Weekly News Briefs: Jan. 2


Uber and Lyft airport pick-ups now legal

Starting Sunday, Jan. 1, Uber and Lyft can now legally pick up passengers from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. Riders will have to pay a $3.85 surcharge per ride from the airport, but the charge does not apply for drop-offs. The city council approved Uber and Lyft airport pick ups in September 2016. According to the AJC, police did cite drivers illegally picking up passengers before then, though not consistently.


Fights break out at malls across the nation

According to NBC, customers broke out in fights in over a dozen malls nationwide, causing several to close early. No evidence shows a social media link to the “mall brawl” that occurred at 15 malls across the nation. Large crowds were expected Monday for post-Christmas sales, so enforcement was already increased, but security  often had to call for backup from neighboring police departments. Several minors were arrested.


Authorities search for gunman responsible for Istanbul attack

A search began Sunday for the gunman that killed 39 and injured 69 people at a New Year’s celebration in a nightclub in Istanbul. The gunman was reportedly dressed as Santa Claus when he opened fire, killing police and  civilians. According to USA Today, security was increased in the area where the attack took place, including 24-hour police presence. Early Monday morning, ISIS claimed responsibility for the club attack, according to the New York Times, calling the attacker a “hero soldier of the caliphate”.