“Your Tricks Just Got Treated”: Finding the Perfect Halloween Costume

Samara in "The Ring" Photo by: Dayne Francis

Halloween is the one night that allows everyone to be anyone. Whether that’s Madonna or a someone that doesn’t resemble a cat but still claims to be one; for the night you can be whoever you want. For many people that usually means wearing as little clothing as possible, but for onlookers I guess that’s not a totally bad thing. Others choose a different route by sticking to the “traditional” Halloween statute and making their costume as horrifying as can be. So, if you’re having a tough time deciding which way you’ll go this Halloween here are a few ideas:

Sexy:  The most obvious of costume styles, it is the one chance for people to be half naked in public and it not be an issue.


  •        Princess: You can literally be any Disney princess ever created as long as your skirt is short and your top is low.
  •        Uma Thurman in “Kill Bill”: What’s hotter than a women who can kick your ass and punch her way through a coffin? Nothing.
  •        Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”: Her hooker outfit was definitely made for the streets but there was something about that movie that made being a hooker not look so bad.
  •        “Bay Watch”: The iconic crew that made men drool and made slow motion running look good.
  •        A Fembot: Thank you “Austin Powers” for allowing the possibility for boobs to be used as guns.

Photo Oct 25


  •        “Risky Business”: A chance for you to also parade around in your underwear. Just be careful and don’t get too excited over your Halloween treats in public.
  •        “Magic Mike”: The movie that drove girls crazy and older women to a second screening.
  •        Sexy Hodor: “HODOR”.
  •        Damon (“The Vampire Diaries”): We are a bit too old for “Twilight,” so it’s time to bring out the next round of blood suckers.
  •        Construction worker: Something “Bob The Builder” can be proud of.  (Or really just any profession without a shirt)

Scary: In my opinion, this is the proper costume style. When we were younger costumes were more timid. Now that we are older, it is a chance to scare the hell out of each other and then laugh together afterwards.



Samara in "The Ring" Photo by: Dayne Francis
Samara in “The Ring”
Photo by: Dayne Francis
  •        “Carrie”: Drenched in pig’s blood and topped with a tiara.
  •        Samara (from “The Ring”): The scariest bed head known to man is when it’s straight, black and in front of your face.
  •        Kayako (The Grudge”): There is a scary theme with pale skin and black hair.
  •        Wednesday Addams: The only little girl who exudes Halloween in everyday life.
  •        Regan MacNeil (“The Exorcist): Levitating and speaking in tongues aren’t the normal acts of a little girl but they make a great way to scare people.


  •        The Red Devil: In the perfect “Scream Queen” fashion- taking heads and scaring Kappas.
  •        Frank (from “Donnie Darko”): The scariest bunny with the most insight.
  •        It: If BoBo the Clown didn’t scare you as a kid then you were lucky, but you don’t have a chance against this clown from haunting your dreams.
  •        The Joker: The most well-known villain haunting Gotham’s streets.
  •        Leatherface: A serial killer uncomfortable in his own skin, so he wears others instead.

Group costumes

  •        “Pretty little liars”: This could be a pretty last minute idea, a few different black dresses and dirt.
  •        “Scream queens”: This could be a great idea for a mix of girls and guys. The perfect horror with the most outrageous comedy. Every stereotype to the 10th degree.
  •        “The Royal Tenenbaums”: The perfect idea for a group of friends with diverse personalities.
  •        “Rocky Horror Picture Show”: Every party needs a “Time Warp”.

Couple costumes

  •        Tarzan and Jane: An underdone Disney costume that can also be turned sexy. A little wrong that Disney characters turn sexy so fast.
  •        Wayne and Garth (from “Wayne’s World”): Party On!
  •        Ron and Veronica (“Anchor Man”): An outrageous couple that can’t hold back when they relay news.
  •        Arnold and Helga (“Hey Arnold”): A throw back for 90’s kids.
  •        “Corpse Bride”:  Great couple costume that’s also creepy.

Costumes to avoid: These are a few different costumes that should be avoided at all cost. Some don’t even need an explanation.

  •        Sexy Unicorn
  •        Sexy Fruit ( or any other food)
  •        Adult babies
  •        A Minion: It’s very overdone and just because they are cute animated blobs does not make you that too.
  •        A Drag Queen: It’s just not funny anymore.
  •        Sexy nerd: That is just a contradiction.

Halloween Safety Tips

  1.      Keep an eye on your drink: A rule of thumb for any party really.
  2.      Keep the mask on: If you decide to hook up with someone who has a mask on make sure they keep it on. You don’t want to wake up the next morning regretting who you spent the night with.
  3.      Check your candy: Make sure your candy isn’t actually ecstasy, unless you’re into that kinda stuff.
  4.      Stick with friends: If you decide to go out make sure that you stick with your friends so you don’t end up in sketchy places. If you have ever seen “Criminal Minds” then you know to always be alert. You don’t always know who is really behind the mask.
  5.      Download Uber: Get the app before you leave. You don’t want to be stranded anywhere and you should never drive drunk. * A public service announcement brought to you by The Signal.
  6.      Trust your instincts: Don’t go or do anything you feel uncomfortable with. You don’t want to end up on the news the next day arrested or even worse.

Things to have on you:

  1.      Candy: Because if you’re on the go you should have a snack.
  2.      Ibuprofen: At least of few on you. You may wake up somewhere you weren’t planning to and may need something to subside your headache.
  3.      Money: Just a little, you never know if you’ll need it that night or the morning after.
  4.      A Condom: Because stuff happens.
  5.      A portable phone charger: You don’t want to end up somewhere then realize your phone is going to die. You don’t want to get stuck anywhere or lose the people you came with.

Halloween is a night full of fun and candy (or candy flavored drinks). So pick a costume that stands out, have fun and be safe. Happy Halloween!