Weekly News Briefs: Nov. 2


Dekalb officer who killed man will not be prosecuted.

A grand jury decided not to indict J.R. Pitts, the Dekalb county officer who fatally shot Kevin Davis last December, according to CBS 46. Pitts was responding to a 911 call at an apartment complex when the shooting took place. Davis was reportedly holding a gun, and did not drop the weapon when ordered to. The Davis family said he was never given a chance to obey the order. They claim he was calling 911 to report the stabbing of his girlfriend, and that he shooting was unjustified.



The U.S. will send troops to Syria to assist rebels.

The United States will be deploying ground forces in Syria to advise rebels fighting against ISIS, according to CNN. An official said that a small number of Special Operations forces will be sent to the Middle Eastern nation. They will assist Kurdish and Arab rebels in planning and logistics. Josh Earnest, White House Press Secretary, insisted the special forces do not have a combat mission.



Russian plane crash kills more than 200 people

On Oct. 31, a plane crashed in the Sinai Peninsula and all the 224 passengers were killed, according to CNN. There is no proof of the crash being caused by terrorists and the reason why the crash happened is still unknown. While in flight 30,000 feet above, the plane wasn’t registering in radar screens. Russian President Vladimir Put is ordering an investigation into the cause of the crash.