YAWP! gives independent artists a place to grow

The city of Atlanta is a hotspot for dreamers. Whether it be an artist searching for a place to showcase their art, a musician in need of space to play original pieces of music or filmmakers and photographers in need of places and people to shoot, Atlanta artists all have a common goal’—to create.

YAWP!, an organization imagined by Atlanta creators for Atlanta creators, came about after a group of young visionaries noticed the lack of collaboration within the creative industries. The organization started in 2020.

However, their first official event did not take place until November of 2021.

Abby Cook, Levi Zinder, Matt Kleinman and Robbie Scott are on the operational side of the organization, developing relationships with independent artists while allowing for a space for artists to collaborate to create space to create and grow within the industry.

“YAWP! Came about as a fix for the imbalance in the creative industries,” Scott said.

“There are incredibly talented independent artists wherever you look, and they are looking towards a similar goal. If local artists could harness their joint artistry and influence, it would benefit the whole collective. We saw a need for a community that can uplift all artists, no matter their medium, experience or income.”

Scott described YAWP! as a creative community. The organization mainly works with young, independent artists with the potential and the drive to dive deeper into their craft.

Through YAWP!, artists can collaborate, exposing each other to different styles and art forms that can help these artists improve.

The group holds events, creates collaborative pieces and employs digital influences to market and advertise for the organization’s events.

“We are a completely self-sufficient creative powerhouse and branding agency full of diverse, like-minded, artistic people bonded to encourage creativity and experimentation in the arts,” Scott said.

Currently, YAWP! is hosting events, creating digital content and selling merchandise. The group’s events are packed full of music, with a lineup featuring several talented local artists playing a plethora of music that will leave guests entertained.

These events take place every couple of months and they are composed mainly of Georgia State students and alumni. YAWP! is open to any local artists, however.

Scott emphasized the openness of YAWP!, as the organization is open to all types of artists. Despite skill level or obscurity, if you are a creator in Atlanta YAWP! is interested in you as long as there is dedication, respect and a yearning to create and collaborate with other artists.

“Our objective is to uplift local talent and provide a path to prosperity, and do it without corporate greed or influence,” Scott said.

To get in touch with Scott or any of the other YAWP! organization, DM them on their Instagram, @yawpofficial. YAWP! is currently looking for artists to help build their community and someone who might be able to help film and create TikToks for the organization.

YAWP! will be holding an event at Smith’s Olde Bar on Apr. 1, 2022. Tickets are $15 for general admission, and the event will be held in Smith’s music room.