Winners and losers from week 18 of fantasy football

Illustration by Brooklyn Valera | The Signal

The NFL regular season may have taught us many things this year, but perhaps one of the most valuable is that the game of fantasy football is beyond volatile. While a player can lead the league in a myriad of statistical categories one season, he very well may not be able to play a game the next.

To add to this uncertainty, the coronavirus threw a curveball at the NFL in the 2020 season, causing some players to miss games and even rescheduling of games entirely. Despite these unpredictable circumstances, fantasy football was still as good as ever, so here are the biggest winners of the 2020 season.

As always, all scores reflect standard points per reception (PPR) formats.

Alvin Kamara, 377 total points: Kamara came into 2020 with expectations of thriving.

The New Orleans Saints’ running back did just that.  

After all, the shifty running back was finally injury-free and ready to dominate. However, the extent to which Kamara succeeded, especially in the passing game, was nothing short of superb. Kamara led the league in total touchdowns, scoring 16 on the ground and five through the air. 

While Kamara notched a respectable 932 yards rushing, he also picked up another 756 as a receiver. This made Kamara a fantasy nightmare for opposing teams despite only having one game with over 100 rushing yards. 

To understand just how proficient Kamara was in the New Orlean Saints offense this year, take this statistic: Kamara was the Saints leading receiver in both catches and receiving yards through the first half of the regular season. 

Kamara ended the season with 83 catches, more than the likes of wide receivers DK Metcalf and Adam Thielen.  He scored six rushing touchdowns on Christmas, proving that he can get it done in any possible way if there was any doubt. 

Davante Adams, 358 total points

Adams came into the season as a solid wide receiver playing with one of the best quarterbacks of all time, Aaron Rodgers. Ending the season, the Green Bay Packers star established himself among, if not the most, dominant pass catchers in football. 

With 18 receiving touchdowns and 1374 yards, Adams had some of the season’s most prolific performances. In the span of seven games, Adams recorded 12 touchdowns and 891 yards, paying hefty dividends for those lucky enough to have him on their squad. 

Everyone knew Adams was good, but the 2020 regular season showed just how special a player he can be, shifting the wide receiver to elite status. 

Aaron Rodgers, 383 total points

Many consider Rodgers to be the best quarterback in the game, and his numbers in 2020 proved just that. 

Throwing for 48 touchdowns and just five interceptions, the Packers’ first-ballot Hall of Famer reminded fantasy managers just how dominant he could be. 

Patrick Mahomes is known for his video game-like numbers, but even he couldn’t keep pace with Rodgers this season. While this doesn’t necessarily pertain to fantasy football, Rodgers’ one knock is his lack of Super Bowl trophies. 

The 15-year veteran has won the big game just once, seemingly always falling just short of reaching the game since his first and only appearance in 2011.

Despite all of this, Rodgers, even at his age, has shown that statistical and real-life dominance can be achieved at the quarterback position, furthering his legacy as one of the greats. 

Honorable Mention

Derek Henry, 333 total points: 

In reality, Henry was probably the best running back in football during the 2020 season. 

With over 2,000 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns, the Tennessee Titan tossed and terrified defenders across the league. Although Kamara was more dominant in terms of fantasy scoring, Henry proved that a big running back with speed can still dominate. 

From exhilarating stiff arms to break away touchdowns, Henry solidified his position as the best in the game. 

Check back next week for my list of the biggest fantasy losers of 2020.