Weekly News Briefs: Oct. 30


Man charged with trafficking cocaine
The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office Surge Team seized 38 packages of cocaine while conducting a traffic stop on I-20 between West Avenue and Sigman Road. The total value of the 97.96 lbs is estimated to be around $2 million. According to WSB, authorities have arrested a man named Victor Gomez-Perez, and charged him with trafficking cocaine. Perez is now in Rockdale County Jail awaiting trial.


Apple fires employee over iPhone X video
An apple engineer was fired after his daughter released footage while using the iPhone X, before the phone’s official launch. The video was taken on Apple’s campus and uploaded to YouTube, gathering shares from by news outlets and blogs. The woman said her father was fired after violating Apple’s strict policy which prohbits employees from filming on campus. According to BBC, the daughter of the fired employee broke the news through a follow-up video which explained why she had taken the original one down, and why the company fired her father.


Kurdish independence referendum backfires
Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani anounced he will step down as president after the indepence referendum backfired for Kurdish officials across Iraq. Since the movement, Baghad has carried out multiple attacks on Kurdish territory, and Kurds have endured a one-third loss of Iraqi land, which hosted a significant amount of their oil exports routing to Turkey and Syria. According to The Guardian, the president’s position will be vacant starting Nov. 1 and parliament will redistribute the leader’s duties.