Weekly News Briefs: Dec. 26


College Park approves use of body cameras

According to AJC, the south side of College Park will be provided with new development advisory services. The contract that was recently approved by the College Park City Council will include several measures such as, a policy with the College Park Police Department of body worn cameras, which includes proper oversight, maintenance guidelines, storage for video, discipline as well as exceptions for camera usage.In addition, the contract includes a renewal of the year-long service agreement with Motorola, and a request to attend the Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting on Jan. 8 through 12 in Washington D.C.



Trump says he plans on dissolving The Trump Foundation

Weeks before transitioning into office, President-elect Donald Trump made a statement on his plans to dismantle his charity, The Trump Foundation, to avoid any conflicts of interest as the president of the United States. According to CNN, the philanthropy has received a negative notoriety due to allegations of Trump using donations to pay for legal disputes. The foundation is currently being investigated by New York State Attorney General Eric Schneider. Trump has yet to take any concrete steps to disassociate himself from his business that would require him to liquidate the company’s assets and place them in a blind trust. Instead, he has handed over control to his two sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, yet they both serve on his transition team.



Investigators search for the supporters of the Berlin attack

According to Time Magazine, investigators are still on the hunt for anyone that might be linked to aiding the Berlin Christmas market attacker with crossing European borders. The Tunisian native, Anis Amri killed 12 and wounded 56 people on Dec. 19 at a popular market in Berlin and managed to flee across Germany, into France, and then to Italy where he was shot and killed. The Islamic State group took responsibility for the acts in Berlin, but it is unclear if Amri had any additional help in feeling Germany.