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Congratulations are in order for The Signal at SEJC

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The Southeast Journalism Conference (SEJC) was recently held at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. On Feb. 18-20, members of The Signal took home various individual and company awards for there many accomplishments. The Signal received 2nd place in the Best College Newspaper category and 4th place in the Best College Magazine category.

The Signal also took home awards from competitions that were held on-site:

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  • Sean Keenan 1st place for News Writing
  • Tammy Huynh 2nd place for Page Layout
  • Jade Johnson 3rd place for News Photography
  • John Miller 3rd place for Copy Editing

For Tammy Huynh, this was her first official award won individually with The Signal in page layout.

“I felt intimidated, but I was glad to enter it,” Huynh said. “I remember being stressed because I was competitive and wanted to do well.”

After being in Journalism for only a year, News Editor Sean Keenan took home 1st place in the news writing competition.

“I was so excited,” Keenan said. “I had a brain aneurysm.”

For more information on the awards or to get a full list of winners, contact Michael S. Gaither at signalmarketing1@gmail.com or 404-413-1625.

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[The Signal has been open since 1943. The newspaper has a very strong presence in the Georgia State Community, being one of the most accomplished newspapers in Georgia. To learn more visit https://georgiastatesignal.com/ or call us at 404-413-1617.]



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