clean but it should still be kept secret

It is impossible to give 100 percent in everything that we do. Sometimes our efforts to stay clean and hygienic need to go towards finishing a paper we procrastinated about or a test we can guarantee a failing grade. So here are a few ways to make yourself look as though you gave your appearance your all, when in reality you barely gave it you’re AL…

Dry Shampoo: The holy grail of bathroom products. It’s better than actual shampoo because it saves you time, helps your hair stay healthy from over washing and gives your hair great texture. The only downside is that it can leave you with severely tangled hair but most likely no one is touching it, so really who gives a damn?

Tide To Go: Getting stains on any of your belongings can make a good day turn sour. Use a Tide To Go pen to help remove stains on clothes while you are out and about or on your bigger belonging that are too be to fit in the washer. No one wants to take time to wash their comforters when they spill a little food on it when eating in bed (as most people do). So just use one of these pens to cover up your mistakes.

Laundry Detergent balls: Washing your clothes too often can be really risky. You don’t want them to shrink or for them to get eaten by that hellish machine. And for anyone to believe that wearing an item of clothing once means that it is dirty, they are easily fooled and mistaken. Having to wash your clothes everyday was an idea put in people’s heads by laundry detergent companies. With the invention of the fabric softener balls (like ones from Downy), that make your clothes smell nicer for 12 days longer, the need for washing has decreased. You can now stretch the wearing time of your clothes by a day or two.

Clothing Refresh: A great way to keep your clothes shape in between washes is to hang them up in your bathroom while you shower. Doing this will help keep them fresh and unwrinkled

Skipping Facewash: If you are one of the lucky ones who can skip a face wash or two then this is for you. Keeping face wipes next your bed lets you get the fake clean sensation that actual soap and water will give you in your own bed. Congrats.

Perfume-ish: Sometimes people forget to put on their deodorant, it happens. And let’s be honest, when you run out of deodorant or perfume, we can be a little lazy and don’t feel like going to by more. So here are two different items you can use to freshen yourself up.

  1.      Dryer sheets: Rubbing dryer sheets on you will make you smell like fresh laundry and even make you static free.
  2.      Scented Hand Sanitizer: A perfume on the go. We can thank Bath and Body Works for helping us smell like candles.

Sometimes we need a little help making our lack of effort not so noticeable. So don’t be embarrassed to have a little dirt under your fingernails; we all know our dirty side is our true side.

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