Winners and losers from week 16 of fantasy football

Illustration by Brooklyn Valera | The Signal

Week 16 of NFL action brought about some truly spectacular performances throughout the NFL. While some fantasy leagues may have come to an end, others are still battling it out in the final stages of the championship game. Here are the biggest winners and losers from week 16.

As always, all points mentioned reflect points per reception (PPR) league formats.


Alvin Kamara, 56 points: In what will go down as one of the most spectacular fantasy performances of all time, Kamara rushed for 155 yards, and — oh, yeah — six touchdowns. The New Orleans Saints running back joined the legendary Ernie Nevers as the only player to ever score six rushing touchdowns.

As fantasy owners know, Kamara’s usage over the games in which quarterback Taysom Hill filled in for the injured Drew Brees was somewhat muted. Now, with Brees back, the third-year running back is returning to his baseline target rate he enjoyed in the first half of the season, despite still heavily splitting reps with running back Latavious Murray.

Kamara may have tied an NFL record in week 16, but he may have also solidified champion status for his fantasy managers everywhere. 

Davante Adams, 43 points: Adams was his typical self on a snowy week 16 matchup against the Tennessee Titans. While many will point to the fantastic play from quarterback (and possible 2020 NFL MVP) Aaron Rodgers, Adams is truly setting himself aside from the competition. 

Hauling in 11 catches for 142 yards and three scores, Adams kept the Green Bay Packers’ offense rolling in week 16. While nothing is guaranteed, it seems like Rodgers is all in on Adams, making the duo all the more dynamic as the playoffs begin. 

Mike Evans, 40 points: Evans has frequently been on this list, but not with the winners. The six-year wide receiver has had an unequivocally disappointing 2020 campaign for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, everything changed in week 16 as quarterback Tom Brady went on an aerial attack that saw Evans bring in 10 catches for 181 yards and two scores. 

While this does little in the way of helping most fantasy owners, it once again proves that Evans, when healthy, can put up elite numbers. 


Derrick Henry, 10 points: Henry entered week 16 with high expectations against a weak Packers defense. 

Well, the opposite occurred, and Henry did not score a touchdown on the night. His owners “only” saw him run for 98 yards, reconciling just how prolific the back has been in recent weeks. With over 20 touches on the night, the Tennessee Titans are still committed to Henry, meaning his production should greatly magnify in week 17.

Tyreek Hill, 10 points: Surprisingly, Hill and the now-15-1 Kansas City Chiefs found themselves in a defensive battle against — wait for it — the now-4-12 Atlanta Falcons in week 16. Hill was also questionable coming into the game, so his low output of just four catches for 65 yards seems understandable. 

DeAndre Hopkins, 13 points: Although Hopkins caught eight passes, he only managed 48 receiving yards against the San Francisco 49ers. An injury and a surprisingly tough matchup in week 16 may have caused a diluted sample size, so expect a bounce back from Hopkins.