Weekly News Briefs: Sep.24


Georgia substitute teacher charged after sending nude photos to teen boys

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported that a substitute teacher in northwest Georgia was arrested and fired after she allegedly sent nude photos of herself to several 14-year-old boys, according to reports. Lenea Pardue, 35, of Trenton, surrendered to authorities at the Dade County Jail. She’s charged with electronically furnishing obscene material to minors and computer or electronic pornography and child exploitation.


12 women come forward and accuse California couple of drugging and sexual assault

The New York Times reported that after a couple in Southern California were charged with drugging and sexually assaulting two women they met on social outings, 12 more women came forward accusing them of the same crime. Investigators in Orange County, California believe there could be many more additional victims. There are hundreds of videos on a phone belonging to one of the suspects, Grant Robicheaux, of women who appear to be highly intoxicated.


Mexican state storing unclaimed bodies in a refrigerated truck

CNN reported that state officials in Tlaquepaque, Mexico have 150 unclaimed bodies stored inside a refrigerated truck. This discovery came two weeks after residents of Tlaquepaque began complaining about a terrible smell coming from a local warehouse. Local officials discovered the makeshift morgue during a routine inspection. The mayor, María Elena Limón, said that they wanted to close it down, but were told they couldn’t be state officials. Now, the truck is close to the state’s attorney general’s office.