Armed Robbery at University Commons

Update: All three  suspects have been arrested and identified by police as Quinton Arnold, Dantevious Patrick and Dorian Demetrius Stroud, all 18 years old. More to follow soon.


Four students living on the eighth floor of the University Commons were robbed at gunpoint at around 7 p.m. last night by three suspects. One suspect, a Georgia State University student, has already been arrested and taken into custody.

The three men knocked on the door and pointed handguns at the face of the student who answered it. The suspects then proceeded to rob the students of their cell phones and one iPad. Afterwards, the men fled the scene down a stairway, according to police.

Neither the names of the suspects nor the victims from the robbery have been released, but all three of the alleged robbers were caught on a camera on the eighth floor of the commons. Authorities are still searching for the other two alleged robbers.

While being robbed in downtown Atlanta is scary enough, the threat of being robbed in your own dorm room is an even more frightening proposition. An incident like this certainly raises questions about the safety of students living on campus.

“I just recently heard about the robbery, and I am concerned about the fact that I know that we have high security but I would like it to be better in that sense. Right now I am just concerned with our safety and I just hope that it gets better,” said Dahlia Iam, a junior at Georgia State and a resident at the Commons.

The first suspect was described as being 5’5″, 150 pounds, wearing a black jacket with white sleeves and blue jeans. The second suspect was 5’10”, weighing roughly 200 pounds and had on all black attire with a fisherman’s hat.

The third suspect was described as 5’10” between 230 and 240 pounds, noted to be wearing a white sweat shirt with red writing, grey sweat pants and a black skull cap, according to witnesses.

It has not yet been revealed which of the three suspects was arrested. Anyone with information on this crime should contact University Police at 404-413-4100.

Signal staff writers Daniel Camacho and Maranda Whittington contributed to this report.



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  1. Reported this morning that all three suspects have been apprehended and were sent to Fulton County jail. Heightened security in the buildings won’t change the actions of people who want to do this.kind of thing. Having well placed cameras and great investigative officers is invaluable in this regard. It’s hard to keep the robbers out when they live here. (Idk if they live in the commons or not.)

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