Weekly News Briefs: May 9


Anonymous twitter account sparks sexual assault conversations

An anonymous twitter account claiming to be a Spelman student raped by four students of Morehouse College has sparked protests and two investigations in the universities. The twitter account, @RapedAtSpelman, has been exchanging messages with the college president, who is trying to identify who the student is. According to the New York Times, the account began tweeting out messages on May 2. One of the account’s tweets reads, “These institutions make it hard to report and ever harder to go through the process of reporting.” The account has ignited conversations among university officials and students about sexual assault on campus.



Missing for over 10 years, man reunites with his family

Thomas Gatewood, a 79- year old Air Force Veteran, was located in a nursing home after missing for ten years. Gatewood was reported missing from his home in Arizona by his family in 2007, who also told the police he suffered from dementia. In a recent investigation with National City Police, and after updating their missing persons report, Gatewood’s brother’s family tracked down the veteran to the nursing home and reunited in April, according to NBC News.



Sadiq Khan elected first Muslim mayor of London

Sadiq Khan was elected mayor of London, making him the first Muslim mayor in a major capital city of the Western world. In a city with over 12% of its population being Muslim, Khan grew up to two Pakistani immigrant parents, later on studying law and elected to Parliament. In the elections, Khan won 1,310,143 votes, which as BBC News reports, is the largest personal mandate received by any UK politician. Khan was greeted for his post-election speech with a standing-ovation, and he said he was “truly humbled”.