Weekly News Briefs: May 30


First sexually transmitted Zika case in GA

The Georgia Department of of Public Health announced on Friday that Georgia has had its first sexually transmitted case of the Zika virus. The woman with the virus came in sexual contact with a man who had travelled to Brazil a couple months ago, and had contracted the disease while travelling. According to AJC, neither the male nor the female currently have an active case of the virus, and the state’s health department revealed the woman wasn’t pregnant.



Six wounded and two dead in a Houston shooting

Two people were killed and six injured after a shooting in Houston on Sunday. Authorities reported a suspect who appeared to have begun randomly shooting at people, at a gas pump causing it to erupt in flames, and at a helicopter above which was called in for help. Two of the people injured were police officers which responded to the scene first. NBC News reported that police believed the shooters were two, one of which was shot and killed. However, authorities said they don’t know whether the two men knew each other.



Iraqi forces launch another attack against ISIS

Iraqi and Kurdish forces launched an attack to take over the ISIS base in Falluja, Iraq. With the help of the United States army, the Iraqi forces have led a number of attacks in hopes of weakening ISIS forces and taking back the land they have their base in. This has caused the displacement of over 500 families which lived near the area, as many have been attacked by the terrorist forces. According to CNN, Iraqi forces have so far taken over cities surrounding Falluja, included the town Saqlawiya, and the villages al-Buaziz, al-Bu Efan, and al-Shiha.