Atlanta rated above average in job satisfaction

In a new study called the Employment Satisfaction Report Card from Glassdoor, Atlanta has been ranked No. 18 out of 50 major cities.

Atlanta was classified as above average in job satisfaction in Glassdoor’s report and 43 percent of workers said they believe the business outlook is improving.

Glassdoor also ranked Atlanta No. 8 in job growth with over 6,000 employers hiring.

glassdoor conducted an employment satisfaction survey in the major cities across the U.S

Andrew Steward, managerial science major, said this study will positively impact Georgia State students.

“Most people come to college just to get a job and any kind of job growth in the city where our campus is will help students find a job and help them pay off their student debt,” Steward said.

The average salary in Atlanta is $72,000, according to Indeed as of June 17. With the average US salary being $44,300 this puts Atlanta as above average in wage earnings as well, according to the Social Security Administration.

Dr. Kevin Gaw, senior director at Career Services at Georgia State, said the growth from the survey matches the growth in recruiting.

“We have had a noticeable uptick in recruiting activity here at GSU – and across the campuses in Metro Atlanta and the state. The employment market is looking up. Of course, as always, it is the well prepared candidate who tends to do best, so students must still do all the necessary steps of a successful job search,” he said. “Employers look for this preparation.”

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