Yung Baby Tate’s Camp is an exhibition of Hip Hop’s female talent

Pink trees and mushrooms lined the stage as UNiiQU3 got behind the turntables to DJ for Yung Baby Tate’s summer camp-themed concert. The stage itself was covered in pastel pink props, such as a large tent, and a flag pole that also served as a dancing pole. 

Concertgoers slowly filled up the crowd and were dressed to impress in a variety of outfits, ranging from normal streetwear to post-Halloween costumes. People in the crowd went wild as Yung Baby Tate took the stage wearing a white corset and purple shorts, and her bright purple hair swung from left to right as she danced in sync with her backup dancers performing her first song of the night.

Yung Baby Tate moved on to her hit song “Pretty Girl,” and she brought out Atlanta rapper Mulatto to the stage to perform her verse on the song’s remix. Everyone started jumping as Tate’s first guest of the night came out and started spitting a hard-hitting verse to bring a good starting energy for the show. 

Tate left the stage and Mulatto continues performing two of her songs, including her hit “B**** From Da Souf” which the crowd knew word for word. As it came on, people in the crowd start to mosh as they screamed the song’s hook in excitement, and Mulatto rapped with an intensity that matched up the crowd’s energy.

As Mulatto made her exit, Tate came back to perform another song and brought out her next guest, BbyMutha. BbyMutha came out wearing what resembled a black wedding dress and the crowd went wild as they rapped the words to her verse in Tate’s song “Wild Girl.” BbyMutha’s fast-paced rapping has everyone head bumping to every bar, and she finishes her verse with the crowd in awe at her performance.

BbyMutha continues to play two songs and she finishes her hard-hitting set with the crowd roaring her name. Tate makes her way back to the stage to perform her song “Mean Girl” and she brings out Chicago rapper Queen Key to rap her verse on the song. Queen Key also has the stage to herself to rap two of her songs which keeps the crowd’s energy alive, and her set leaves everyone excited for the final guests of the night.

The stage’s bright pink color goes to a dark blue and the lights turned darker as Tate starts singing her song “Lover Girl.” Baby Rose comes out to sing her verse and the vibe in the crowd tones down a bit more to appreciate the beautiful singing coming from Tate and Baby Rose. Rose continues performing a few of her songs and she even brings out a guitarist to play her final song, and her beautiful voice floats over the guitar chords while the crowd moves from side to side. 

Baby Rose exited and Tate took the stage to perform more songs and introduce her final guest, Kari Faux. The lights turned back to bright orange and pink as Kari Faux excited the crowd and played her popular track “No Small Talk.” Kari left the stage and Tate came back out to close the show with her song “CAMP” and kissed the crowd goodbye. Overall, Yung Baby Tate exhibited some of hip hop’s most talented female performers and delivered a unique performance which probably won’t be seen again.