Weekly News Briefs: Feb. 20


Armed protesters at a Pro-Trump rally

According to WSB, on Feb. 18 Trump supporters met in Downtown Atlanta at Olympic park for a pro-Trump rally advocating for gun rights. The militia group, III% Security Force, attended the rally to protect the Trump supporters from an opposing protest that took place nearby. The group members were in possession of firearms, but claimed that a permit was only needed if there were more than 35 people and they expected only 20-30 people to show up. There were no reports of violence.   


A resignation in the Trump administration

In the wake of reports on Michael Flynn’s discussions with Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, Flynn resigned from his position as national security advisor. According to Washington Post  Sally Q. Yates,the attorney general under the Obama Administration, informed the Trump White House late last month on her concerns that Flynn was discussing sanctions with the Russian Ambassador. Yates and other intelligence officials fear that Flynn could be in violation of the Logan Act, a statute that bars U.S. citizens from interfering in disputes with another country. Monday afternoon on Feb. 13, Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president stated that Trump still had “full confidence” in Flynn. A few hours following, Flynn resigned.


Poisoning in North Korea  

According to NPR, on Tuesday Feb. 14, half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un died in Malaysia. The cause of his death is said to be poison, after two women were seen approaching Kim Jong Nam and covering his face with a piece of cloth. Nam felt ill after the incident and died on the way to the hospital. The two women are now in custody, including the taxi driver. Kim Jong Nam, the eldest son of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, has been living overseas for years and feared for his safety. His body remains in Malaysia, and police officials in the country said they would only release the body under certain circumstances.