Weekly News Briefs: March 6


KKK making their way to Georgia for protest

Members of the Mississippi Ku Klux Klan planned to travel to Douglas County to protest the sentencing of a couple who terrorized a birthday party for an 8-year-old black child. According to WSB-TV, Jose Torres and Kayla Norton were sentenced to 13 years and 6 years respectively for driving past the party while waving Confederate flags and guns. The Mississippi Klan’s imperial wizard, Steve Howard, claimed that Torres and Norton were only making a flag run and that the court’s decision was unfair. The KKK were set to march to the Douglas County Courthouse on March 5 at noon but never arrived. In their place, supporters with Confederate flags and protesters of the KKK engaged in a heated exchange.



Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping without proof

President Trump posted a series tweets on the morning of March 4 claiming that his predecessor had been tapping his phones inside Trump Tower for some time, before the election without any proof of this. In his words, Trump said the alleged wiretapping was similar to the Watergate scandal under the Nixon administration. According to CNN, several parties have come forward claiming the accusations to be false. Two former US officials called the claims “just nonsense” and “wrong”. A senior administration official in Washington said that the words of the president were a surprise to many in the White House, believing it to be in response to “how the Russia storyline is playing out.”



United States engages in Secret Cyberwar with North Korea

North Korea’s missile program is under attack by cyber and electronic attacks conducted by the United States government. According to the New York Times, former President Barack Obama made this an order to the Pentagon three years ago in hope of sabotaging any of North Korea’s missile test launches. Interviews with officials and examination of public records conclude that the US still does not have an effective method of countering the North Korea.