Welcome Back

Welcome back classy cats. Feeling re-juiced? Hung-over still? Never left in the first place? Either way, the parking decks have awaited your return. They’ve been awfully lonely without you.

You made the right decision not withdrawing from that one class you really despise. And the semester is a lot closer to wrapping up than you think. So let’s get medicated! I mean motivated. Sorry, Wiz and Chevy Woods have been on repeat.

Coming back from Spring Break isn’t like the beginning of a semester, but it’s still a perfectly opportune time to make change. You’ll notice it all around you already. The skin tans, dyed hair, and highlighter shirts of places people visited. But that’s not the type of change I’m talking about. I’m suggesting being more focused and re-committing yourself to your academics. (Cough!) Sorry, I had some “I can’t believe what I’m saying” caught in my throat.

But honestly, I’m sure you too can hear that little voice or your mom in your head saying “you need to buckle down!” For many of you, this has always been a consistency. You’ve been so attached to your books that you practically date them. For others, motivation and inspiration comes the day before an exam or paper is due.

And there’s another type of change worth making. Notice the trees blooming (or yet to bloom) and the pollen? Well that’s just mother nature’s way of making love. So if you’re single, well I don’t advise you guys to go spreading your “pollen” over everything, but it’s a fair time to seek new relations. Many of couples didn’t make it far after Valentines and are like Tebow, looking for some playing time. Lord knows how many standards and commitments flew out the window over Spring Break. Now don’t look desperate. Give it about a week or two for their loneliness to really kick in.

Finally, pick up some new projects. Find new places to hang out at. Try to avoid doing the routine things you’ve been doing. Support new clubs and their events. Get involved. Atlanta is a huge city with many places worth exploration. So go hit the town.

Be glad you’re back, not everyone might have made it. Tragic events happen all the time so thank whomever you look to for thanks and promise to become a better person. Otherwise, you’re no better than North Korea.